Season 16

Season 16 (2000)

Episodes List

Ep.1 January 3, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-03

Melanie's decision is final and no one can stop her now. A stranger arrives from Beppe's past.

Ep.2 January 4, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-04

Ian clings to a lost hope, and Irene gets advice to clear the air with Terry. Beppe wonders why Sandra has returned to his life. Steve continues lurking but Jackie is determined to make him face the Square. Jamie is devastated by Janine's alarming gossip.

Ep.3 January 6, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-05

Steve is humiliated when he finally ventures forth but has the final word. Irene tries to talk to Terry and Mel agrees to meet with Ian to set him straight. Kathy discover her son's lie and heads for the airport once again. Passion is in the air for Ricky.

Ep.4 January 10, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-10

Lisa decides to move out leaving Mark grumpy and upset. Beppe and Sam fall out over Sandra. Terry plans a romantic evening with a punch-line for guilt-ridden Irene.

Ep.5 January 11, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-11

Tensions between Lisa and Mark escalate when he refuses to see a doctor. Rumours concerning Matthew's return worry a nervous Steve and Beppe worries about a stalker. A letter from Wicksy distresses Pat and Irene comes into some money.

Ep.6 January 13, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-13

Mark makes a heartfelt plea to Lisa then takes a bad turn when she leaves the house. Beppe upsets Sam with a serious decision. Ian listens intently to Jeff's advice. Irene has a stroke of luck.

Ep.7 January 17, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-17

Mark's life hangs by a thread as the family gathers round him at the hospital. Ian sinks to new lows in his quest for revenge and Rosa is crestfallen when events force Beppe and Sandra closer together. Irene's windfall elates Terry but, elsewhere, Steve is distressed.

Ep.8 January 18, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-18

Rosa faces her worst fears as Sandra tightens her grip on Beppe and decides to take actions. Steve is terrified that he is being stalked. Pauline despairs and Lisa is distraught when they have words at Mark's bedside.

Ep.9 January 20, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-20

Ian finally snaps, while fists fly in Albert Square. Rosa resolves to destroy Beppe and Sandra's relationship. For his birthday, Phil receives an ultimatum from Lisa and there is more worrying news for Pauline.

Ep.10 January 24, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-24

Romances are rocky in Albert Square: Lisa makes a final decision about her career and Sam is worried about her one-night stand. Terry is desperate to buy a classic car from Roy - with Irene's money.

Ep.11 January 25, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-25

Terry has a change of plans which Roy rebuffs. Now he has to come clean to Irene. Meanwhile, Dan has a lock-in at the Queen Vic while Janine has a party that soon gets out of control. The di Marco family remember Guiseppe and Steve gets another shock.

Ep.12 January 27, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-27

Terry's charms work on Irene when he comes up with a surprises anniversary present. Sandra takes desperate measures to spend time with her son. Lisa is faced with a tough decision and Phil is no help. Steve takes extreme measures for self-protection and Kim turns to Fred for advice. Teams for the Vic Vs. Giuseppe's snooker match are decided.

Ep.13 January 31, 2000

Air Date: 2000-01-31

Jackie learns some home truths about the close-knit di Marco when she befriends Sandra. It's the night of Queen Vic Vs. Guiseppe's snooker match and more vandalism at Club e20 for paranoid Steve.

Ep.14 February 1, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-01

Pauline's party for Mark turns sombre with Mark's news. Happy Hour at the Vic hits a snag and Irene's new car goes missing. More anguish in store for Steve at Club e20.

Ep.15 February 3, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-03

More high drama at Club e20 when DJ Matt returns for a final showdown with Steve.

Ep.16 February 7, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-07

Sparks fly when Sandra interrupts Rosa's birthday dinner. Phil is made an offer he finds hard to resist and unbelievable Janine makes an effort to make amends for a mean trick on Sonia.

