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Horror, Thriller

MPAA Rating:R
Release Date:2018-03-23
Director:Steven Soderbergh
Writers:Jonathan Bernstein, James Greer
Stars:Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah
Production:Extension 765, New Regency Pictures, Regency Enterprises


A young woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution, where she is confronted by her greatest fear--but is it real or a product of her delusion?


Joshua Leonard (David Strine)

Joshua Leonard

Claire Foy (Sawyer Valentini)

Claire Foy

Sarah Stiles (Jill)

Sarah Stiles

Marc Kudisch (Bank Manager)

Marc Kudisch

Amy Irving (Angela Valentini)

Amy Irving

Colin Woodell (Mark)

Colin Woodell

Myra Lucretia Taylor (Counselor)

Myra Lucretia Taylor

Lynda Mauze (Dolores)

Lynda Mauze

Zach Cherry (Dennis)

Zach Cherry

Polly McKie (Nurse Boles)

Polly McKie

Jay Pharoah (Nate Hoffman)

Jay Pharoah

Raul Castillo (Jacob)

Raul Castillo

First iPhone movie with many surprises!
21 February 2018 | by

Steven Soderbergh is back with a film that is shot with an iPhone camera. But it totally suited the atmosphere of the film and actually was able to show the characters closer and without any effects to make them better than they are.. it allows a much deeper look into their souls. Claire Foy is brilliant. She totally plays the opposite character to her "The Crown" role. And she could not have been any better. Raw. Honest. Just great. Now I am really looking forward to her turn as "Lisbeth Salander". She plays a woman that seemingly is wrongly put into a mental hospital. Steven Soderberghs nicely plays with the audience and permanently asks the question is she rightly there or indeed insane? Its a stalking drama that turns into a mystery thriller until it reaches its point as a horror film. Three genres Soderbergh perfectly mixes. Next to Foy shine Amy Irvine and Joshua Leonard. With good support by Juno Temple and Jay Pharoa. The film is simply shot but still feels like a typical cinematic film. It has a great score and very good editing. The only problem was the screenplay, while generally good and inspired, it had a few too many holes that prevented the film from being a real masterpiece. But its good and I am already looking forward to see it again. Oh and watch out for a great surprise cameo of one of Soderbergh's regulars!

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