Watch City Lights (1931) Full Movie

Comedy, Drama, Romance

MPAA Rating:G
Release Date:1931-03-07
Director:Charles Chaplin
Writer:Charles Chaplin
Stars:Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee
Production:Charles Chaplin Productions


A tramp falls in love with a beautiful blind girl. Her family is in financial trouble. The tramp's on-and-off friendship with a wealthy man allows him to be the girl's benefactor and suitor.


Virginia Cherrill (A Blind Girl)

Virginia Cherrill

Florence Lee (The Blind Girl

Florence Lee

Harry Myers (An Eccentric Millionaire)

Harry Myers

Al Ernest Garcia (James - the Millionaire

Al Ernest Garcia

Hank Mann (A Prizefighter)

Hank Mann

Charles Chaplin (A Tramp (as Charlie Chaplin))

Charles Chaplin

Amusing comedy sets up SPECTACULAR ending
6 December 2004 | by

This is my favorite Chaplin film, but I don't want that to diminish his other work, either. MODERN TIMES was an outstanding work of social satire, THE GOLD RUSH was great slapstick, and even the largely-neglected MONSIEUR VERDOUX strikes a certain unforgettable tone. Chaplin didn't make a bad movie, and I'm not even sure that CL is his best, exactly. But it IS my favorite, if only for the ending. That ending has been the subject of much comment here. I think it's a masterpiece in a single scene. Chaplin's little tramp has never seemed less like a character and more like a living, breathing human being. It's a monument to understated sentimentality. To me, the rest of the film exists largely to set the context for that one magnificent piece of celluloid. Yes, the boxing scene is great, and the scene where he rescues the millionaire is also wonderful, but it's that ending that makes us all love this movie.

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