Ep.17 February 8, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-08

A police visit to the car lot gives Roy food for thought over a business deal. Melanie, Natalie, Jackie and Lisa have a girls night out but Lisa's mind is elsewhere and Ian is back in business with uniform staff.

Ep.18 February 10, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-10

Lisa tests the waters with Phil about a new addition to his family. Ricky has a taste of revenge by tossing a spanner in the works when Dan plans some after-hours drinking to send Fred off in style.

Ep.19 February 14, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-14

It is Valentine's Day but Jackie is worried about Steve's state of mind. Teresa warms to Sandra but Beppe is still angry. Martin's romantic evening with Nicky comes to an abrupt end.

Ep.20 February 15, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-15

Roy cannot bring himself to tell Pat the truth and Terry is desperate to find someone to look after the shop while he takes Irene away. Lisa is thrilled when Phil asks her to move in with him until she makes a startling discovery.

Ep.21 February 17, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-17

Ian holds interviews for a nanny and Roy's desperation leads him to desperate measures. Lisa is in turmoil but decides she must confront Phil. Tempers flare when and old face turns up in the Vic.

Ep.22 February 20, 2000 (15th Birthday Special)

Air Date: 2000-02-20

A crisis in Walford finds the residents trapped in the Queen Vic, on a night of recriminations, lies and secrets.

Ep.23 February 21, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-20

Ep.24 February 22, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-22

Peggy and Dan vie for supremacy at the Vic. Phil gives Lisa an impossible choice. Roy must confess all to Frank when he finds no escape.

Ep.25 February 24, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-24

Steve hides his drug problem from Beppe but Billy is on to him. Phil refuses to let Roy back out of their deal as he tries desperately to sell the dodgy cars. Ian discovers Laura's secret and Peggy's suspicions about Lisa run rampant.

Ep.26 February 28, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-28

Billy discovers Steve's problem. Beppe is furious when Steve misses the meeting with the VAT man. Lisa and Phil both receive visits from a concerned and adamant Peggy.

Ep.27 February 29, 2000

Air Date: 2000-02-29

Ian has a proposition for his auntie. Billy decides to gain the upper-hand with Steve but causes some strife in the Vic. Rose makes her feelings well-known to all.

Ep.28 March 2, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-02

Natalie decides that the dating agency has had its day and Barry tries to lift her spirits with a brilliant idea to save money. When Roy receives bad news from his pension company he worries about his future but Phil has a proposition for him.

Ep.29 March 6, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-06

Ian's bank manager comes to dinner to discuss a loan but the evening goes anything but smoothly. Sonia is devastated to learn that Enrico has another girlfriend and turns to a close friend for comfort but gets a bit more than expected! Roy finds a dodgy deal appealing.

Ep.30 March 7, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-07

Pat stumbles over Roy's secret and Sonia regrets a night of first passion. Peggy reacts to mounting tensions at the Vic and Nicky is encouraged by some sisterly advice.

Ep.31 March 9, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-09

Tensions continue to mount in the Vic until punches fly. Janine gives the car business a new image.

Ep.32 March 13, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-13

Phil does not appreciate Mark meddling in his relationship with Lisa. Ian regrets sacking Laura as his babysitter. Janine sees Roy behaving suspiciously with a package.

Ep.33 March 14, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-14

Janine's suspicions about Roy are growing. Lisa readies herself for single motherhood. As Steve's world begins to fall apart at the seams, Beppe is losing patience.

Ep.34 March 16, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-16

Roy discovers a problem. Ian eats humble pie. Phil makes an important decision.

Ep.35 March 20, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-20

Mark invites Lisa to share and Phil loses his temper when he receives some unwelcome advice from a drunken Melanie. Tensions mount at e20 and Janine's suspicions are confirmed.

Ep.36 March 21, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-21

Beppe and Sandra grow closer, much to Rosa's horror. Janine's detective work around the car lot becomes too much for Roy. And Lisa decides to sell her beloved bike.

Ep.37 March 23, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-23

Rosa decides to take action and makes Sandra an offer. Peggy celebrates her birthday and Janine begins her new job at the Vic. Lisa finds the cat is out of the bag.

