Season 21

Season 21 (2005)

Episodes List

Ep.1 January 3, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-03

Jake and Danny continue to get themselves into trouble and after picking up Spencer from the police station, try their best to convince him that they have got rid of the bag and claim to never have known what was inside. Later, when Alfie catches up with them, the boys try to persuade him to return to a life of crime. Alfie is angry with them but is preocupied trying to find work on one of the market stalls. Elsewhere, Ian feels the wrath of Jane when she accuses him of blabbing to Alfie about her husband, David. Jane storms off but after talking to Lucy returns to Ian and they appologise to each other. Also, Patrick and Yolande start their first day as owners of the MinuteMart. Meanwhile, Jake and Danny learn that Den was going to give Alfie money for kicking him out. They go to Den and convince him to give them the money to give to Alfie - which they dont. They go home with the money and get the bag they were hiding and store it in a place that Alfie and Spencer cant find it. Out on

Ep.2 January 4, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-04

Andy is still furious at the fact that Jake and Danny stole his car and wants then sorted out. When it becomes obvious that they are not frightened by Andy's threats, he asks Eddie to do some digging and it's not long before he finds out what they've been up to Johnny Allen, a major player that even Andy looks up to. Terrified by what Andy knows, the boys decide to leave Walford – until Johnny turns up. He wants to know where the bag is and is annoyed to find out that it contains drugs. He collars Danny for messing up another job. He tells Jake that with the clients after them, it is safer if they stay in Walford with Alfie. Johnny then arranges a job for them with Andy, something that they are both unhappy with. Elsewhere, Stacey leads Lucy down the life of crime as the two of them steal drinks from the MinuteMart. Sam goes to collect the cab office rent money from Adi and decides to look to the future and invest in a business. Meanwhile, Zoë tells Den that Dennis still isn't sleeping

Ep.3 January 6, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-06

Preparing for fatherhood, Dennis shows a prospective buyer around the club and, realising that he could soon be out of a job, he turns to Andy. He makes a deal with Andy so that h would still be managing the club. However, the news that Dennis could soon be working for Andy infuriates Zoë. She heads to the Vic to confront Andy, but his insinuations leave her worried about what he knows. Meanwhile, Billy wants to invite Alfie in on the talks about the christening. Mo is nervous around him but eventually the ice melts. Sam has raised enough money to buy Chrissie's share of the nail bar and feels ready to get started on a new business. Also Martin and Sonia return from their honeymoon only to fall out with Jake and Danny about the break in at their house. Elsewhere, Kate has a big decision to make when she finds out she passed her police interview. When DI Price tells her that the job will be in Brighton she is apprehensive about it. Eventually she decides to leave. Sam is fuming as this

Ep.4 January 7, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-07

After finding Den awake early in the morning, Chrissie talks to him about everything that's happened but her concern is soon tested when Den tells her that she doesn't have any idea how he feels. Kate tells the square that she is leaving to joining the police again. They are all shocked to hear that she is leaving the same day. At the nail bar, Chrissie finds a letter sent to her from Vicki. It says that she and Sharon are staying with Michelle and not to call them. Chrissie shows this to Den which upsets him further. When Dennis asks him about selling the club to Andy he quickly refuses, telling him to just shut the whole place down. Meanwhile, Andy continues to give Jake and Danny demeaning jobs to do. Spencer accidentally fuels Jake and Danny's suspicions about Alfie when he lets slip that Andy and Alfie have a lot of history. Worried about everything that's going on, Alfie puts Spencer on a train to their cousin Maxwell's, knowing Spencer will be safe there. It's the day of David's

Ep.5 January 10, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-10

Zoë, still shocked by Den's proposition, tells Den there is no way she will sleep with him. Zoë suggests to Dennis that they move away from Walford. Shocked at the prospect of loosing even more of his family, Den has a talk with Dennis to get him to stay. In the end Dennis ends up with the assistant manager job at the Vic, not making Zoë happy at all. Meanwhile, Alfie is in high sprits knowing that Spencer is safe. Jane is worried about Peter after Lucy once again leaves him to go off with Stacy. Same is doing well at the chip shop until Andy comes to mock her. At the Vic, Chrissie is still pressuring Den about having a baby. He tells her they can think about it when they are more settled there. Jake is angry to find that Danny had kept some of the fake money they had. He is even angrier to see Danny chatting up Sam at the bar. Elsewhere, Billy and Little Mo are happily arranging the christening for Freddie until Little Mo receives a letter from Graham's mother, asking about Freddie. S

Ep.6 January 11, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-11

In the Queen Vic, Jake and Danny notice some animosity between Andy and Alfie, and wonder what has happened between them in the past. Den is continuing to persuade Zoë to sleep with him, leading her avoiding him. Den also has to deal with Chrissie constantly reminding him about having a baby and renewing their marriage vows. Jake asks Danny if he has gotten rid of all the fake money they had and he says that he has. However later Nana almost catches him fishing out a lump of cash from behind the sofa. Trying her best to get out of the mess she's in, Zoë flirts with Jake all morning. When Danny sees Sam in the Café, he flirts wit her too, despite her telling him to leave her alone. When he sees her later, she starts to soften towards him. Also, Dot and Pauline are still speculating about the red knickers found in Patrick's bag and Dot starts checking for sizes on every woman she sees. Meanwhile, Jane catches Lucy out of school with Stacy. Despite Lucy saying she has a free period, Jane

Ep.7 January 13, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-13

Looking to the future, Alfie tries to make the most of his situation and puts his name down to get a stall; however the market inspector tells him he's in for a long wait. After the events of last night, Den and Dennis have a heart to heart about Zoë and Dennis reveals that he thinks he made a mistake not following Sharon to America. Den is quick to suggest he gives it another try with Zoë. Jake finds Dennis and tries to explain that nothing happened with him a Zoë but Dennis isn't in the mood to listen. Dot witnesses the conversation and tries to talk some sense into Dennis. Elsewhere, Dot and Pauline continue to speculate over the mysterious red knickers they found in Patrick's bag and tell Mo about their findings. Stacy arranges for Lucy to skip off school again and goes on a spree over the market stealing things. At the Café, Danny is shocked when Jake tells him he isn't going to do anything to Dennis for hitting him. Jake goes over to the chip shop and flirts with Sam some more. Z

Ep.8 January 14, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-14

Zoë wakes up, disgusted with what happened the night before. She immediately showers and then goes about changing the bed sheets. Dennis tries to apologies for his recent actions but she is defensive around him. Alfie, now with his new market stall decides to celebrate wit the rest of the market stall traders. He asks Little Mo and Billy to join him. Billy is busy but tells Little Mo she should go, putting her in an uncomfortable situation again with Alfie. After recent events with Patrick and Yolande, Dot has decided that she is going to give up gossiping. Sam has also decided for a change instead feeling sorry for herself and bins all of the letters directed to her from the Vic, saying they are Den's problems now. Whilst talking to Jane, Ian sees Lucy out of school with Stacey. Lucy tells him she is on her way but Ian tells her she is going in the wrong direction and takes her there himself. Little Mo goes to find Alfie and tells him she can't make it to the celebration as Charlie ca

Ep.9 January 17, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-17

It's a day to celebrate in Albert Square as everyone prepares for Freddie's christening. The Vic is a hive of activity, with Little Mo finding the top tier of her wedding cake and telling Billy how much she loved their wedding day. Zoë is feeling down and doesn't want to go to the christening alone. She is sad that Dennis refuses to go with her. She feels even worse when Den attempts to arrange to sleep with her again. At the Slater's the arguments have already begun with Billy driving everyone mad with his arrangements. Stacy, unable to stand it any more, volunteers to take Mo's wedding cake to the Vic. On her way there she bumps into Demi and Darren and drops it. Before she can save it their dog has eaten it all. At the Café Sam is struggling to get all the food ready for the party in the Vic. It all gets too much for her when the fire alarm starts to go off. Lucky Danny helps her out and does some more flirting. Rosie can't hide her frustrations about Keith when she realises that he

Ep.10 January 18, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-18

Furious at how Billy behaved at the christening, Little Mo refuses to let Billy have Freddie for the day. Alfie is still struggling on the stall with only Christmas leftovers to see. Jake reminds Danny that he promised he would sort Alfie out with some stock. Also, Stacy starts work at the MinuteMart under Yolande's watchful eye. Patrick is too busy planning Paul's birthday, assuming that he will be coming home. Its Charlie's first day back working on the cabs and it goes off to a bad start when it breaks down right outside his house. Minty and Garry offer to fix it but when Ian catches them he takes out all of his anger, causing them to walk out. Minty is even more unhappy at the Vic when he sees Danny flirting with Sam. Mo gets a phone call from which she gets hold of a bulk load of watches. She offers them to Danny who gives buys them for Alfie's stall. Meanwhile Garry goes to see Billy who tells him about his worries over Freddie. Garry gets him to open up about what's really eatin

Ep.11 January 20, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-20

Zoë's day gets off to a bad start when Den reminds her about her doctors appointment. She realizes that he was the one he told Dennis to make her an appointment. Stacey arrives late again for work at the Minute Mart but Patrick is too busy worrying about it. It's his birthday and he has not come home or even rang Patrick. At the Café, Peter and Lucy are talking to Jane about the movie they went to see. Jane says they should have asks her and Lucy tells her that Ian said she would have been busy. Jane feels upset by Ian not including her. When Ian comes into work she asks him about it. He reveals he thinks they should keep their distance whiles she gets over David, and then avoids her all morning. Trying to stir up trouble, Den tells the Slater's about Zoë's appointment and her reluctance to go. She is then met by everyone who repeatedly tells her she should go whiles Den smirks. Meanwhile Sam is happy after sleeping with Danny the previous night but Jake is more worried about what Andy

Ep.12 January 21, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-21

Dennis is shocked at the sight of Zoë in bed with Den. He tells Zoë to go and clean herself and then tells Den that he made leaving a lot easier for him. Zoë with her life in bits is disgusted when Den tells her to distract Chrissie from Dennis. He tells her he will try to sort things out with Dennis. At the police station, Patrick is giving information about when Paul left however the police don't seem too worried as Paul is old enough to do what he wants. After retuning home, Patrick is pleased that DS Jones and DI Riddick have come to talk to him about Paul. Patrick is unaware that they had delt with Paul before he left. Meanwhile, Jake is still looking for Danny and catches him pinning Andy up against a wall yelling at him about how he set up Alfie. Jake tries to defuse the fight but when Andy makes a comment about his brother he punches him to the floor. At the flat, Dennis is packing his bags getting ready to leave. Den tries to put the blame on him for the way he treated Zoë but

