Season 12

Season 12 (1996)

Episodes List

Ep.1 January 1, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-01

Pat struggles to patch things up with Roy but Ricky comes to visit with a big problem in tow. Phil endures a sleepless night after seeing a ghost from the past and Robbie tries his hand at a spot of fishing and finds he needs a strong stomach.

Ep.2 January 2, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-02

Everyone is worried about what is going on at the Butchers', but even Ricky is in the dark. David is having trouble with Cindy, and Gita finds she can't count on Guppy. Alan gets a visit from April - and Carol's secret is exposed.

Ep.3 January 4, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-04

The Jacksons fall out about getting together. David hopes to be around to pick up the pieces. Ted thinks Kathy looks like she needs a rest. Gita finds that Guppy's still capable of springing unwelcome surprises.

Ep.4 January 8, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-08

Pat readies herself for Frank's return, while Robbie scuppers Carol's plans for an anniversary meal. Gita demands some answers from Guppy and Cindy forces David's hand about the future.

Ep.5 January 9, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-09

Ted spoils Sarah's plans for a night out at the Vic. Sanjay is glad to be back but some surprise guests soon wipe the smile off his face.

Ep.6 January 11, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-11

Kathy has a culture clash at her first ante-natal class. Guppy has some explaining to do to Sanjay. David sails close to the wind at Ian and Cindy's dinner party. Sarah gives Tiffany an unwanted present and Robbie's plans come unstuck.

Ep.7 January 15, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-15

Phil is on edge about Frank, Pat drinks to the future, and Gita plans a little surprise for Sanjay.

Ep.8 January 16, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-16

Robbie makes a fresh start, Pat puts on a brave face, Ricky's on cloud nine - but it's gloves off for Sam and Bianca.

Ep.9 January 18, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-18

Frank's presence causes discomfort in the Square. Peggy's doing a war dance, while Phil's put on the spot. Gita decides to take revenge.

Ep.10 January 22, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-22

With Frank in the Vic, Pat's troubles move closer to home. Lydia has problems at work, and Robbie has a money making idea.

Ep.11 January 23, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-23

Pat hides herself away and Roy can't seem to do anything right. Ricky gets a shock in the post and Robbie runs into trouble.

Ep.12 January 25, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-25

Pauline takes on the council in a bid to help Arthur's case, and Roy takes up a fight of his own when he arranges to meet Frank. Sam gives Ricky an ultimatum, and Robbie and Tony get mutual inspiration with money in mind.

Ep.13 January 29, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-29

Pauline is uplifted by Willy's `plan of action' but Mark is unconvinced. Roy hatches a plan as Frank and David come to blows, while Lydia irritates Sanjay by being late again.

Ep.14 January 30, 1996

Air Date: 1996-01-30

Vince and Ollie create problems for Steve. David agrees to pay for Bianca's wedding, but the cost is high for Ricky. Meanwhile, David and Cindy's romantic evening is cut short by an unwelcome visitor

Ep.15 February 1, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-01

Phil promises to help Steve, Kathy feels the strain, and Pauline is astounded by the lack of support for her cause. Ricky is forced to make a dramatic decision when David oversteps the mark.

Ep.16 February 5, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-05

Frank's latest move creates more havoc for Pat and Roy. Robbie takes Carol shopping, and David has a bone to pick with Ricky.

Ep.17 February 6, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-06

Robbie and Sarah's evening with the Jacksons doesn't go as Robbie planned. Lydia has a confession for Steve, and Ricky can't put a foot right with anyone except Sam.

Ep.18 February 8, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-08

Pat lays down the law with Frank. Tiffany grows suspicious of Sam's plans for an evening out, and has a verbal tiff with Bianca. David has a bombshell for Carol. Ethel and Nellie decide to forego the bingo for a night gathered round the chess board. Steve is looking out for Lydia.

Ep.19 February 12, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-12

Steve is worried about Lydia's safety. David and Carol wonder what Ricky is playing at. Felix and Jules fight it out over a game of chess.

