Season 2

Season 2 (2001)

Episodes: 30

Star Cast: Julie Chen ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 BB2 Ep #1

Air Date: 2001-07-07

Twelve contestants compete to win HoH and try to avoid eviction.

Ep.2 BB2 Ep #2

Air Date: 2001-07-07

Alliances begin to form and the houseguests win access to the house hot tub.

Ep.3 BB2 Ep #3

Air Date: 2001-07-10

Houseguests compete in the food competition.

Ep.4 BB2 Ep #4

Air Date: 2001-07-12

Two houseguests leave the Big Brother house.

Ep.5 BB2 Ep #5

Air Date: 2001-07-14

The new HoH nominates to houseguests for eviction.

Ep.6 BB2 Ep #6

Air Date: 2001-07-17

The houseguests compete for a texas style bbq in the luxury competition.

Ep.7 BB2 Ep #7

Air Date: 2001-07-19

The Chill Town Alliance contemplates expansion and Shannon's boyfriend weighs in on her showmance with Will from outside of the house.

Ep.8 BB2 Ep #8

Air Date: 2001-07-21

Things get shaken up in the house when Hardy wins HoH and nominates Shannon and Will.

Ep.9 BB2 Ep #9

Air Date: 2001-07-24

Houseguests contemplate Hardy's nominations.

Ep.10 BB2 Ep #10

Air Date: 2001-07-26

Shannon solicits votes to be evicted and the houseguests plan a "date" for Will and Shannon.

Ep.11 BB2 Ep #11

Air Date: 2001-07-28

Kent wins HoH and nominates Mike and Krista.

Ep.12 BB2 Ep #12

Air Date: 2001-07-31

Houseguests begin to get a little stir crazy, and Hardy wins a phone call from his grandma.

Ep.13 BB2 Ep #13

Air Date: 2001-08-02

Tension rises among the houseguests, and Kent is at the center of it.

Ep.14 BB2 Ep #14

Air Date: 2001-08-04

The houseguests tearfully watch Mike's goodbye video, and Hardy wins HoH.

Ep.15 BB2 Ep #15

Air Date: 2001-08-04

The house agrees to vote Kent out this week but they have a hard time dealing with Bucky's attitude.

Ep.16 BB2 Ep #16

Air Date: 2001-08-07

Relationships flip flop in the house, and Kent declares he is ready to go home.

Ep.17 BB2 Ep #17

Air Date: 2001-08-09

Nicole plants seeds around the house.

Ep.18 BB2 Ep #18

Air Date: 2001-08-11

Upon being nominated, Monica packs her bags ready for her game to end.

Ep.19 BB2 Ep #19

Air Date: 2001-08-14

After discussing what they would each do if they won the money, the house votes to evict Krista.

Ep.20 BB2 Ep #20

Air Date: 2001-08-16

Houseguests compete in a luxury competition to see a screening of American Pie 2.

Ep.21 BB2 Ep #21

Air Date: 2001-08-21

Hardy wins the HoH competition.

Ep.22 BB2 Ep #22

Air Date: 2001-08-22

The houseguests get a luxury fast food meal which motivates them in the food competition.

Ep.23 BB2 Ep #23

Air Date: 2001-08-25

Nicole and Wil mend fences, and Bunky tearfully thanks the house for their friendships.

Ep.24 BB2 Ep #24

Air Date: 2001-08-28

The nominess make their pleas to stay in the house.

Ep.25 BB2 Ep #25

Air Date: 2001-08-30

The new HoH nominates a powerful twosome.

Ep.26 BB2 Ep #26

Air Date: 2001-09-04

Nicole continues her negative attitude when the house gets treated to a winter wonderland in the backyard.

Ep.27 BB2 Ep #27

Air Date: 2001-09-05

Will debates on who he is going to keep in the house.

Ep.28 BB2 Ep #28

Air Date: 2001-09-06

The contestants compete for a luxary competition.

Ep.29 BB2 Ep #29

Air Date: 2001-09-18

The houseguests learn some saddening news and compete for the final HoH.

Ep.30 BB2 Ep #30

Air Date: 2001-09-20

After reciting a memorable speech, a Big Brother winner is crowned.