Ep.13 January 24, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-24

Alfie, Jake and Danny are shocked to find the bruises on Nana's arms. It doesn't take them too long to realize that Andy was involved. Danny wants to teach him a lesson but Jake has a simpler approach – he calls Johnny Allen. Billy finally gets his visiting order to see Graham in prison and gets Garry to cover for him if Little Mo asks where he is. When he arrives in the prison he tells Graham what a good time he is having with Freddie but is shocked to hear that Graham plans to be a part of his sons life when he gets out. Johnny arrives at the Moons and hears all about what's happened with Andy. Johnny charms Nana with some flowers and money to make up for what was stolen. He then takes Jake and Danny to the bookies. When Andy arrives he is terrified to see Johnny there. Johnny tells them all off for the way they have been behaving and then digs further into Andy for attacking an old lady. Meanwhile, Chrissie is still pretending that she knows nothing about Den and Zoë. She gets a let

Ep.14 January 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-25

Little Mo panics when she wakes up in an empty bed. She questions Garry and forces him to reveal where Billy has been. When he finally comes home, Little Mo warns him that he has invited Graham back into their lives. She is shocked when he reveals that he hates Freddie. Patrick receives some devastating news when the police tell him they have found a body that they need him to identify. He is horrified to find that it is Paul's body. Whilst Yolande is trying to contact Anthony, he goes to the pub and gets drunk. When people ask him about Paul he breaks down and tells them he is dead, shocking everyone. Ian wants to take Jane out that evening and Pauline agrees to babysit. However, she gets more than she bargained for when she walks in on the pair half-naked. The police go to Andy's and tell him Paul is dead. He still maintains that he has nothing to do with the murder. As they leave Patrick bangs on his door, demanding he comes out and face him.

Ep.15 January 27, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-27

Patrick is desperate to find out what happened to Paul. Minty tells him that Andy is capable of arranging a contract killing but Alfie warns Patrick to drop it. Yolande keeps trying to contact Anthony but can't reach him. She feels alone when Patrick is too busy for her. She later upsets him when she suggests he feels he wasn't a good enough father to Paul. Ian spends most of the day avoiding Pauline and when she does catch them she causes them to discuss splitting up, warning them that their casual relationship is not fair on the children. But Ian tells Jane he is doing what he wants to do and tells her he loves her. Elsewhere, it's Demi and Darren's birthday Rosie keeps dropping hints to Keith about marriage. Little Mo has moved back into the Slaters' and Charlie is refusing to let Billy talk to her. Alfie advises Billy to give Little Mo space but Garry plants a seed of suspicion in his mind about his friend's true intentions. Later, Billy spots Alfie and Little Mo talking intimately

Ep.16 January 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-28

Garry tries to convince Billy that Alfie and Little Mo are not having an affair. Billy heads off to win Little Mo back but snaps and punches Alfie when he sees the pair together. That evening, Little Mo goes to the flat and agrees to move back in. However when Billy refers to Freddie as ‘her kid' she gets upset and decides to leave. She packs her bags and tearfully says goodbye to Billy. Andy tells Yolande that the police have spoken to him about Paul but that they are not pursuing the case. A concerned Yolande tries to persuade Patrick to forget about Andy but he vows to make him pay. Elsewhere, Sam invites Danny over for dinner so that he can get to know Minty. The atmosphere is strained but when Sam pops out for wine, the pair bond over a mutual dislike of Andy. Minty tells Danny about everything Andy has done, leaving Danny all ready for a confrontation with Andy. Meanwhile, Chrissie questions Den about Dennis and Zoë but he feigns ignorance. She then uses a letter from Kelly to go

Ep.17 January 31, 2005

Air Date: 2005-01-31

Someone has scrawled the word ""murderer"" on the wall of Andy's house. He assumes that it was Patrick and questions him about it. Patrick denies it – but he does ask Andy if he killed Paul. Andy leaves the question unanswered. Later, Patrick spots Pat returning from her holiday and asks her to find out the truth from Andy. Billy is tidying the flat and keeps coming across things belonging to Little Mo and Freddie. Billy tells Alfie that he knows nothing happened between him and Little Mo, which makes Alfie feel guilty. Later, Little Mo and Billy both plan to go to the Vic, unaware that the other is going. When Little Mo goes to talk to him, Billy rushes out. At the Moons flat, Nana is still staying in her room, afraid to come out. Alfie buys a door chain but she is still uneasy whenever someone knocks at the door. Jake and Danny decide they need to live in a house and then see that number 41, Pat's old house is empty. Pat is making progress with Andy and almost convinces him to talk to

Ep.18 February 1, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-01

It is Zoë's 21st birthday and whilst everyone is celebrating she's not feeling well and worries that she could really be pregnant. She buys a pregnancy test kit and her worst fears are confirmed – it's positive. When Little Mo sees the kit, Zoë explains that she thought she had lost the baby. When news spreads to Chrissie she goes to talk to Zoë and realizes that she is really pregnant with Dens baby. Den is happily thinking that Zoë is going to fake a miscarriage until Chrissie tells him that Zoë is pregnant. Meanwhile, Patrick and Yolande prepare for Paul's funeral. Anthony arrives back and is shocked when Patrick tells him about Paul's death and how he died. Sam feels guilty and gives Patrick some information she thought he knew. Anthony goes to see Sam and she tells him that his brother was involved in drugs. Elsewhere, Danny is still eager to move into the empty house despite Jake telling him not to. Tired of waiting he changes to locks to the house and tells Alfie and Nana that t

Ep.19 February 3, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-03

It's the day of Paul's funeral and Patrick is intent on getting justice for his son. Patrick is quick to tell Andy about his conversation with the police and it 's not long before Andy realizes it was Sam who told Patrick about Paul's history with him. He pays her a visit and tells her that Paul died because he was a grass and that the same thing could happen to her. Then when the police come she is too scared to say anything. Meanwhile the Moons move into their new house. Alfie is still bemused as to how Danny got the house. Just when they are settled in the power goes off and when Danny is unable to come up with a number for the letting agency, Alfie realizes they have been squatting there. At the church Patrick pays his last respects to Paul with Anthony and Yolande by his side. When they get back, Sam reveals to Anthony how Paul died. Patrick is over the moon when he hears this news but then refuses to listen when Sam tells him that Andy did not shoot the bullet at Paul but only ti

Ep.20 February 4, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-04

Alfie is still mad at Jake and Danny for deceiving him about the house. He is left in a bind when he sees their flat has been let out to another family. Jake tells Nana just enough so that she is determined to stay in the house and then refuses to leave when Aflie tells her they will have to. Den tells Zoë that he's happy about the baby but she's quick to tell him that she's disgusted and that he is coming no where near her child. Chrissie is furious when she finds out that Den has offered Zoë money for the baby. Chrissie goes to Zoë's and makes it clear to her that Den will control her if she accepts money from him. She shocks Zoë by suggesting she has an abortion. Meanwhile, Lucy has come off school early pretending to be sick. When she sees Jane she acts all moody and asks if she can go back home. When she meets up with Stacy she tells her to keep acting like that so she can get more attention from Ian. At home Jane and Lucy are getting on fine but then she pretends to be miserable

Ep.21 February 7, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-07

As Chrissie and Den plan to renew their marriage vows, Chrissie reveals all to her friend Amanda about Den and how he has ruined Sam's life too. Amanda gives Chrissie some advice about her future and helps to distract Den whilst Chrissie swipes the keys to the safe. Chrissie is horrified to find a standing order paid to Zoe every month. With the help of Amanda she plans to get her money back and then humiliate Den. Meanwhile, Rosie hides another letter from the Department of Work and Pensions in the drawer. Later, Demi unknowingly lets in a visitor from the job centre who is determined to prove the Millers don't need the benefits they are getting. Keith almost convinces him that he and Rosie are not a couple – until he asks to see the bedrooms! At the chip shop, Sam is full of new ideas for Ian's business. He is not so happy and an argument emerges, causing Sam to quit. Also Stacey almost gets fired for causing an argument with Rosie over the Millers getting benefits. Elsewhere, it bec

Ep.22 February 8, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-08

Zoë is shocked to find Den in the kitchen cuddling Freddie and is furious when she discovers that he has money to help tide her over. Not wanting his involvement with the baby, Zoë declines his money and tells him he will have nothing to do with her baby. Later, Sonia has a heart to heart with Zoë whilst she tries to decide over what to do next about her situation. After staying the night at Ian's, Jane aims to make herself at home. When she tries to encourage the kids to become involved in making pancakes, Lucy refuses and instead criticizes Jane, but when Ian comes home, Jane pretends everything is fine. Chrissie is still plotting to make Den pay as Amanda gives her papers which will entitle her to half over everything. Now all she needs to do it get Den to sign them. She goes out and starts causing problems by leaving invitations to their marriage renewal ceremony all over the square. Den is far from pleased when residents turn up telling him they will be there. Chrissie decides to

Ep.23 February 10, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-10

Den and Chrissie are due to renew their marriage vows and Chrissie is all set up ready to humiliate Den and Zoë. With Amanda's help she gets Den to sign over half of everything to her. Den warns Zoë to stay away. Chrissie goes to see her and pretends to be hurt that she is not coming. They talk and Zoë reveals that she doesn't want the baby. Back at the Vic Chrissie begins to question whether she could hurt Zoë like she is planning too. Amanda advises her to go ahead with the ceremony as it means she will get more money when she leaves Den. During the ceremony, Zoë walks in. Chrissie freezes for a moment and then continues with her vows. Elsewhere, Lucy continues to cause trouble and is angry about the dress Ian wants her to wear to the party. Jane takes her to buy a new one but Lucy manages to get her to blow the budget. Ian is angry about the price and, when Lucy later spills something on her new outfit, he argues with Jane, much to his daughter's amusement. Alfie tells Johnny that h

Ep.24 February 11, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-11

With her work done, Amanda leaves, reminding Chrissie that if she wants to take Den for everything she will have to get Zoë's baby out of the picture. Darren tries to prove himself to Stacey by drinking with her in the Minute Mart. However, he gets drunk and collapses, and is taken to hospital. Mickey and Keith both blame Stacey for what has happened. She later realizes that she had the whole even on camera, even the part where Keith lifted heavy boxes with his supposed bad back. She takes her revenge by reporting Keith to the benefit fraud agency. Meanwhile, Billy is in a foul mood over Little Mo. He struggles to talk to her and then drowns his sorrows in the Vic. He aggravates Garry and other customers, leading to Den throwing him out. Chrissie goes to see Zoë and frightens her into thinking that Den could get custody of the baby if she had it fostered. Zoë decides to have an abortion and Chrissie sits happily in the clinic as its happening. She returns to tell a shocked Den that Zoë