Ep.20 February 13, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-13

Ricky feels the full force of Bianca's temper. Frank renews his attack on Pat and Roy. Sam can't understand why she's in everyone's bad books.

Ep.21 February 15, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-15

Frank can't understand why business is so bad, but David seems unconcerned. Rumours are circulating about the new market inspector. Robbie has a bad experience at the hairdressers. Carol warns Sam off, while Phil reassures Mark.

Ep.22 February 19, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-19

Carol and Alan get a new lodger, Roy consoles Pat, and Frank finds he is being pushed to the limit. Michael Rose makes his presence felt on the market.

Ep.23 February 20, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-20

Carol and Alan worry about Robbie after a mysterious phone call. Ricky gives Pat a piece of his mind, and Kathy gets more than she bargained for when she talks to Frank.

Ep.24 February 22, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-22

Robbie and Tony have something to celebrate, while Tiffany cannot share Bianca's enthusiasm for work. Phil's worst fears are confirmed when he visits Frank.

Ep.25 February 26, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-26

Phil turns to Pat in desperation. Pauline feels guilty over a telephone call. Blossom takes Tiffany to task.

Ep.26 February 27, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-27

Frank's cracking up and Phil is driven close to the edge. There's bad news for Alan while Pat's visitor proves too much for her.

Ep.27 February 29, 1996

Air Date: 1996-02-29

Roy is faced with an uninvited guest at his party while Pat falls apart. Nigel gets a surprising offer.

Ep.28 March 4, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-04

Roy wants Frank off the Square, but his plan doesn't go quite as he'd expected and sends Phil into a panic. Nigel has a date.

Ep.29 March 5, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-05

Peggy's return to the Vic creates an upheaval for Frank and Ricky. Mark's efforts to celebrate Pauline's birthday are overshadowed by Willy.

Ep.30 March 7, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-07

Someone is determined to give Frank a scare, but puts Phil's life in danger. Meanwhile, Frank has made an unexpected decision of his own.

Ep.31 March 11, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-11

An explosive situation at the car lot puts lives in danger - but where is Frank?

Ep.32 March 12, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-12

Mark is suspicious when birthday girl Pauline has a surprise visitor. David gets a gift from Roy and a grilling from the police. Pat receives a disturbing phone call and makes a major decision that will affect her family for a long time to come.

Ep.33 March 14, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-14

Mark and Sanjay are concerned at the appearance of new faces on the market, while Ricky considers his future in Walford. Willy is left to ponder his next move after a trip out with Pauline.

Ep.34 March 18, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-18

Pauline is shocked when Mark questions her relationship with Willy, Nigel has another date with Louise, and David is full of surprises.

Ep.35 March 19, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-19

Phil devises a plan to keep Peggy off Kathy's back, Pat shows David who's boss, Barry has a surprise for Roy, and Cindy's excited about her hot date.

Ep.36 March 21, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-21

Everyone is invited to Peggy's birthday party. Kathy has another twinge. Pat is in a panic.

Ep.37 March 25, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-25

Grant takes a shine to the baby, and as Mark pays a visit to the solicitor, Pauline is torn by conflicting duties. Someone is looking out for David.

Ep.38 March 26, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-26

Sam sets the record straight and gives Peggy a shock. Mark finds himself under severe pressure. Cindy decides to make David act quickly when she learns of Ian's future plans.

Ep.39 March 28, 1996

Air Date: 1996-03-28

Nigel spots an intruder, Peggy plays Cupid, and there's sabotage on the market.

Ep.40 April 1, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-01

David wakes up to a past that he thought he'd put behind him, Ricky is back with news about Frank, and the market traders face more foul play.

Ep.41 April 2, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-02

David has trouble keeping his visitor a secret, Peggy's match-making attempts are rejected by Grant, and Carol and Pauline both receive surprise propositions.

