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MPAA Rating:PG-13
Release Date:2017-04-14
Director:Peter Hutchings
Writers:Dominique Ferrari, Suzanne Wrubel
Stars:Victoria Justice, Eden Sher, Ashley Rickards
Production:BCDF Pictures


After falling victim to a humiliating prank by the high school queen bee, Jodi (Victoria Justice) and her best friend Mindy (Eden Sher) plot their revenge by uniting all of the school's outcasts to overthrow the cruel reign of the popular clique once and for all. But in a tale of "be careful what you wish for," a taste of power gets the best of all of them, nearly ruining Jodi and Mindy's friendship and threatening to sabotage Jodi's budding romance with Dave (Avan Jogia). A relatable journey about finding where you belong in a world where you're hastily defined by your peers, THE OUTCASTS turns the teenage experience upside-down with humor, wit, empathy, and a lot of fun.


Victoria Justice (Jodi)

Victoria Justice

Eden Sher (Mindy)

Eden Sher

Ashley Rickards (Virginia)

Ashley Rickards

Avan Jogia (Dave)

Avan Jogia

Claudia Lee (Whitney)

Claudia Lee

Katie Chang (Claire)

Katie Chang

Peyton List (Mackenzie)

Peyton List

Jazmyn Richardson (Sugar (as Jazmyn C. Richardson))

Jazmyn Richardson

Will Peltz (Colin)

Will Peltz

Daniel Eric Gold (Mr. Samuels)

Daniel Eric Gold

Ted McGinley (Principal Whitmore)

Ted McGinley

Frank Whaley (Herb)

Frank Whaley

not quite Tina Fey level
5 May 2017 | by

Mindy (Eden Sher) is aiming for MIT. Band geek Jodi (Victoria Justice) has been her best friend since 3rd grade. The two outsiders have been targets for Queen Bee Whitney (Claudia Lee). Mindy tries to make peace but Whitney humiliates Jodi. The girls set to overturn the high school power structure by uniting the disenfranchised.

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