Ep.25 February 14, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-14

A suspicious Den quizzes Chrissie about Zoë not being pregnant any more asking her every detail about how the miscarriage happened. Not satisfied with what he's being told, Den heads over to see Zoë but she slips up when she tells him a different version of events. When she is own her own she realizes that Chrissie made her do a terrible thing. Chrissie is shocked when she Sam smashing up all the glasses. Sam demands to know the truth about how she and Den got the Vic. Sam charges at Chrissie and the two have a huge fight. Chrissie explains Den did everything to get the Vic and tells Sam of her plan to take Den for everything, asking for her help. Johnny comes to Andy and Jake with a job to meet up with a client on Friday – and tells them to keep it a secret and to keep Danny out of it. Jake begs Johnny to let Danny be involved but he refuses. Later, Andy tells Eddie that the job is worth way more than Johnny is giving him for it. When Andy sees Alfie with Johnny, he makes him a threat

Ep.26 February 15, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-15

It's not a good day in Albert Square for Andy. Alfie finds his stall trashed in the market and he knows that Andy is behind it but doesn't give him the satisfaction of seeing that he's bothered. Andy is still angry at Johnny for the small amount he is being offered for the job, as well as Johnny's friendship with Jake and Alfie. Andy has got Jake set up to be the front line man meaning he will take the fall if anything goes wrong. For the plan to work, Danny must be kept out of it. To stop Danny from aggravating Johnny, Jake tells him that he is the one keeping him out of the loop. Danny furiously punches Jake before packing his bags to move out. Andy is shocked when Johnny tells him Jake's out of the job and he'll be going on his own. Meanwhile, Chrissie sees Sam and tells her about the plans she and Amanda have made. She makes Sam an offer she can't refuse – the Vic. But only if she agrees to go along with the plan. She just needs to get power of attorney from Den and get Zoë on boar

Ep.27 February 17, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-17

Sam gives Zoë an ultimatum and she agrees to go and see Chrissie. Between them, Chrissie and Sam convince Zoë that it was the pressure of Den that forced her to get rid of the baby. However, when they tell Zoë of their plan, she is not interested as they only want Den's money. When Chrissie returns, she is sure Den has figured out what they are up to. He takes her to a cemetery and shows her Angie's grave. Den tells Chrissie that he wants to make a fresh start with her. Zoë is determined to tell all to Den in an angry rage. Sam and Chrissie manage to stop her. They eventually get her on side and she tells them both exactly how Den forced her to sleep with him. The three try to come up with something to really hurt Den. Zoë suggests hiring a hit man but Chrissie thinks up a solution that will really make Den's heart bleed. Andy is busy preparing to leave Walford after the job tomorrow where he will con Johnny out of his money. Before he does he takes great pleasure in watching the marke

Ep.28 February 18, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-18

It's the opening night of Scarlet, Johnny's club, and he is making sure everything will be ready. Johnny meets with Andy to check everything is set up for the client meeting. When Andy makes snide comments to Alfie, he charges at him but Johnny calms him down, asking him to wait just for one day before he hits Andy. Chrissie, Sam and Zoë meet at the allotments and Chrissie tells them that everything is set up for later. They all go their separate ways to get ready. At the Vic, Rosie approaches Pauline and makes her peace with her. Then the Millers and most of the crowd head over to Scarlet for the opening night. At the bookies, Andy's meeting goes as planned and Danny takes collection of the money. As they leave for the car, Alfie comes screaming after Andy. He tells Andy exactly what he thinks of him and punches him. The pair fight and Danny springs to his cousin's defense. Andy and Eddie drive off with Johnny's money. At Scarlet, Johnny gets a cake wishing him a happy retirement from

Ep.29 February 21, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-21

It's the day after the night before and Chrissie, Sam and Zoë are struggling to maintain normality. The girls hide their bloodstained clothes whilst Sam hides the murder weapon. They are thrown into panic when they see the police drive into Albert Square. Sam worries when the police arrive to speak to her, and assumes the worst. But they deliver the news of Andy's death. His body has been found at the bottom of a bridge. When Sam is asked about her whereabouts the previous evening, she falters and cannot make up an excuse. Zoë, having seen the cars, rushes to the Vic to find out what is going on. She is relieved when she hears that they are investigating Andy's death. As news of Andy's death spreads, the residents of Walford have mixed opinions on it. Whilst Patrick is over the moon, Pat questions whether she could have done anything to save him. When Danny finds out Andy was killed he worries that he could be next. He reveals to Alfie about how he was involved and that he could be dea

Ep.30 February 22, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-22

Chrissie is still in a state and is very snappy with the staff at the Vic. When Little Mo asks Pat to help at the bar, Chrissie takes a dislike to her asking about Den. Chrissie panics when Little Mo realizes that the mobile ringing is Den's. She explains that Den is away on a business trip but Pat is not so sure. Zoë finds Stacey rummaging through her clothes and panics when she realizes how close she has come to finding her stained belongings. She quick to make an excuse but Zoë's alarmed that they have left so many things uncovered – someone is going to suspect something. When she blames Chrissie for all the trouble she yells at Zoë reminding her that she saw her kill Den. The police continue their investigations into Andy's death. Johnny and Jake both cover for eachother when the police ask them. Johnny, pleased with Jake's commitment, offers him a job. Jake will only accept if Danny can be involved. He goes home happy to tell Danny that he has got him a job as doorman for the club

Ep.31 February 24, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-24

Chrissie, furious that Zoë is not back on the stall, rings her and tells her to get out there and act normal. As she leaves, Mo corners her demanding that they sort out her mood. She suggests that Zoë sees a counselor. Keith spends the day looking for work around the square but has no luck. Rosie is horrified when she find the money tin empty. Keith explains that he needed it for expenses but Rosie furiously yells at him that it was all the money they had left for the week. Sam gets the rest of her belongings from the house. She receives a letter from Andy's solicitor informing her she is entitled to what Andy has left her. She is excited at the though of getting the house back. Sam goes to the Vic and reminds Chrissie of her promise to give her half of the pub. Chrissie subtly tries to persuade her against it but Sam is adamant. Zoë walks in on Chrissie and Sam's conversation and Sam notices the nervous way Zoë is acting around Chrissie. She invites Zoë to the club later and Chrissie

Ep.32 February 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-25

Zoë wakes up at Sam's and confides in her that she wants to go to the police and tell them everything, but Sam manages to talk her out of it. When Zoë arrives home, she panics when she sees the police talking to Little Mo, but soon realises that they are talking about Andy's death. Trying to come to terms with what's happened, Zoë quizzes Little Mo about what happened to Trevor on the day of the fire, and makes a decision. She asks Little Mo to tell Sam she's sorry, and then stares at the police officers card. Meanwhile, Keith offers his services to Ian to help him deliver his fliers. Rosie is delighted when he returns with some money but her happiness is short-lived when Ian arrives wanting his money back – he knows Keith gave the fliers to Darren and Peter to deliver. Rosie then gets a letter saying that they won be getting any more benefit money and they owe hundreds of pounds. Jane lends Lucy some of her DVD's but gets told by Ian not to try so hard to fit in. Later he apologizes t

Ep.33 February 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-02-28

Sam shows Chrissie new license plate saying the Mitchell's own the pub. Chrissie threatens she will go down with her but Sam says she and Zoë will come up with a story to hide their involvement and again reminds Chrissie to sign the Vic over to her. Desperate for money, Rosie asks Chrissie for an advance on her wages, despite the fact that she's only just been paid. Worried about their situation, she tells Keith that they are both going to have to find some more work and that he can't spend any more money without her permission. However, she is later horrified when she notices that the money tin is empty after Keith spent it on medicine for the dog and screams at him to get a job. In an attempt to prevent Sam and Zoë from getting closer, Chrissie books Zoë a one-way ticket to Spain. Chrissie persuades her to go and arranges form her to leave straight away. However, when Sam finds out, she rushes off to try to stop her running away. Sam convinces her that running away isn't the answer.

Ep.34 March 1, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-01

Jake chases after Danny after he again insulted Johnny. When he finds him he takes him in the car to the place where Andy was killed. Danny realizes how much trouble he could have been in if he'd been with Andy and is shocked to learn that Jake was there when it happened. He makes a promise to Jake that he will change. Chrissie makes Sam and offer to give her half the Vic and more later before she leaves to Spain. Sam later learns that she has no intention of moving away and decides to scare her by bringing the police to the Vic to talk about Andy's estate. Chrissie admits to Sam she was lying but Sam reminds her that the time is ticking. The Miller's cash situation has got to a point where Rosie has to ask for leftovers from the Vic. As she is too proud to accept money, Mickey slips some in with the washing. However it soon goes on bills and so Rosie arranges for Keith to have an interview for a job seekers allowance. With money coming in from cabs, Adi suggests he and Sasha look for

Ep.35 March 3, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-03

Stacy tries desperately to get noticed at home but the Slater's are too busy with Zoë. Yolande tries to keep her occupied with work but she is insulted constantly by her family. Stacey volunteers to take the Minute Mart's takings to the bank but she arrives home later, hysterical, claiming she has been mugged. Keith goes to the job centre and, when the interviewer tries to get him jobs, he stalls and comes up with excuses for why he can't work at them. She is sympathetic towards him but this just sends him into a rage. When she asks him to fill out a form he can't complete it. She realizes he has literacy problems. Keith goes home and sobs to Rosie about his uselessness. Meanwhile, Billy tells Johnny he isn't afraid of him and Johnny is impressed by his actions. Sam goes to the solicitor to hear the reading of Andy's will. She is shocked to see Pat there and shocked to learn that Andy left a will. She can't believe what she's hearing when the will reads that Andy has left the bookies'

Ep.36 March 4, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-04

The news of Stacey's mugging spreads across the Square. Mo suspects Stacey of lying but Charlie gives her his full support. When Johnny hears about it he suspects it is connected with what happened to Derek. The police interview Stacy but she is unable to give a description. Later in her room, she opens her draw, full of the money that she claims was stolen when she was mugged. Keith and Rosie struggle to keep up with their family's financial demands and are unable to pay for Demi's school supplies. With no food, Rosie asks Jane for leftovers form the café. When Darren refuses to eat it, she is left in tears. Billy's bad mood continues as he continues to give Johnny a frosty atmosphere. Tired of it all, he closes the shop early and goes to the Vic. When the video shop owner asks him about closing it early, Billy tells him he can stick the job. The owner fires Billy and as the flat comes with the job, asks him to vacate it soon. Meanwhile, Pat is upset that Sam isn't organizing a funera