Ep.42 April 4, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-04

Roy has bad news for Barry, Gita settles some overdue business, and Ricky has plans for his future. Michael's attempts to help Alan and Carol go disastrously wrong.

Ep.43 April 8, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-08

Kathy helps Pat reach a decision, Cindy tries to be enthusiastic about Ian's trip, Gita dashes Bianca's hopes of a lie-in - and there's a shock in store for the market traders.

Ep.44 April 9, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-09

Pauline tells Mark the truth about her prison visits, Sarah brings bad news for Tiffany, and Bianca makes peace with Carol - but gets more than she bargained for when Ricky cooks their dinner.

Ep.45 April 11, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-11

Tiffany does Tony a favour, Kathy has a special request for Pat, Bianca has a bright idea for Gita, and Mark gets a nasty shock when he visits Pauline.

Ep.46 April 15, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-15

Arrangements for Ben's christening create problems for Kathy and Phil. Grant is not interested in the replies to the lonely hearts ad, but someone else is. Ian is looking forward to spending more time with Cindy, but she's got other ideas.

Ep.47 April 16, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-16

Sarah's shoplifting finally lands her in trouble, Tony and Dan decide to think big and get rich quickly, while Joe goes missing again. Lorraine has some bad news for David, Ricky is brassed off with Bianca's fashion follies, and Grant discovers Nigel's secret.

Ep.48 April 18, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-18

The police arrive at the Butchers' with news of Joe. David learns the truth about his daughter and worries about Joe's well-being. Bianca finally convinces Carol that she could be a great model.

Ep.49 April 22, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-22

Carol isn't looking forward to April's hen night. David attempts to keep all the women in his life happy, and fails. Ian has big plans for his family's future.

Ep.50 April 23, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-23

Nothing will stand in the way of Bianca and her plans for the fashion show. Pat and Roy are disturbed by a visit from the police.

Ep.51 April 25, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-25

Carol is keen to talk to Alan, but he's not sure that there's anything to talk about. Pauline is off to Jersey. Bianca's hard work pays off.

Ep.52 April 29, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-29

Blossom gives Alan some valuable advice, while Carol gets the bride ready for her big day. Pauline reveals a secret to Willy and Mark has an important meeting to attend.

Ep.53 April 30, 1996

Air Date: 1996-04-30

A surprise is in store for the Jacksons as Carol makes an important decision. Pauline gets a shock in Jersey with Willy, while Mark struggles to seek the truth and convince Arthur's solicitor of his suspicions.

Ep.54 May 2, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-02

David gets Alan out of a tight spot. Ruth gets a mysterious call from Pauline and Mark just wants to be alone.

Ep.55 May 6, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-06

Pauline returns home reeling from the recent events, while Mark is convinced that he has the evidence he needs to prove Willy's guilt.

Ep.56 May 7, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-07

Mark and Ruth confront Pauline with the evidence they have amassed against Willy, and set their sights on trying to also convince the police of Arthur's innocence. Carol and Alan celebrate their marriage with a party in the Vic. Cindy faces a shock when Ian reveals his new business partner, Pat and Peggy agree to call a ceasefire over Ben's christening, and Roy thinks that Barry should lie low for a while.

Ep.57 May 9, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-09

Willy comes to apologise to Pauline and ends up telling her more than he had planned.

Ep.58 May 13, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-13

There is an emotional reunion at the Fowlers'. Kathy's change of heart surprises Phil. And Sanjay and Gita get some new competition on the market.

Ep.59 May 14, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-14

Sanjay starts getting broody. Pat is unnerved by a visit from the police. Peggy's plans for a homecoming celebration fall flat when the guest of honour fails to show up.

Ep.60 May 16, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-16

Phil's plans for a night out with Grant don't go as planned. Willy finally faces the music. Roy rushes to a family crisis. There's a shock in store for Pat.

Ep.61 May 20, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-20

Baby Ben's godparents prepare for their great day in church while Arthur and Pauline opt for a cosy dinner at home. Cindy plans a secret assignation.

