Season 14

Season 14 (2016)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Father's Daze

Air Date: 2016-11-07

Stan can't escape a recurring Father's Day.

Ep.2 Fight and Flight

Air Date: 2016-11-14

Steve becomes a pilot.

Ep.3 The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba

Air Date: 2016-11-21

Stan and Steve become sushi chefs.

Ep.4 Portrait of Francine's Genitals

Air Date: 2016-11-28

A mold of Francine's vagina is displayed in a museum.

Ep.5 Bahama Mama

Air Date: 2016-12-05

Stan is upset at the idea of becoming a grandfather after Hayley and Jeff announce they're trying to have a baby. Steve and Klaus join a drug gang after Steve decides to take being an uncle extra seriously.

Ep.6 Roger's Baby

Air Date: 2016-12-12

Hayley experiences what pregnancy would be like after Roger agrees to give birth to Jeff so he can be human again. Snot's feelings are hurt when Steve secretly signs him up for a makeover.

Ep.7 Ninety North, Zero West

Air Date: 2016-12-19

The Smith family must rescue Steve after he is kidnapped and taken to the North Pole. There, Santa Claus is using children to mine for precious stones that he needs to perform an ancient ritual.

Ep.8 Whole Slotta Love

Air Date: 2017-04-10

Francine becomes less attracted to Stan when he gets involved with slot car racing. Roger becomes a stewardess to perform comedy routines on the plane but is upset when another stewardess is funnier than him.

Ep.9 The Witches of Langley

Air Date: 2017-04-17

Steve and his friends take up witchcraft to gain power and popularity at school. Stan and Klaus become obsessed with remembering 90s bands.

Ep.10 A Nice Night for a Drive

Air Date: 2017-04-24

Klaus gets transferred into the navigation system of Stan's car when Stan refuses to pay for life-saving surgery; Steve and his friends prank Roger, who then terrorizes them for revenge.

Ep.11 Casino Normale

Air Date: 2017-05-01

Francine steals from the CIA and pretends to be a super villain to incite Stan to be more seductive. Meanwhile, Roger tricks Hayley and Steve into trapping Jay Leno so he can take revenge.

Ep.12 Bazooka Steve

Air Date: 2017-05-29

Steve becomes the town pariah after he convinces the star quarterback of the Bazooka Sharks arena football team to stop playing. Meanwhile, Roger forces Hayley to become a cab driver to pay him back for her gambling debts.

Ep.13 Camp Campawanda

Air Date: 2017-06-05

Steve is upset when Snot threatens their summer camp fun by becoming a counselor-in-training. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jeff become suspicious of Roger when he organizes a "Burning Man" reenactment for their anniversary.

Ep.14 Julia Rogerts

Air Date: 2017-06-12

Roger runs off in disguise as a Julia Roberts character to a small town after Stan hurts his feelings; Steve plans a meeting when he finds out that Jeff and Barry have never met.

Ep.15 The Life and Times of Stan Smith

Air Date: 2017-07-24

Stan becomes addicted to dying after Roger tricks him into thinking he had a heart attack; Klaus takes Steve to Arizona State University for a college visit, where a fraternity hazes him.

Ep.16 The Bitchin' Race

Air Date: 2017-07-31

The family competes on the reality show, The Bitchin' Race but after Stan and Hayley ditch the less-motivated Steve and Francine to team up, they end up in a Tunisian labor prison.

Ep.17 Family Plan

Air Date: 2017-08-07

Francine reconnects with her birth family when she starts craving the experience of having a big family. Meanwhile, Stan becomes a Picker based on his obsession with American Pickers.

Ep.18 The Long Bomb

Air Date: 2017-08-14

While having trouble communicating, Stan and Hayley team up to stop a terrorist plot to blow up the Bazooka Sharks arena. Meanwhile, Roger pretends to be an escort.

Ep.19 Kloger

Air Date: 2017-08-21

Roger and Klaus start having a secret affair after they accidentally end up on an online date together. Meanwhile, Steve tries to catch Hayley's pink eye to get out of doing a fitness test at school.

Ep.20 Garbage Stan

Air Date: 2017-08-28

Stan and Steve open up their own father-son garbage business after Stan inherits his father's old truck. Meanwhile, Roger finds Hayley is a natural at bumper pool and brings her to play with the best player in town.

Ep.21 The Talented Mr. Dingleberry

Air Date: 2017-09-04

Roger becomes a marionette and injures other students to help Steve win the school talent show. Meanwhile, Stan, Hayley and Klaus start their own local honey business.

Ep.22 West to Mexico

Air Date: 2017-09-11

Stan becomes a wanted man, running from Roger the bounty hunter, and ends up in a town in need of a good guy to help Principal Lewis, Francine, Steve and Hayley.

Ep.23 Santa, Schmanta

Air Date: 2017-12-25

Roger turns his attention to Steve's friend Snot who teaches him about Hanukkah, prompting him to convert to Judaism. Roger then decides to make Hanukkah more popular than Christmas by stealing Santa's powers, and becoming Schmanta Claus.