Ep.37 March 7, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-07

Little Mo is concerned that Billy seems to have disappeared. She gets Minty, Garry and Alfie to help look for him. Later, when he finally answers the door, he tells Little Mo that he's lost the job and the flat. She offers to help him find a new place but Billy tells her he doesn't want her help. Billy later confesses to Alfie that he is still in love with Little Mo and the thought of her with another man would kill him. Johnny lets himself into the Ferreira's flat and inspects it. Unhappy with the state of it, he tells Tariq to clean it up. When Tariq asks him why, Johnny reveals he has just bought their flat. At the Millers, Rosie struggles to cope with their shortage of food when Darren brings Peter over for tea. Not wanting to make the family look poor, Keith helps out and together they manage to get together enough food for the meal. Meanwhile, Chrissie pretends to call Den in front of punters in the Vic in order to get rid of Dave, to whom Den owed money. Sam is angry when people

Ep.38 March 8, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-08

Johnny and Pat attended Andy's funeral and Pat is distraught that no one else turned up. As they toast a drink to Andy, the two talk about the past and during an argument, Johnny mentions how he use to own Pat, and she storms off angrily. The Miller's are still struggling to afford general items and worry when they run out of nappies for Alicia. Rosie refuses to accept stolen goods off Mo so when she is in the MinuteMart she steals a pack of nappies. When she realizes Demi saw her, she takes them back. Meanwhile, Kareena arranges to get more drugs off July leaving her late to meet Mickey. When she eventually arrives he notices right away that she has taken something and walks out. Sam is horrified when Danny tells her he slept with another woman. When he goes to see Sasha she makes it clear to him that she is with Adi. Minty agrees to take Sam out to cheer her up, letting Garry down in the process. However, Garry insists that Minty go out with him for a boys' night out. Sam is left on

Ep.39 March 10, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-09

Sam tries scare tactics on Chrissie by spending time with Zoë after she still refuses to pay up. Sam manipulates Zoë to weaken her faith in Chrissie. She predicts that Chrissie's close to the edge and ready to crack. With false reluctance, she reveals that Chrissie sacked her. Zoë storms over to the Vic in a rage. Believing that she knows everything, Chrissie struggles to explain. She breathes a sigh of relief to discover that Sam didn't reveal the whole truth. Sam interrupts and when Zoë leaves, Chrissie writes Sam a cheque. Stacey enjoys the attention that the mugging brings. While Charlie picks her a present, Mickey sympathizes. She's delighted to overhear that he and Kareena are having problems. When Little Mo invites people for a meal, Stacey's jealous that Garry, Minty and Alfie are stealing her limelight. Charlie comforts her and confirms that she's part of the family. He adds that he's proud of her for being so brave. Billy tries to get his job back by apologizing to Howard, bu

Ep.40 March 14, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-14

Still angry about not receiving the house in Andy's will, Sam gives Pat a hard time about moving into No. 31. And it's not only Sam who's envious of Pat's good fortune: Mo verbally attacks her in the Vic. Feeling alone and lost, Johnny has a drink with Pat to cheer her up. As her leaves he makes a phone call and mentions Pat's empty flat. News of the attack on Mickey spreads and Stacy is the first one to be there when he won't talk to Karena. They go back to his place where Stacy makes him some food. Rosie is distraught to find that they used much of the food she was saving for the week. Stacey realises that Lucy knows she lied about the mugging and tries to buy her silence by giving her some earrings. Billy starts working for Johnny and is suspicious when he's sent to pick up a package. He is relieved to find out it was just a test when Johnny takes a pot of caviar out the packet. Danny further angers Johnny when he punches Ian, mistaking him for the mugger as he tries to return to St

Ep.41 March 15, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-15

Dot's new alarm wakes up the whole square leaving Pauline fuming when Dot is too tired to work her shift. Johnny goes to fix it for her but Pauline is still unsure over if he can be trusted. Johnny suspects the Ferreira's of using his cars to moonlight and gives Billy the job of keeping an eye on them. Billy later witnesses Tariq boasting about using Johnny's cars but decides to let it go. However, thinking he's been rumbled, Tariq rushes round to see Johnny and makes a full confession. Johnny decides that instead of punishing them, he will make them pay back the profits. After hearing that Chrissie's birthday is coming up, Jake arranges a surprise party for her. When Sam finds out she purposely lets it slip to Chrissie. Chrissie isn't too shocked over the party but more with the person who organized it. Mickey still refuses to talk to Kareena after she took coke which pleases Stacy when she is able to wind Kareena up about it. Pat moves the rest of her belongings into the house and, r

Ep.42 March 17, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-17

Tina's arrival causes a stir in the Square, and when Garry catches a glimpse of her, he accidentally runs over Minty's foot. Danny also decides to try his luck. It's not only the men of Walford who are keeping an eye on Tina, as her arrival also temporarily bonds both Chrissie and Sam, who unite in their jealousy of her. After upsetting Pat in the pub, Johnny sends Tina back to beautify herself for later. Worried that Lucy is being bullied by Stacey, Jane tells Ian everything about the mugging. Ian flies off the handle and marches Lucy round to the Slater house. Charlie and Ian accuse Stacey of lying about the mugging. Stacey owns up to everything but Charlie lets her off lightly. Rosie can't bear to see Darren suffering with a fever, but can't afford to buy cough medicine. While Stacey's fetching the cough medicine, she pinches a tin of soup. Keith's oblivious to how she's making ends meet. It's Chrissie's birthday and Jake's organised a bash at Scarlet. She's chuffed when he calls ov

Ep.43 March 18, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-18

Chrissie is shocked when she receives a necklace through the post that Den ordered before he died. It leads her to be irritable and even push Jake away. Later, tired of fighting, she resigns herself to Sam's demands and makes her an offer, of the two of them running the Vic together. Adi tries to spice up his relationship with Sasha but she is unimpressed. She tells him she's had enough and breaks up with him. Sasha goes out for a drink and talks to Billy about her problems. They end up in bed together but they both agree it was a mistake. Stacy is desperate to make amends for lying about the mugging. Charlie has the perfect way and sends her to tell Patrick and Yolande what she did. Instead of firing her they make her work to earn everything that she stole. Danny pleads with Johnny to give him his job back and tries to prove he won't let him down again. With Johnny being in a good mood, he accepts. Sonia and Martin arrange for Mickey and Kareena to meet up to talk. They get them both

Ep.44 March 21, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-21

Sonia is determined to attend the funeral to make sure that it was Chloe's adoptive parents who were killed. Martin tries to talk her out of going but she insists that she needs to know that Chloe is being cared for. Adi is devastated when he sees Sasha saying goodbye to Billy outside his flat. Adi later confronts her and tells her he wants her out of his flat, his business and his life. When the rest of the family find out they take Adi's side. Mickey blames Juley for the problems with him and Kareena. When he confronts him a fight breaks out in the Square and Gus has to break the two of them up. Gus and Rosie take Mickey to calm down and Gus asks Rosie to stall him whilst he puts a plan into action. When Johnny believes that Danny left his post the previous night, Danny is forced to confess that he was looking after Ruby. Johnny heads over to the house and is shocked to see that his daughter is there. Ruby explains that he left school early to see him. Later, Danny takes Ruby to s

Ep.45 March 22, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-22

Johnny is furious when he discovers Ruby ran away from school. He takes ages talking to her that he forgets to meet Tina for lunch. Angry at being stood up, Tina arrives at Johnny's. Not wanting Ruby to know about Tina, Johnny closes the door in her face, despite Tina's offer of help. Kareena meets Mickey after Gus arranged their meeting. They both talk about what has happened and get back together. Sasha goes to see Adi and he forgives her for sleeping with Billy, but she tells him she doesn't love him anymore. She picks up her stuff and leaves. Sonia convinces Jim to go the funeral with her and is stunned when she comes face to face with. Sonia lies about her identity in the hope of getting more information and gets given the address for the wake. When she returns she throws it away but later picks it up and decides what to do with it. Ash admits to Johnny that there's no way they can pay for the missing cars. Johnny informs Ash that he'll take Toucan cars as payment and that he expe

Ep.46 March 24, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-24

Sonia frets that Chloe's Gran is too old to care for her but Jim advises her that she could lose Martin if she doesn't let Chloe go. She agrees, but looks up Chloe's address on a map later. As she is about to get on the bus, she changes her mind and goes back. When Sonia confesses to Martin that she's seen Chloe at the funeral, Martin becomes angry. He tells Sonia that Chloe is no longer their daughter and storms out of the house. Lucy's angry at Ian for wrecking her friendship with Stacey. Jane tries to explain the hurt and humiliation that Lucy must feel. Ian's only concern is that Lucy confided in Jane and not him. Ian reveals that he's proud of Lucy for being brave enough to speak out about Stacey's bullying. He asks her not to blame Jane for betraying her secret - Jane's on her side. Johnny asks Stacey to keep Ruby company whilst he takes Tina shopping. When they are out, Tina suggests he introduce her to ruby but Johnny is against the idea. The two have an argument and he leaves

Ep.47 March 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-25

Stacey tries her best to persuade Johnny not to send Ruby back to school. Johnny later tells Charlie that Stacey should still be attending school. Stacey feels that she's been overlooked because she's not one of Charlie's girls and that she doesn't need to be in school. He apologises for neglecting her, but he wants her to go back to school. She must have every chance possible. Stacey smiles smugly to herself. Jim tricks Martin and Sonia into meeting at his house. The pair are forced to talk. Sonia's desperate to discuss Chloe's future and claims that she can move on if she knows that Chloe's all right. Martin pleads with Sonia to leave Chloe alone. He doesn't believe that she'll be able to let go again. Sonia visits Chloe at her grandmother's house and is alarmed at how quickly the little girl is growing up. Chloe's grandmother invites her to call again but Sonia leaves heartbroken. Johnny decides to make ruby a deal - if she works hard she can move to a local school and live with him