Ep.62 May 21, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-21

Champagne flows at the Mitchell clan's christening party, but fate strikes a cruel blow at the height of the festivities. David and Cindy discover that they have differing views of the future. Roy is determined to clear the air with Pat and start again.

Ep.63 May 23, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-23

The Fowler family is laid low while Robbie and Sarah go on an outing and Nigel comes up trumps.

Ep.64 May 27, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-27

The Fowlers keep their secret, though Pauline's not convinced they should do. Bianca cuts a new deal, and Kathy plans her return to work.

Ep.65 May 28, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-28

Unfamiliar customers at the Vic make Peggy and Pauline nervous for different reasons. Alan does good business at the night café, while Bianca discovers that all is not fair in love, war and market trading. Dan takes Tiffany to the Cobra Club - Walford's hot new night spot - and Phil confesses to Grant that he's in a spot of bother.

Ep.66 May 30, 1996

Air Date: 1996-05-30

The Mitchells are on the warpath as Grant threatens Ruth, and Phil goes off to see his solicitor. Ian's empire expands, but David discovers that life may never be the same again.

Ep.67 June 3, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-03

While Bianca isn't talking to David, Lorraine arrives to try and get through to Joe. Grant has some unwelcome words for Ruth.

Ep.68 June 4, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-04

The tension between Ted and Sarah finally comes to a head, but Tony's got other things on his mind. There's a surprise visitor for Tiffany. Joe decides to take action to find out more about his family. David devises a plan to help Cindy.

Ep.69 June 6, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-06

It's Tony's birthday and there's a suprise in store for Ted at the party. Tiffany has some explaining to do and Mark wants some answers.

Ep.70 June 10, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-10

Ted tries to understand Sarah's new-found religion. Ian is furious to find some uninvited guests in his new house. And Tiffany finds an unexpected shoulder to cry on.

Ep.71 June 11, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-11

Cindy is forced to confide in Gita after being caught with David, romance blossoms for Tiffany and Tony, Felix finds a friend in Pauline, Grant wants to forget the previous night, and Pat and Roy return from their hols to find they've a lot of catching up to do.

Ep.72 June 13, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-13

Ted tries to give Phil some advice, causing trouble in both households. Ian has a double celebration. Pauline and Felix share tea and sympathy.

Ep.73 June 17, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-17

Tony finds a solution to his accommodation problems. Phil has some bad news for Ricky. Cindy gets a shock when she hears Ian's plans for the future.

Ep.74 June 18, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-18

Grant turns up the heat on Ruth, who has to give up looking after Ben. Kathy wises up to Phil's dabblings at the Arches. Joe prepares for a date with Sarah. Tony is alarmed at the scale of Dan's ambitions. Ian's happiness proves short-lived when an outburst from Cindy blows out his fire.

Ep.75 1996-06-20

Air Date: 1996-06-20

The inhabitants of the Square gather for Arthur's funeral. Phil gets some marital advice from Grant. Kathy has a bone to pick with Cindy.

Ep.76 June 24, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-24

Kathy gets a well deserved night out with Pat, while Phil goes out with the boys. David's quick thinking saves Joe's date with Sarah and Robbie's pizza deliveries attract unwanted attention.

Ep.77 June 25, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-25

A family crisis makes it a long night for the Mitchells. Ian's plans for patching things up with Cindy are not appreciated. And Tony has to deal with some new information about Simon - and a very angry Robbie.

Ep.78 June 27, 1996

Air Date: 1996-06-27

Gita discovers that Sanjay has another scheme up his sleeve. The Cobra club stirs enthusiasm in Alan and anger in Peggy. Grant's revelation is not the last of Phil and Kathy's shocks.

Ep.79 July 1, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-01

While the family discusses his future, Joe tries to lie low. Peggy is filled with the campaigning spirit and Robbie is unusually helpful in the café.