Ep.38 March 27, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-27

Roy is in for a trying time when Laura sets Ian's heart on a new car. Terry is having trouble recapturing his lost youth. Phil tells Peggy a few home truths and she responds with one of her own. Mel finds concern over Steve's health.

Ep.39 March 28, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-28

A lonely and confused Sonia confesses her secret to a concerned Natalie. Jackie and Gianni fall out. Lisa reacts unexpectedly to shocking news from Phil.

Ep.40 March 30, 2000

Air Date: 2000-03-30

Phil is determined to win Lisa over, but he could be too late. Phil warns Roy he was in much too deep to stop selling the stolen cars. Janine lets out Roy's secret when he refuses her demands.

Ep.41 April 3, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-03

After arguing with Irene, Terry pours his heart out to Melanie but tries to take their friendship one step too far. Beppe is concerned about Sandra's disappearance and Rosa confesses her secret to Irene. Gianni is angry with Jackie until she explains the reasons for her behaviour.

Ep.42 April 4, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-04

Will Peggy reveal Roy's secret? Will Sandra tell Beppe about Rosa's bribe? Will Steve accept Billy's proposition?

Ep.43 April 6, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-06

Pat is on the warpath, when Roy goes missing. An unwelcome guest ruins Rosa's evening and Steve makes a bad decision. Peggy demands the truth from Phil.

Ep.44 April 10, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-10

Janine makes a friend in Billy for dirt on Peggy. Rosa watches helplessly as Sandra plays happy families with Beppe. Irene finds fury when Terry is surprised.

Ep.45 April 11, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-11

As Irene deserts Terry, and Rosa's attempts to win Sandra fail, Barry reveals his private plans to Lisa. Roy's desperation growns when he is rumbled at auction.

Ep.46 April 13, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-13

Ricky's plans cause Robbie and Pat increasing concern, and they make a decision and Natalie arrives home to find Barry in a more-than-amorous mood. Elsewhere, Beppe is shocked when Steve promotes Billy to barman, little knowing the reasons for their sudden friendship.

Ep.47 April 17, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-17

The tension mounts between Sandra and Rosa until Sandra spills the beans. Phil helps himself by helping Roy find a buyer for the cars and Jim helps himself to Dots knickers.

Ep.48 April 18, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-18

Dan starts to feel the heat in the Vic, but discovers some useful information from Janine. Ricky is reeling from his recent trip. Beppe furious at his mother's behaviour, confronts Rosa about the cheque. Peggy goes to the hospital to discuss her surgery and Billy plays games with Steve.

Ep.49 April 20, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-20

Things go from bad to worse for Ricky, with disastrous consequences for all. Roy finds his dodgy stock down a few cars and Melanie wins free fish and chips at Ian's in the prize draw.

Ep.50 April 24, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-24

Miserable Ricky heads East in an emotional two-hander with Phil. After losing his wife, son, and finally his marbles Ricky says an emotional farewell to the Square.

Ep.51 April 25, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-25

There is a shock in store for Mel when she attempts to make amends with Dan. Gianni is left reeling after feeling the full force of Jackie's wrath. Furious at Dan, Phil takes his mood out on Lisa but Peggy may have the final solution to their problems.

Ep.52 April 27, 2000

Air Date: 2000-04-27

Phil and Roy are amazed by Peggy's plan to get rid of Dan once and for all after a police visit gives her an idea. Lisa has warning pains and Jamie delivers a warning to Janine.

Ep.53 May 1, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-01

Phil and Lisa have to deal with some shocking news. Mel and Dan are forced to confront their feelings for each other.