Ep.48 March 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-28

Money in the Miller house is tighter than ever and Rosie is forced to ask Chrissie for extra work. Rosie snaps at Pat in the Vic when she makes a flying comment. But Pat sees what a state Rosie's in. She explains that the bookies is re-opening and offers Rosie work handing out flyers. When Daryl comes for payment from the jewelry, Juley refuses and tells him its stolen. Mickey's cross to find that Juley isn't on the stall. When he does arrive, Mickey tells him off. Juley doesn't like his tone and flounces off. Sonia tells Martin she wants to see Chloe again. He tries to make her face up to the reality that she'll never be content with just visiting Chloe but she is determined to go again. Sonia pleads with Martin to visit Chloe with her but he refuses. Little Mo tries to help Alfie out by covering for him on the stall, but Alfie soon gets a shock when he realises that she has sold some of his stock at a much lower price. He isn't angry with her but is disappointed to hear that she is g

Ep.49 March 29, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-29

Keith's good intentions soon turn into mayhem when he ends up making a mess of his chores. Unable to read Demi's list of instructions, he doesn't realise that Aleesha is teething and Demi is annoyed when she finds her in tears. He has also used up the only food they had left for the week. Rosie tells him to leave it to her as she finishes all the work. Meanwhile, Little Mo and Alfie arrange to meet for lunch. She hurries home to get something cooked and is nervous when Alfie arrives. She's not too happy when her intimate lunch turns into a family affair when Charlie, Mo and Garry gatecrash. Little Mo apologises to Alfie for the interruptions over lunch. Alfie takes the opportunity to invite her out to eat the next day. Little Mo's chuffed that he's keen. Stacey rejects Charlie's plans for her future. He suggests that she could go to college and better herself. Stacey throws a tantrum, claiming that no-one cares about her views. Stacey swallows her pride and calls for Ruby. Johnny answe

Ep.50 March 31, 2005

Air Date: 2005-03-31

Martin's and Sonia's marriage reaches breaking point as Martin points out the selfishness of Sonia's actions. She is adamant she is seeing Chloe again. Dot is becoming suspicious of Martin and Jim's conversations and forces them to come clean about Sonia and Chloe. Dot tries to talk Sonia out of seeing Chloe but has no luck. Juley's been out all night with Daryl and has lost his keys. Gus refuses to let him back in the flat and claims that Daryl's the guy who mugged Mickey. He's sick of Juley's criminal pals and wants him out of the flat. The Millers are in even more financial trouble when they can't afford any baby food and Darren needs new shoes. They are relieved when Mickey gets money from looking after Alfie's stall. Darren questions Keith about why he never worked, and grows suspicious when Keith misreads a job advertisement. He realises that he can't read and tells Demi about it, however she doesnt believe him. Jake and Danny enjoy teasing Alfie about having lunch with Little Mo

Ep.51 April 1, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-01

Sonia tells Martin that she'll never forgive him if he prevents her from seeing Chloe. Insisting that Sonia tells the truth, Martin accompanies her when she visits Chloe. He is shocked when he sees his little girl and tells Sonia that he understands why she kept coming. Juley persuades the market inspector to reinstate the stall but Mickey is angry when he sees him setting up. He's heartbroken when Mickey tells him it's too late, he can't have a business partner that he doesn't trust. After a talk with Patrick and Gus, Juley decides the best thing to do is leave Walford. Martin decides its time to tell Margaret the truth about who they are. She is furious at them for lying and orders them to leave. When Martin explains why they lied she allows them to say goodbye to Rebecca. Outside the house Sonia sobs in Martin's arms. Stacey is feeling down after what happened at the cab office but doesn't tell anyone. Mo forces her to buy some food and then marches her to the Millers to apologise.

Ep.52 April 4, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-04

Still desperate for money, Rosie asks Keith to cover her shift at the Vic whilst she gets work elsewhere. Rosie is cross with Darren for calling Keith stupid and wants him to apologise and so he buys him present. Johnny tries his best to contact Tina but she continues to avoid his calls. When Johnny finally catches up with Tina, he is shocked to discover that she is moving into the flat permanently. Sick of their secretive relationship, Tina tells Johnny she wants them to go public. Johnny turns his attention to Ruby. He's arranged an interview at a posh crammer college but she'd rather go to a normal school. Ruby's desperate to please her dad and agrees to sit all her GCSEs. Afterward, Ruby heads off to town for a secret shopping trip with Stacey. Impressed by Keith's work, Sam offers him some more shifts in the Vic. However, Keith's happiness is short-lived when Sam gives Keith the task of placing the order with the brewery and he quickly makes his excuses and leaves. Keith flies i

Ep.53 April 5, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-05

Desperate to make up with Darren, Keith sells an old vase to raise money to send him bowling. Rosie brings home some extra money after Chrissie offer her more shifts at the Vic. Ruby is nervous about going to college but Johnny assures her she'll be fine. Stacey takes Ruby shopping for new college gear. She nicks an apple to show how easy it is to steal things. Then they go to Zoë's stall and while Ruby provides a distraction, Stacey shoves some items up her jumper. Ruby disapproves of the stealing and later goes back to pay for the clothes. Ruby gives Stacey a skirt as a gift and hopes that they can still be friends. Dot and Jim agree that it's a shame they have so much unused space in their house. Jim decides to place an ad for a lodger however Dot doesn't like the idea of a lodger invading her privacy. She makes enquiries about renting a small flat. Elsewhere, Johnny asks Billy to sort out the fuses in Tina's flat. However, Johnny is forced to hide when Billy arrives at Tina's and n

Ep.54 April 7, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-07

It's Tina's birthday and Johnny showers her with gifts. Later, she overhears Billy telling Pat about a diamond he's been sent to pick up, and presumes that Johnny is going to propose to her. At the pub, Pat gives Tina a birthday card and reveals she knows about her and Johnny and lets Tina know she is there if needed. Peter is shocked when he realises Ian got their new TV from the Millers. When he questions Darren about it, Darren reveals that Keith can't read. Peter insists that Keith knowing so much without having the benefit of reading makes him more remarkable. Alfie receives a letter from Spencer inviting him and Nana to visit. Danny's thrilled at the prospect of getting rid of them and starts planning a house party. While packing, Nana tries to reach a photo on a shelf but the chair gives in and she falls to the floor. Johnny gives Tina a jewellery box but she has to fight back the tears when she sees they are only earrings. Johnny professes his love for Tina but confesses that h

Ep.55 April 8, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-08

Johnny apologies to Tina for no being there on her birthday and offers Tina a posh weekend away. However she tells him she would rather he took her for a drink in the Vic and publicly acknowledged her. Johnny goes to Tina's to again apologies and presents her with a late present of a large flat for them. However Tina realises he is trying to get her out and the way and throws the papers in the bin. Demi still doesn't trust Keith to look after Aleesha and lies to him about their doctors' appointment times so she can go alone. Meanwhile, Danny takes care of nana at home and convinces Alfie to go and see Spencer. Rosie gets the wrong end of the stick when Mickey speaks hypothetically about wanting to help Keith out by giving him a job on the stall. When Mickey sets Rosie straight, Rosie shames Mickey into offering Keith a part-time job. Stacey is worried that Ruby will forget about her when she's away at college. Ruby promises Stacey that they will never drift apart. Keith is pleased to h

Ep.56 April 11, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-11

Johnny resists the temptation to call Tina, while she waits at home for the phone to ring. Its Ruby's first day of college and Johnny promises to drive her there. Tina eventually rings Johnny but he hangs up as Ruby is there. Unsure of how to handle Tina, Johnny gets Danny to drive Ruby, much to her disappointment. As Rosie gets ready for work, she quizzes Demi on why she won't go to school. Demi won't admit she doesn't trust Keith to look after Aleesha so Rosie puts it down to her being bullied. Johnny goes to see Tina and she assures him she didn't go out with anyone else the previous night. Johnny doesn't believe her story. She wants a proper relationship, but Johnny believes that his life's with Ruby. He tells her that it's over. It's Keith's first day on the stall and he's feeling nervous. He annoys Mickey by slacking off on the stall. Mickey complains to Rosie about Keith's laziness, but agrees to give him a chance. Meanwhile, Keith's pleased to make his first sale. Elsewhere, So

Ep.57 April 12, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-12

Stacey finds Ruby locked out in the Square after she has been sleepwalking. Unable to get in contact with her dad, Ruby goes to the Slaters' with Stacey. The girls start talking and Ruby confides in Stacey about her family and the reason she sleepwalks and then Stacey talks about her father's death. They leave messages for Johnny but get no answer. Johnny is at the club and is in a foul mood. Tina goes to see him but he makes it clear to her that their relationship is over. He wants her out of his flat and out of his life. She warns him that he's making a big mistake. Elsewhere, Demi is up late trying to get Aleesha to sleep. Keith wakes up and offers to help but Demi makes excuses as she doesn't trust him with her. Minty's late night snack wakes up Garry and they end up talking about Mo. Minty pleads with Garry to talk to Mo as he is convinced that she fancies him and is trying to chat him up. Pauline is awake, worrying, as it's the anniversary of Mark's death. She opens her heart to

Ep.58 April 14, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-14

Johnny is furious with Pat for renting a room to Tina, and clears out Tina's flat. Demanding to talk to Tina, he tells her about Ruby and her sleepwalking and how he can't have his two worlds colliding. Minty is still convinced Mo is after him. Garry, at Minty's behest, persuades Mo not to bring any more food over for them. She agrees, but her interest is piqued when she hears that Minty and Garry are planning a night in with curry and beer. Stacey is funding it hard without any wages. She goes to Patrick and Yolande and begs for her job back. She is shocked when they agree to let her come back. Also, Stacey tries to talk Ruby out of going to the psychologist but she says she has to for her dad. With Demi still refusing to let Keith look after Aleesha, Rosie takes her to work with her. Keith confronts her when she gets home and she is forced to reveal the truth. Keith meets Demi at the bus stop and she realises he knows what has been happening. He makes a promise to her that Aleesha wi

Ep.59 April 15, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-15

Johnny rushes off to see Tina as he wants her back but she tells him if they can't have an open relationship they can't have one at all. Tina leaves for a job interview, and returns the diamond earrings to Johnny. Meanwhile, Ruby is feeling neglected and Stacey suggests she runs away to get Johnny's attention. Ruby thinks it's a good idea and puts her plan into action. Stacey starts back at the MinuteMart. Patrick and Yolande are setting up their new fruit display but, when Martin realises the MinuteMart is stocking fruit, he's livid as it could destroy his business. Little Mo returns from visiting Lynne and is disappointed to hear that Alfie is away. In the Vic, Martin apologises to Patrick and Yolande. They offer to take the fruit down but he insists they keep it. Minty tells Garry he has to stop Mo coming over or they'll never pull. Charlie talks to Mo about it but she thinks that Charlie wants her home with him. Charlie's plans are ruined when Mo springs an afternoon of family ente