Ep.80 July 2, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-02

There's something in the post for Bianca and unexpected news reaches the Fowlers when Pauline returns from her trip to the USA. Ruth worries that Kathy and Phil behave awkwardly when she tries to visit baby Ben. There are sinister goings-on in the playground, as Carol discovers on a visit with Billy and Martin.

Ep.81 July 4, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-04

There are some big surprises for Peggy as she continues her campaign to clean up the Square. Nigel and Sanjay take a gamble on their new scheme to get rich, and Bianca's feeling rather low.

Ep.82 July 8, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-08

Grant is in no mood to celebrate his birthday. Peggy has something on her mind concerning Mark. And Nigel and Sanjay are making plans for 70s night.

Ep.83 July 9, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-09

While everyone is talking about Mark, he isn't saying a word. Ruth and Pauline confront Peggy but she doesn't give an inch. Bianca learns a few home truths about Simon. Nigel fancies his chances of being a DJ at the 70s theme night.

Ep.84 July 11, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-11

It's a bit of a facade when Ian and Cindy chat with their counsellor. Peggy has a hot date and Mark is about to finally set things straight.

Ep.85 July 15, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-15

After his announcement Mark is the talk of the square, while Pat and Pauline face their own dilemmas. Lorraine has a proposal for David, and Carol is on the war path.

Ep.86 July 16, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-16

It's a big day for Pat, but David and Lorraine face an unexpected problem of their own. Alan has an interesting night at the café.

Ep.87 July 18, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-18

There's a shock for Tiffany, and Bianca's party ends in tears. David gets set to move, but Phil doesn't seen to want to go home.

Ep.88 July 22, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-22

Tiffany confides in Simon and Bianca, while April is in a dilemma over Alan and Frankie. The Fowlers prepare for Arthur's inquest.

Ep.89 July 23, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-23

A difficult day for Pauline and Mark as Arthur's inquest begins today. Tiffany and Carol try to put their worries behind them and join the rest of the square at the funky 70s night.

Ep.90 July 25, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-25

The end of Arthur's inquest is a very emotional time for Mark, with his own intimations of mortality. Alan, who gets an angry visit from Phil, is desperate to tell Carol the truth, while she has a secret of her own.

Ep.91 July 26, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-26

Alan and Ian are both suffering parental traumas, while Nellie is more worried about her cat. A close call with tragedy provokes a strong reaction around the square. Carol leads the charge and Cindy proves a force to be reckoned with.

Ep.92 July 29, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-29

The Vic is not the only place with a lock- in, as the various residents of the Square settle in for long nights in unusual places.

Ep.93 July 30, 1996

Air Date: 1996-07-30

The residents of Albert Square take arms against the council sooner than expected. Lorraine is given an ear- bashing by Joe. Phil and Kathy face up to some bad news.

Ep.94 August 1, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-01

Blossom comes a cropper (endures a tough time) during her lunch break, while Sanjay discovers he has an admirer. Ruth takes Kathy into her confidence, and Phil has a tough day at court.

Ep.95 August 2, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-02

Nellie has a surprise for Mark and Ruth. Peggy tries to reassure Kathy about Phil's behaviour. David is pressured into making promises. And Pauline wants to take the council to task over the adventure playground.

Ep.96 August 5, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-05

Sarah makes a discovery which angers Tony. Cindy learns that David's on the move, and Gita's got some competition.

Ep.97 August 6, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-06

Joe drops David in at the deep end, just as he and Lorraine agree to look to the future. Nigel gets a nasty warning when he attempts to publicise the 70s disco.

Ep.98 August 8, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-08

Sonia's behaviour perplexes Carol and Alan while Joe gives Lorraine and David even more reason to be worried.

Ep.99 August 12, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-12

Lorraine moves into the Square for good. Alan has a surprise visit at the night café. And Sanjay is the subject of special attention.

Ep.100 August 13, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-13

David faces some tough questioning from Joe. Felix takes Sonia's little problem to heart. And Ruth faces a terrible dilemma at the nursery.