Ep.54 May 2, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-02

Ep.55 May 4, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-04

Ep.56 May 8, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-08

Ep.57 May 9, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-09

Ep.58 May 11, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-11

Ep.59 May 15, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-15

Ep.60 May 16, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-16

Ep.62 May 22, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-22

Ep.63 May 23, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-23

Ep.64 May 25, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-25

Ep.65 May 29, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-29

Ep.66 May 30, 2000

Air Date: 2000-05-30

Ep.67 June 1, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-01

Ep.68 June 5, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-05

Ep.69 June 6, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-06

Ep.70 June 8, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-08

Ep.71 June 12, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-12

Ep.72 June 15, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-15

Ep.73 June 16, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-16

Ep.74 June 17, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-17

Ep.75 June 19, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-19

Ep.76 June 22, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-22

Ep.77 June 26, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-26

Ep.78 June 27, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-27

Ep.79 June 29, 2000

Air Date: 2000-06-29

Ep.80 July 3, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-03

Ep.81 July 4, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-04

Ep.82 July 6, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-06

Ep.83 July 10, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-10

Ep.84 July 11, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-11

Ep.85 July 13, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-13

Ep.86 July 17, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-17

Ep.87 July 18, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-18

Ep.88 July 20, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-20

Ep.89 July 24, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-24

Ep.90 July 27, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-27

Ep.91 July 31, 2000

Air Date: 2000-07-31

Ep.92 August 1, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-01

Ep.93 August 3, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-03

Ep.94 August 7, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-07

Ep.95 August 8, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-08

Ep.96 August 10, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-10

Ep.97 August 14, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-14

Ep.98 August 15, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-15

Ep.99 August 17, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-17

Ep.100 August 21, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-21

Ep.101 August 22, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-22

Ep.102 August 24, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-24

Ep.103 August 28, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-28

Ep.104 August 29, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-29

Ep.105 August 31, 2000

Air Date: 2000-08-31

Ep.106 September 4, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-04

Ep.107 September 5, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-05

Ep.108 September 7, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-07

Ep.109 September 11, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-11

Ep.110 September 12, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-12

Ep.111 September 14, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-14

Ep.112 September 18, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-18

Ep.113 September 19, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-19

Ep.114 September 21, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-21

Ep.115 September 24, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-24

Ep.116 September 25, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-25

Ep.117 September 26, 2000

Air Date: 2000-09-26

Ep.118 October 1, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-01

Ep.119 October 2, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-02

Ep.120 October 3, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-03

Ep.121 October 5, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-05

Ep.122 October 9, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-09

Ep.123 October 10, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-10

Ep.124 October 12, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-12

Ep.125 October 16, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-16

Ep.126 October 17, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-17

Ep.127 October 19, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-19

Ep.128 October 23, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-23

Ep.129 October 24, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-24

Ep.130 October 26, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-26

Ep.131 October 30, 2000

Air Date: 2000-10-30

Ep.132 October 31, 2000 (Episode 1)

Air Date: 2000-10-31

Ep.133 October 31, 2000 (Episode 2)

Air Date: 2000-10-31

Ep.134 November 2, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-02

Ep.135 November 6, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-06

Ep.136 November 7, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-07

Ep.137 November 9, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-09

Ep.138 November 13, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-13

Ep.139 November 14, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-14

Ep.140 November 16, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-16

Ep.141 November 20, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-20

Ep.142 November 21, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-21

Ep.143 November 23, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-23

Ep.144 November 27, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-27

Ep.145 November 28, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-28

Ep.146 November 30, 2000

Air Date: 2000-11-30

Ep.147 December 4, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-04

Ep.148 December 5, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-05

Ep.149 December 7, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-07

Ep.150 December 11, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-11

Ep.151 December 12, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-12

Ep.152 December 14, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-14

Ep.153 December 18, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-18

Ep.154 December 19, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-19

Ep.155 December 21, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-21

Ep.156 December 25, 2000 (Episode 1)

Air Date: 2000-12-25

Ep.157 December 25, 2000 (Episode 2)

Air Date: 2000-12-25

Ep.158 December 26, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-26

Ep.159 December 28, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-28

Ep.160 December 31, 2000

Air Date: 2000-12-31