Ep.60 April 18, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-18

Pauline has a crisis about her age and role in life. Trying to cheer her up; Dot throws a surprise birthday party for the two of them. Jim warns Dot against telling Pauline about Chloe but once the two of them are talking Dot eventually tells her. Upset that everyone knew but her, Pauline tells Dot off or keeping it from her. Pauline leaves Dot's promising she won't tell Sonia that she knows about Chloe. An unidentified man makes a call at Pat's house. With no one home, he doesn't leave a message. Chrissie is unnerved when she goes to the barrel store and hears something moving, but nobody seems to be there. Meanwhile, Chrissie tries to find out why everyone wants to celebrate Saint Georges' day but nobody can seem to remember what Alfie did the previous year. In the end, she decides to throw a party. Its Tina's first night working at Scarlet and Johnny is impressed with how well she is doing. However, he wrongly assumes that they are back together. Tina makes it clear to him that th

Ep.61 April 19, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-19

Phil tells a shocked Billy that he needs £3,000 so he can get out of the country. With Sam away, he asks Billy to collect the money from the businesses. Trying to reassure Phil that the businesses are fine, Billy tells him that he no longer works for Sam and is unable to get hold of that amount of cash. Billy fills Phil in on events since he has been away, but leaves out the parts about Sam loosing all the businesses. Wanting to help out, Billy leaves promising he will return with the money. Phil waits in the living room but hears Tina coming down the stairs. He grabs her and warns her to keep quiet. Outside, police cars fill the Square looking for Phil, followed by DI Riddick. They start banging on doors. Billy charges in Johnny's house and pleads for money to help a friend. The police interrupt their conversation but Johnny puts on an act to get rid of them. When he realises Tina is in the house with Phil, he gives Billy the money but makes him promise that Phil will never return. Pa

Ep.62 April 21, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-21

There's tension at the Fowlers' when Pauline makes barbed comments towards Martin and Sonia about keeping secrets. When Ian finds Pauline at the allotments she tells him about Chloe and he's shocked by her decision – she wants to get Chloe back. The police conduct their interviews on Pat and Billy following Phil's capture. They both stick to the story that they knew nothing about his activities and the police are forced to let them go. When Tina hears that Johnny is at home due to an illness, she goes to the shop to buy him some medicine. She then goes over to Johnny's and insists on looking after him. They spend the afternoon together and everything goes great. But then Ruby returns home and Johnny hurries her out of the back door. Tina looks back at the house in tears. Meanwhile, Jim is shocked when the money from the back-dated pension turns out to be over £4000. He starts planning what to do with it but his plans are squashed when Dot finds out and insists on buying new furniture.

Ep.63 April 22, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-22

It's the day of Chrissie's St George's Day fancy dress party, and Mo has arranged to get hold of some outfits through one of her contacts. However, the 007 costumes she was expecting turn out to be Henry VIII costumes instead. Elsewhere, Johnny tries his best to make amends with Tina. He leaves a gift with Pat when he's unable to find her, but Pat feels caught in the middle. Pat tells Johnny that if he can't give Tina what she wants, then he should let her go. Meanwhile, Dot and Jim discuss what they should buy with their money but they both have very different ideas. Dot sends Jim off to buy a sofa but he spots a car.

Ep.64 April 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-25

Ruby's gutted when Danny is unable to drive her to school after getting a puncture in his tyre. Trying to help her friend, Stacey encourages Ruby to pretend she's ill so that she can call Danny and ask him to pick her up from school. All goes to plan until Danny realises what Ruby is up to. He lets her down gently but Ruby is mortified thinking her life is over because she's been rejected. Both Alfie and Little Mo try and find out about each other's relationships. Garry and Minty ask Alfie to go speed-dating with them and he reluctantly agrees when Little Mo, sacrificing herself, tells him it's a good idea. Dot pesters Jim to get rid of the car however, many of her friends are envious of their freedom with their car which helps Dot make a decision – she is going to learn how to drive. Johnny tries to make up with Tina but she doesn't want to listen. Pat suggests that he is using Ruby as an excuse not to commit with her and Tina confront Johnny about it. She wonders if he is scared abou

Ep.65 April 26, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-26

Pauline expresses her anger to Dot about Martin and Sonia going to see Chloe and keeping it a secret. Dot tries to reassure Pauline that the last thing Martin and Sonia wanted to do was to hurt her by not telling her about Chloe. Sonia realises that something must be wrong and decides to have a word with Pauline but Dot narrowly averts her. However, Pauline is livid with Sonia but manages to keep quiet about her feelings. Dot talks to Pauline about how Charlie used to laugh at the thought of her learning to drive and worries that Jim will do the same. Pauline encourages Dot to take some lessons but is saddened by Jim and Patrick's amusement. Even more determined, Dot finds her old provisional license. Meanwhile, Little Mo advises Alfie on what to wear to the speed dating event. They fish for information about each other's love lives but neither one wants to admit their feelings for the other. Tina gives Johnny a deadline to tell Ruby about their relationship. He looses track of time wh

Ep.66 April 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-28

As Johnny prepares a meal for Tina and Ruby, he keeps telling Ruby they are just friends as she tries to find out what the relationship is about. Tina arrives feeling nervous. Ruby realises that she's seen Tina before - she was in the cab that nearly ran her over. Johnny's on edge as Ruby asks Tina a lot of questions about why she is in Walford and where she works. Garry, Minty and Alfie prepare to go speed-dating. Garry advises Minty on his clothing choice and gives them tips on how to read a woman's body language. Alfie doesn't buy it and wants to get the night over with, while Minty gets confused trying to take it all in. Ruby continues to probe Tina who finds it all amusing but Johnny asks Ruby to stop being so nosy. Tina listens to them talk to each other about music and is charmed by their relationship. At the speed dating, Garry flirts outrageously and manages to offend all of the women he talks to. Minty's rather tongue-tied and Alfie's his natural self. Alfie admits to a woman

Ep.67 April 29, 2005

Air Date: 2005-04-29

Pauline's annoyed when Sonia and Martin head for the chippy after she has prepared lunch. Sonia realises that Pauline's annoyance doesn't stem from the lunch arrangements and Pauline tells them that she's upset because they didn't tell her they saw her granddaughter. Martin tries to talk to Pauline but Sonia is unable to keep out of the discussion and it turns into a personal argument. Pauline sends Martin out while she talks to Sonia. Minty and Garry decide not to meet Alfie for a drink as planned, as they feel that Alfie will crow about his success at speed-dating. They decide to lock themselves in the Arches for a slim-line lunch and follow the advice given in the book How to Meet Your Mate. Pauline tells Sonia that she should be putting her daughter first but Sonia insists she should be left in peace. She snaps at Pauline telling her to let go and accept her mothering days are over. Sonia says Chloe can contact her if she wants when she's older but Pauline thinks it will be too lat

Ep.68 May 2, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-02

Tension is in the air at the Fowlers', as Martin leaves for Asif's stag party in Edinburgh. Dot apologises to Sonia for telling Pauline about Chloë, but Dot and Pauline fail to resolve their differences on the matter. With Sonia not wanting to go back to Pauline, Dot lets her stay at her house until Martin returns. Johnny and Tina meet in the Square and walk arm in arm for everyone to see that they are a couple. Tina and Ruby are both equally nervous about spending the day with eachother. They both change their clothes to match the others style with hilarious results. Stacey arranges a ""get-out"" phone call for Ruby so that she can escape if her shopping trip with Tina proves too painful but Johnny hears about it. Not wanting anything to spoil the day, he hides Stacey's phone from her so she cant call Ruby. At the Millers, Mickey returns with an old computer someone was throwing out. He sets it up and he and Darren have fun on a talking program. Keith feels left out when he's unable to

Ep.69 May 3, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-03

Ian and Pauline struggle to find Chloe's grandmother's address and even Jane tells then it's wrong. Pauline thinks Sonia might have it and searches through her belongings but is nearly caught by Sonia. It's Dot's first driving lesson and Jim decides to have the lesson in the sitting room. Annoyed with Jim's methods, Dot heads out to the car and jolts it down the road, much to everyone's amusements. Eventually the car breaks down. Now with the address, Pauline insists on going to the house. Ian thinks she could cause trouble and offers to go there first. Although Jane disapproves, she agree to go with him. Dot is furious when she finds out the car ran out of fuel. She sacks him as her instructor and storms off inside. Jim, Patrick and Derek revel in pulling off their scam. However, his happiness is short lived when Dot announces she has chosen a new instructor – Derek. Keith arranges to meet Darren's teacher but he keeps it a secret from Rosie. Keith learns that Darren is struggling wit

Ep.70 May 5, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-05

Ian gives Pauline Margaret's phone number and she calls to try and arrange a date to see Chloe. Pauline is worried that she'll e see as common while Ian tries to assure her everything will be fine. Garry and Minty have a lunch date with the two girls they met at speed-dating. They meet up in the Vic but Minty's date doesn't turn out quite the way he had planned. Garry is pleased with is date but when Minty sneaks out, Garry abandons his date for the sake of Minty. Jim tries to put Dot off having a driving lesson with Derek but Dot is unperturbed. Her lesson with Derek gets off to a bad start and Derek comes close to hysteria at her driving. She manages to cause a traffic jam and smash into half the market before Derek orders her to stop driving. Back at home he gives her the keys back and tells her that he won't be giving any more lessons. Pauline goes to Margaret's house and the pair are uncomfortable around eachother. Margaret warns Pauline not to confuse Rebecca. Pauline's face ligh

Ep.71 May 6, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-06

It's Sonia's 20th birthday and she is surprised by Pauline and Derek's gift. Pauline apologises to Sonia for her recent behavior about Chloe and the two get stuck into some cleaning. Sonia realises Pauline wants to talk about sometime and asks her to say what it is. Pauline blurts out that she's been to see Chloe. Ruby and Tina are about to set off on their day about but Ruby injures her ankle on the stairs. Ruby is shocked with Tina's first aid skills. Tina reveals how she brought up hr brother and sister when they were little. Sonia explodes a Pauline for seeing Chloe and informs her they lost all right to her years ago. Pauline calms her down by talking about Chloe but sets her off again by saying she doesn't know what love is. Dot has another driving lesson but this time it's with Jane and after completing a circuit on the Square, Jane suggests they go somewhere bigger. Tina talks to Ruby about her childhood and her own parent's death. Tina assures Ruby that she'll never come betwe