Ep.101 August 15, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-15

There's a special promotion at the Cobra Club, while Nigel and Sanjay run a disco for the kids. Cindy and David find time for a chat about the future.

Ep.102 August 19, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-19

Felix has an unusual gift for Robbie. Mark realises he's been acting selfishly, and Simon has an unexpected visitor.

Ep.103 August 20, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-20

Matters take a unexpected turn for the Walford Six. Ian and Ted have nasty surprises to look forward to. Carol is alarmed to find Frankie back in the Square. Tiffany receives some good news.

Ep.104 August 22, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-22

Mark must put some fears to rest and Sarah is nervous about her big day. Meanwhile Ian knows that the truth is out there and goes searching for it.

Ep.105 August 26, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-26

A trip to Blackpool turns out to be more than just a holiday for Tony and Dan, while Tiffany is forced into making a difficult decision.

Ep.106 August 27, 1996

Air Date: 1996-08-27

Tony is still in the doghouse, while Dan tries to get Sarah in the holiday spirit by playing a dangerous joke on her. Bianca decides that a girls' day out will cheer up Tiffany, but there seems to be no escape from the pressures of impending motherhood.

Ep.107 1996-08-29

Air Date: 1996-08-29

Tiffany's future looks bright while Simon's loyalties are tested when Tony decides to confide in him.

Ep.108 September 2, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-02

Back from Blackpool, Simon and Tiffany have questions for Tony. Lorraine finds a solution to Grant's problem and Cindy seeks advice, while Ian pursues his suspicions.

Ep.109 September 3, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-03

A face from the past turns up to surprise David and Cindy. Frankie talks herself into a job, and there's an unwanted guest at Tiffany's birthday party.

Ep.110 September 5, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-05

Nigel offers to help Lorraine, and Pauline has some good news for the community. Robbie finds some buried treasure, and there's a shock in store for Ian.

Ep.111 September 9, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-09

Cindy is desperate to talk to Ian, but he is avoiding her. Tiffany's world falls apart as Tony and Simon finally communicate. And Ricky arrives home to an enthusiastic welcome from Bianca.

Ep.112 September 10, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-10

Ian is slapped in the face by harsh reality as Cindy reveals her plans. But is she telling him the whole story? David confides in Carol. Grant questions an angry and hurt Tiffany. Alan finds Frankie is very determined to get her way, and Ricky has an answer for Bianca.

Ep.113 September 12, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-12

Carol tells Frankie exactly where she stands, David plays it cool but Ian has wised up while Tiffany and Grant meet Peggy in full maternal flow. And is Ian wising up?

Ep.114 September 16, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-16

Ian is determined to find out the truth about Cindy and David at whatever cost. While Tony is convinced of his feelings for Simon, he is less certain how to face the rest of Albert Square.

Ep.115 September 17, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-17

It's the day of reckoning in the Beale household, but Ian has a shock in store for Cindy. Alan and Carol have reached stalemate so Frankie takes the opportunity to launch a new attack. Peggy is infuriated by the situation between Grant and Tiffany, but Sanjay is pleased by Gita's news.

Ep.116 September 19, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-19

Cindy is unprepared when Ian takes her on over the children. A guilty secret preys on Alan's mind.

Ep.117 September 23, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-23

Phil returns from Scotland, but the welcome is not as warm as he would have liked. Cindy has a frustrating day without David, while Ted has a battle with some home truths.

Ep.118 September 24, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-24

Phil is having trouble remembering what he did last night. Kathy is shocked by the developments in her son's marriage. Gita and Sanjay plan a night to be remembered. Alan has a secret rendezvous. Lorraine is still worried about Joe.

Ep.119 September 26, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-26

As Roy plans his marriage to Pat, he recognises someone from the past. Cindy has an uncomfortable encounter, and George and Grant find themselves getting closer.

Ep.120 September 30, 1996

Air Date: 1996-09-30

Alan feels his luck has changed - until Frankie refuses to take no for an answer. Kathy finally acknowledges the cause of Phil's odd behaviour in Scotland. And Cindy keeps a dangerous appointment.

Ep.121 October 1, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-01

Cindy, feeling like a prisoner, appeals to David to provide an escape route. Carol makes a shocking discovery. Kathy is driven to find a sympathetic shoulder to cry on when matters with Phil appear to be getting out of hand. Tiffany discovers that Grant, seemingly a changed man, really cares.

Ep.122 October 3, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-03

Desperate Cindy makes a fateful decision which she could live to regret. Kathy tries to avoid Phil and Carol confronts Alan.

Ep.123 October 7, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-07

Grant and Tiffany have something to celebrate. Cindy has set dangerous wheels in motion.

Ep.124 October 8, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-08

Cindy finds herself in the spotlight, and Kathy shares her suspicions with Phil and Grant. Carol is feeling very vulnerable, but her choice of a shoulder to cry on is questionable.

Ep.125 October 10, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-10

Kathy asks Grant for help in her search for the truth. Cindy is under mounting pressure.

Ep.126 October 14, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-14

Carol confides in David, whilst Kathy shocks Pat and Roy with unexpected news.

Ep.127 October 15, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-15

Pat and Roy share wedding day nerves, Barry is questioned by Phil and Grant, and Cindy plans her future.

Ep.128 October 17, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-17

Cindy dupes Kathy, Ian is up against the odds, while smarmy David leaves nothing to chance.

Ep.129 October 21, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-21

David gets a dressing down from Gita. The police have disturbing news for Ian, and there's trouble at home for Simon and Tony.

Ep.130 October 22, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-22

Pat has bad news for Kathy, and Gita is in trouble. Lorraine has to ask Grant a difficult question. Tiffany faces up to her past, and April gets an offer.

Ep.131 October 24, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-24

David helps an enemy of Grant's. Simon makes a stand, and Tiffany makes Grant an offer he can't refuse.

Ep.132 October 28, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-28

Kathy is distraught about Ian's emotional state. David is pushed to the limit by Joe's strange behaviour, and Grant becomes obstinately single-minded in his search for answers.

Ep.133 October 29, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-29

Alan presses Frankie for an answer. Lorraine is finding it difficult to cope with David's shortcomings as a parent. Joe makes a dramatic announcement and Grant attempts a showdown with David.

Ep.134 October 31, 1996

Air Date: 1996-10-31

Carol's declaration puts Alan's attempts to save their marriage on hold, Frankie starts playing dangerous games and someone causes a lot of damage.

Ep.135 November 4, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-04

Alan is more determined than ever that Carol should come to Spain - but something is holding her back. David starts to repair the damage to his flat, Lorraine confronts Grant, and Ruth and Mark are concerned when Martin gets into a fight at school.

Ep.136 November 5, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-05

Lorraine and David face a crisis with Joe. Phil and Grant decide it's time they paid Barry another visit. And Bianca wants to talk to Carol - but no one knows where she is.

Ep.137 November 7, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-07

Carol returns, Tiffany prepares to go to Paris and Mark tells Martin the truth.

Ep.138 November 11, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-11

Lorraine is frightened by Joe's behaviour and has to turn to David for help. Carol tries to keep a distance from David while Ian finds he is too close for comfort.

Ep.139 November 12, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-12

A nightmare comes true for Lorraine and David. Carol takes a difficult call and has to face up to reality. Phil gives David a word of warning.

Ep.140 November 14, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-14

Bianca forces Carol into making an important decision, Joe gives David another shock and Phil has some important news for Ian. Roy has a proposition for David and Barry.

Ep.141 November 18, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-18

Problems in the Vic prevent Peggy from keeping her appointment. Felix heads off on holiday, and Lorraine is shocked when she discovers the truth.

Ep.142 November 19, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-19

Some market mayhem causes nutty Joe some distress, while David's good deed is not appreciated and Pat and Roy's wedding preparations are again put in jeopardy.