Ep.72 May 9, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-09

When Zoë gives Little Mo a make-over, it's not only Alfie's eye she catches. Danny realises how good she looks and asks Alfie to put in a good word for him. Before she can say anything, Mo finds herself agreeing to a date with Danny. Alfie talks to Nana about having feelings for someone. She witnesses an exchange between him and Jane and assumes it's her. Little Mo manages to convince Danny she is too busy for a date, much to Alfie's relief. When Nana catches Jane alone, she tells her that Alfie loves her. Jane is shocked by the revelation. Martin argues with Pauline for what has happened with Sonia and asks her to drop it. Pauline tries her best to get Martin to admit how he felt about leaving Rebecca – and Martin tries his best to get Pauline to let it go. But before long, she's playing Martin and Sonia off against each other. Ruby feels left out when Johnny prefers to spend time with Tina. Tina tries to get Ruby involved by Johnny keeps sending her away. Tina is delighted when he d

Ep.73 May 10, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-10

Rosie gives Keith a leaflet about a literacy lesson but he is far from happy about having to go. He backs out when he sees Derek there. He hides in another room which turns out to be a life drawing class. Keith's horrified when the instructor thinks he's the model and has to make a quick escape. After all the embarrassment, Darren offers to teach him to read. Dot awaits her driving instructor. Mr Rawlins arrives to collect her as Mrs Bartholomew couldn't make it. Dot warms to Mr Rawlins but Patrick is quick to wind Jim up about Dot being alone with another man. Ruby starts to become suspicious of Tina's motives when she keeps wanting to spend time with her. Tina quizzes Stacey about her and when Ruby finds out, she is far from happy that Tina's been checking up on her. Minty discovers Sam's flat has been broken into. He calls the police and Chrissie offers to help clear up the mess. Alfie sneaks into the back of the Vic when Little Mo is there and tells her he'd been thinking of her. S

Ep.74 May 12, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-12

Ruby, still shocked at the photo, leaves and waits for Tina to return. She then goes to the house and pretends everything is normal. Ruby quizzes Tina about her and her Dad, and Tina realises she has seen the photo. Pauline continues to pester Sonia about Chloe but she asks her to drop it. When Pauline refuses, Sonia asks Martin to stop her. Martin asks Pauline to stop interfering but she tries to convince him it's the right thing to do. Sonia barges in; claiming Pauline only wants Chloe to make up for her past mistakes. Sonia walks away and Pauline smiles, thinking she's won. Tina lies and says that the photo was taken this winter but Ruby is devastated, thinking that she and Johnny have been dating for several months. When Tina starts talking about her mothers death, Ruby realises it has been more than a few months. She refuses to leave until she is told the truth. Martin and Sonia tell Pauline that they're moving out. Pauline blames Sonia for turning Martin against her. He insists t

Ep.75 May 13, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-13

Ruby confronts her dad about how long he and Tina have been seeing each other. She is furious with him for cheating on her mum but Johnny tells her that her mum knew about Tina and she understood. Ruby accuses him of being happy when she died as it meant he was free. Pat gives Tina a drink to settle her nerves but Tina is adamant everything is ruined. Tina decides to leave and packs. Pat tells Tina she is making a mistake as she walks out of Walford. Martin and Sonia move into the Brannings' as Pauline sits alone at the Fowlers'. Dot tries to let Pauline know she is not taking sides, without much success. Dot tells Jim, Martin and Sonia that she is sure she knows Pauline will come round. Ruby starts to talk about the fire and how she believes it was caused deliberately. She asked about his business but he claims it has nothing to do with it. Ruby then accuses him of loving Scarlet more that her as he went to Scarlet's room first to rescue her. She explains how she and Scarlet had swapp

Ep.76 May 16, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-16

Looking for support, Pauline asks Derek to talk to Martin, but he doesn't want to get involved. However, when Pauline later spots the pair deep in conversation, she assumes Derek's fighting her corner. Pat informs Johnny that Tina has gone and gives him advice on how to communicate with Ruby. Johnny goes home and talks to Ruby about when she was born. Johnny explains to Ruby about how he got closer to Scarlet and not so much to her. He then shows her a photo he's kept of her as a baby, proving that he didn't love Scarlet more. Ruby hugs him and they both cry. Martin and Sonia call round to Pauline's. They assert that they're not going to change their minds about Chloe. Pauline's miffed when they let slip that Derek supports their decision. When Derek returns home, she orders him to move out of her house. Alfie arranges an evening in with Little Mo and they decide to watch a film together. Nana guesses that Alfie has a lady friend coming over when he arranges for her to go out. But thin

Ep.77 May 17, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-17

Mickey finds it hard to keep Keith on the stall when profits are low. He asks Rosie to break it to him but she insists that he does it. Keith is heartbroken and so asks Darren to give him his first reading lesson. He makes a good start and Darren promises to teach him a new word everyday. Alfie asks Little Mo out on a date which makes Mo curious as to who her mystery man is. When she learns Mo is going to follow her out, she gets Alfie to make a prank phone call to divert her. Jim is jealous when Dot chooses to take a driving lesson with Mr. Rawlins rather than spend the afternoon with him, so he decides to spy on her. Sonia catches him and convinces him that Dot needs his support. Ruby feels like she has been given too much information about her mum when she quizzes her Dad about his relationship with Tina. She also worries that she is responsible for them splitting up. Ruby makes a decision to go back to boarding school to finishes her GCSE's. Little Mo can't enjoy her date with Alfi

Ep.78 May 19, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-19

Derek, having spent the night at Dot's, decides to find somewhere to live after being thrown out by Pauline. Pauline visits Dot with some of Derek's messages and also tells her that she feels betrayed. Johnny catches Ruby going though his draws and she admits she was trying to contact Tina. He urges her to forget about her but Ruby has Billy secretly looking for her. Billy finds Tina at her mum's house and pleads with her to come back and talk to Ruby. He brings her back to Walford where Ruby tells her she's grateful for her honesty and how it's helped her relationship with her dad. Ruby goes to see Stacey before leaving and buys her a leaving present. She promises to stay in touch with her. Dot is flustered during her driving lesson after arguing with Pauline, but Mr. Rawlins delights her when he quotes the Bible. She later goes to Pauline and tells her that she has driven away her friends and family. The Millers discuss who'd make the best godparents for Aleesha. Keith reckons that t

Ep.79 May 20, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-20

Little Mo worries that she and Alfie are not meant to be together. He assures her it's just bad luck and suggests another date. Garry and Minty's double date goes bad before it's started when Minty's date is unable to go. When Alfie hears this, he promises to find Minty a date if he can have their flat for the night. It is the anniversary of Arthur's death and Dot shows Pauline and Martin some old photos of them all together. Martin lays some flowers at the grave and Pauline turns up at the same time. Pauline announces she's going to stay with some family for a while and then return and move out. She insists Martin and Sonia need a home of their own. Alfie gives Minty a piece of heather so his date will recognize him. As he waits in the pub, Mickey laughs at it and passes it around. Jim clips it onto his coat just as Minty's date comes in. She spots Jim with the heather and legs it. Martin waves Pauline off in the taxi, however as soon as the taxi's out of sight, she orders it to stop

Ep.80 May 23, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-23

With their house infested with rats, the Millers pack up to go to Uncle Clint's while the problem is being sorted out. Demi is worried about seeing Aleesha's father, Leo, but Keith promises they'll come home as soon as they can. Stacey sees a rat outside the back door at the Slaters'. Concerned about Freddie, Mo tells Stacey to look after him, but Stacey talks Billy into taking over the reins. As the Millers arriver back on their old estate, Leo's parents spot them and make it clear that they're not welcome. Demi is determined to stay indoors but Rosie sends her out to the shops. The local kids mock Demi when they see her pushing a pram around the estate. As she walks away from them, she comes face to face with Leo. Billy's worried about Freddie, who won't stop crying. In a panic, Billy takes him to see Dr Leroy. Billy's relieved to learn that Freddie's just teething. Little Mo rushes to find Billy after he is spotted taken Freddie to the doctors. She takes him home but is disturbed to

Ep.81 May 24, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-24

Mo makes an excuse to the rest of the Slater's' so she can go and visit Kat. However, when she arrives at the prison, a guard tells her that Kat has already been released. The day of Aleesha's christening has arrived and Demi is secretly hoping that Leo will turn up. Leo arrives at the church halfway through the ceremony. Demi's thrilled but Keith is furious. Leo joins in the vows to look after Aleesha. Leo's dad burst into the church and drags him out. The Miller's are dismayed as the day is ruined. Little Mo removes her wedding ring and tells Alfie she is going to clear the air with Billy. She is surprised when Billy reveals that he enjoyed looking after Freddie and they agree to make it a regular thing. She talks to him about making a fresh start but after she leaves, Billy misinterprets her comments and thinks she wants to get back together with him. Mo tracks Kat down in a hostel. Kat reveals that she served two months for assaulting a policeman. She's been offered a job in a bar

Ep.82 May 26, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-26

Alfie chases after Billy after being caught with Little Mo. Billy goes home and grabs a rolling pin but Pat stops him from going out. She lies to Alfie about Billy's whereabouts but is unable to convince Billy to leave Alfie alone. Rosie and Keith are woken by Demi crying. She reveals that Leo should play are part in Aleesha's life. Keith goes to Leo's flat but Ray slams the door in his face. However, when he hears Ray yelling at Trisha, he bangs on the door and challenges him to a fight. Jim finds rats in the Brannings' kitchen, only to discover with Dot's help, that the rat problem in the Square originated from his own compost heap. Kat tells Mo about her boyfriend and flat before she went to prison. Mo follows her to the flat as she gathers her clothes. When Mo goes out to get some milk, Kat's old boyfriend walks in. He tries to take her money off her but Mo wrestles him off her and they flee. Kat explains to Mo that she didn't ring home because she didn't want her family to think t

Ep.83 May 27, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-27

After all the trouble caused, Keith decides that the family will return to Walford. Demi packs but with the intention of meeting Leo so they can run off together. She says a tearful goodbye to Aleesha and promises to come and get her soon. However when the time comes for Demi to run to the bus stop, she is unable to leave Aleesha and takes her too. Leo knows that they can't run away with her as well but refuses to return to his violent dad. He declares his love for Demi and leaves her behind. At her hostel, Kat discovers that her cash has been nicked and lays into her flatmate. They're pulled apart and she's kicked out. With little cash, a bus to Walford seems her only option. Kat arrives back in Walford but puts her hood on so nobody can see her. She heads for the Slater house. Little Mo and Alfie are inside the Slater house discussing the events of the previous night. She confesses to Alfie that she is unable to sleep with him due to the rape. He assures her that it is alright and th