Ep.143 November 21, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-21

It's a big day for Pat, and for David. But Joe's vision of the future is shattered as David makes a few momentous decisions.

Ep.144 November 25, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-25

Lorraine is concerned when an unwanted visitor threatens to send troubled Joe over the edge. Alan returns to troubled waters, and Grant and Tiffany return with some unexpected news.

Ep.145 November 26, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-26

Peggy looks forward to having fun on her big night out with the unwilling George, who plans on keeping a low profile. Joe misses an appointment and goes missing after Nigel's good intentions let Lorraine down, and Gita and Sanjay think they might have cause to celebrate.

Ep.146 November 28, 1996

Air Date: 1996-11-28

Bianca hears from David, and Lorraine finally hears word from Joe. There's a shock in store for Peggy while she's alone at the Vic.

Ep.147 December 2, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-02

Lorraine visits Joe in hospital. Tiffany wants more commitment from Grant, while George gets some disturbing news.

Ep.148 December 3, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-03

The Vic is under surveillance, while Peggy and Tiffany embark on a secret trip. Grant, Phil and Tiffany play snooker, and Carol gets a frosty welcome home.

Ep.149 December 5, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-05

Huw and Lenny hit the airwaves, while Alan suffers more problems at home. Joe (turning his back on his mum) is on the move, and Peggy pays another visit to hospital.

Ep.150 December 9, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-09

Peggy has another hospital appointment. Phil and Grant learn some unpleasant facts about George. Alan is unhappy as Joe settles in.

Ep.151 December 10, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-10

George (fearing for her safety) is keen to speak to Peggy, but is unprepared for what she has to say. Ruth's anxieties about Adam increase. Grant and Tiffany don't see eye to eye and Grant admits that life with Tiffany is not quite what he expected.

Ep.152 December 12, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-12

Peggy has some shocking news for the family. Meanwhile, it's decision time for Alan and Tiffany lays down a few ground rules.

Ep.153 December 16, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-16

Alan has some difficult questions to answer. Tiffany takes charge at the Vic, while the Mitchells face an uncertain future.

Ep.154 December 17, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-17

Peggy receives some friendly visitors, but Tony's surprise guest is not so welcome. Grant and Tiffany's evening ends in disaster.

Ep.155 December 19, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-19

Lorraine learns a shocking secret, Grant has some apologising to do, and Frankie gives Alan cause to regret his decisions.

Ep.156 December 23, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-23

Mark gets into a panic on receiving some unexpected news, while his partner-in-misery Ruth is surprised when she confronts Mrs Woods. In fact, the only person in the whole of Walford who seems to be looking forward to the festivities is Nigel, who finds all his prayers have been answered.

Ep.157 December 24, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-24

Time is running out for Carol as she sticks to her guns and tries to keep a promise. Robbie turns secret agent as he undertakes an impossible mission. There's a shock in store for Joe when he decides to return to the Vic.

Ep.158 December 25, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-25

Christmas is a stressful time for any family, but more so for those folk who have the misfortune to live in Albert Square. Tempers flare at the Mitchell family dinner, while the Jacksons suffer a terrible tragedy.

Ep.159 December 26, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-26

Joe finds it increasingly hard to cope with reality, Pauline is forced to face up to a few uncomfortable home truths, while Grant gets a dose of unwelcome advice from overbearing mother Peggy.

Ep.160 December 30, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-30

Grant and Tiffany's marriage is already on the rocks despite his best efforts, new boys Simon and Dan catch the Walford disease and begin fighting among themselves, while Ian's life lurches from one frustration to another. Grant tries to put some romance back into his marriage, but ends up making a meal of things. Simon is at breaking point with Dan, while Ian has irritants of his own.

Ep.161 December 31, 1996

Air Date: 1996-12-31

Nigel makes an important announcement as the regulars at the Queen Vic prepare to welcome in the New Year. Tiffany is determined to play her cards close to her chest keeping her secret, but for how long can she keep everyone in the dark. An increasingly bewildered Joe finds the excitement too much to bear.