Ep.84 May 30, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-30

Alfie and Little Mo are stunned that Kat is back and rush out of the Vic. Little Mo feels that Kat's return changes everything for her and Alfie but he insists that it doesn't. Kat catches up with them and asks to talk to Alfie alone. Alfie tells Kat that she can't keep leaving and expecting everyone to be waiting for her. Little Mo calls on Billy to tell him of Kat's return and he quickly tells her that he is not prepared to cover for her and Alfie. She confesses to him that she kissed Alfie but that's as far as it went. Kat takes Alfie to a club where he tells her about what's been happening since she left. She is delighted to hear about Andy's death but Alfie insists that it doesn't mean they can start over. Kat demands to see Alfie's market stall. She makes him laugh with an imitation of his sales patter. For a minute, he forgets everything and looks at her tenderly but then he remembers his anger. Billy confides that he can't take the pain anymore. He wants a divorce. Little Mo is

Ep.85 May 31, 2005

Air Date: 2005-05-31

Kat returns to the Slater house to face an angry Zoë. When she explains that she had things to sort out, Zoë is upset that she was so low on her list of priorities. Little Mo is worried that Kat and Alfie are back together. Kat is optimistic that Billy and Little Mo will work things out and then starts talking about Alfie. Little Mo is uncomfortable with the questions and pretends that she hasn't seen much of him. Tina quizzes Johnny on why he didn't try to contact her after they broke up. He admits he was angry with her but is now happy the truth came out. He then asks her to move in with him, which she accepts. Kat worries that Zoë won't forgive her and asks her for a drink. Kat breaks down about how Zoë is the only good thing in her life and insists that she came back for her. Zoë confesses all about the miscarriage and Dennis. Worried that Zoë will tell Kat about Den's death, Chrissie nervously watches they're conversation. She interrupts the conversion when Zoë starts getting upse

Ep.86 June 2, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-02

Mo starts to organise a welcome home party for Kat and invites some of the residents of Albert Square. Little Mo is worried as both Alfie and Billy will be invited. At the party, public opinion is that Alfie and Kat would still be the perfect couple and Billy and Little Mo should get back together. Sam returns to find the lock on her door changed. When Chrissie fills her in on the break-in and gives her the new keys, Sam is worried about what Chrissie may have found while tidying up.

Ep.87 June 3, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-03

Pauline goes out, lying about where she's going. She later arrives unexpectedly at Margaret's and they take Rebecca out. Martin and Sonia are thrilled with Pauline's good mood, being unaware of the cause. Elsewhere, Kat tells Little Mo that she's worried about scaring off Alfie.

Ep.88 June 6, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-06

Martin and Sonia are thrilled that Pauline is happier but they are both unaware of the reason why. Later, Margaret gets a surprise when Pauline arrives unexpectedly to visit Rebecca. Elsewhere, Garry and Minty try to persuade Chrissie to let them host a karaoke night at the Vic, hoping to use the opportunity to meet some women.

Ep.89 June 7, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-07

When a social worker arrives at the house, Martin and Sonia discover that Pauline has been secretly visiting Rebecca. They are both furious but wonder if it will be enough to prevent Pauline from fighting for her granddaughter. Later, Garry and Minty host their karaoke night in the Vic. Alfie and Little Mo enjoy working behind the bar together, but how will they feel when Kat helps out?

Ep.90 June 9, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-09

Knowing that she is unable to keep in contact with Rebecca, Pauline arranges to see her one last time. Sonia has great sympathy for Pauline and offers to go with her for moral support. Elsewhere, Dot and Jim go to dinner at the Allens' to discuss Johnny's plan.

Ep.91 June 10, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-10

Zoë goes into shock when she sees Pauline with the doorstop and goes to confront Chrissie. Elsewhere, Johnny tries to convince Tina that he's a changed man. He tells Jake that he wants everything to be above board from now on – but will the boys listen?

Ep.92 June 13, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-13

Dot is appalled when Jim tells her that Mr. Rawlins's intentions towards her may not be honourable. Still unsure, Jim shares his concerns with Patrick. Later, Dot and Mr. Rawlins arrive at the picnic area and Mr. Rawlins has really gone to town with the food. When he tells Dot how he really feels, she jumps out of the car - but is there something she has forgotten? Meanwhile, Sam realises that Zoë is thinking about telling Kat everything. Worried, she manages to persuade Zoë to go to her place, where she reveals the truth.

Ep.93 June 14, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-14

Zoë tells Sam about her plans to get away as soon as possible and Kat tries to persuade Zoë to tell her what prompted her sudden change of direction. Kat is baffled as to why Zoë wants to disappear and is convinced that she is hiding something from her. Dot's secret guilt over Mr. Rawlins causes tension between her and Jim and, when Mr. Rawlins calls at Dot's, she's reluctant to speak to him. He apologises and leaves, a sad, lovelorn figure. Elsewhere, Leo comes to the Square to find Demi. He climbs into the Millers's house to explain about his lack of contact but Darren interrupts their conversation.

Ep.94 June 16, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-16

The Slaters help Zoë prepare her for departure. Before she leaves, Zoë arrives at the Vic determined to let Chrissie know the torment she has put her through over the past few months. Little Mo and Kat pack Zoë's suitcase and discuss relationships. Little Mo realises that Kat thinks they should both start again with Alfie and Billy. Elsewhere, Alfie and Billy talk about Little Mo in an unfriendly and unresolved way. Gradually, they come to more of an understanding of each other's viewpoint.

Ep.95 June 17, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-17

On her last day in Walford, Zoë is feeling optimistic about her future. Sam is relieved when Zoë offers her an olive branch. Zoë has her leaving party in the Vic but is shocked when two faces from the past turn up. Alfie and Little Mo acknowledge that Billy and Kat still love their former partners. To please Little Mo, Alfie puts together a picnic basket for Zoë and Kat - but what will Kat make of this? Elsewhere, Zoë is disgusted when Little Mo and Kat come to the wrong conclusion about Chrissie.

Ep.96 June 20, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-20

The residents of Albert Square are shocked by the return of Sharon and Dennis. Zoë and Sam panic and meet at the Vic, where a nervous Sam asks Chrissie what she intends to say to Sharon. Elsewhere, when Kat returns the picnic hamper to Alfie, she notices that he hasn’t thrown out her possessions and takes this as a sign that he still loves her.

Ep.97 June 21, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-21

With an audience in the Vic, Zoë makes a shocking revelation which stuns the residents of Albert Square. As Chrissie screams for calm, Dennis feels humiliated and the Slaters walk out, struggling to come to terms with what they have just heard.

Ep.98 June 23, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-23

Kat is determined to get the truth from Zoë but her constant questioning is becoming too much for her daughter. Meanwhile, Charlie is on the warpath and wants to speak to Zoë, but Kat intervenes. Kat is frustrated when she doesn’t get any answers from Zoë and locks her in the bedroom, throwing the key out of the window so that she can’t escape.

Ep.99 June 24, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-24

Still in shock by what Zoë has told her, Kat is physically sick. She wants Zoë to go to the police, but will Zoë listen to her mum one last time? Meanwhile, Chrissie remains anxious about Zoë’s whereabouts. Elsewhere, the friction continues at the Fowlers’ as Dennis continues to wind up Pauline.The bickering is too much for Sharon, who storms off, sick of their childish antics, to see Chrissie. Kat tells Zoë that it doesnt matter what she has done, she is still her daugher. They hug and Zoë departs the Square for good.

Ep.100 June 27, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-27

Little Mo tells Alfie that because of Kat they cannot have a relationship. Later, Little Mo and Kat talk and Little Mo admits that she still loves Billy but is unsure about her feelings. Kat tells her to wait for someone special to come along. Sharon and Dennis are staying in the Vic and are happy that Zoë has gone. However, Dennis gives it two weeks and then they will leave Walford. Elsewhere, Chrissie tells Sam that she is worried about what Zoë may have told Kat before she left.

Ep.101 June 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-28

Using the money Johnny gave him, Danny visits the bookies.When his horse comes in, he heads to The Vic to celebrate. In the pub, Danny attempts to goad Johnny into having a drink with him – but, when he declines, Danny tries to push him into having a fight. Elsewhere, Kat continues to harass Chrissie. Chrissie tells Sam that Kat knows about Den.Worried, Sam asks to talk to Kat.

Ep.102 June 30, 2005

Air Date: 2005-06-30

Pat is on a driving lesson with Dot. She isn’t paying much attention to Dot’s driving so they both decide to go home, but realise they are lost. After squabbling in the car about getting home, the car breaks down and they have to call for help. While waiting, the duo reminisce about the old times. Elsewhere, Chrissie tells Sharon that everything was fine until shereturned. Realising that something isn’t quite right, Sharon opens a bottle of wine and tries to get Chrissie to open up, but Chrissie remains cagey.

Ep.103 July 1, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-01

Ep.104 July 4, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-04

Ep.105 July 5, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-05

Ep.106 July 7, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-07

Ep.107 July 8, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-08

Ep.108 July 11, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-11

Ep.109 July 12, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-12

Ep.110 July 14, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-14

Ep.111 July 15, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-15

Ep.112 July 18, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-18

Ep.113 July 19, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-19

Ep.114 July 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-25

Ep.115 July 26, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-26

Ep.116 July 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-28

Ep.117 July 29, 2005

Air Date: 2005-07-29

Ep.118 August 1, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-01

Ep.119 August 2, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-02

Ep.120 August 4, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-04

Ep.121 August 5, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-05

Ep.122 August 8, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-08

Ep.123 August 9, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-09

Ep.124 August 11, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-11

Ep.125 August 12, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-12

Ep.126 August 15, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-15

Ep.127 August 16, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-16

Ep.128 August 18, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-18

Ep.129 August 19, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-19

Ep.130 August 22, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-22

Ep.131 August 23, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-23

Ep.132 August 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-25

Ep.133 August 26, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-26

Ep.134 August 29, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-29

Ep.135 August 30, 2005

Air Date: 2005-08-30

Ep.136 September 1, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-01

Ep.137 September 2, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-02

Ep.138 September 5, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-05

Ep.139 September 6, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-06

Ep.140 September 8, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-08

Ep.141 September 9, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-09

Ep.142 September 12, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-12

Ep.143 September 13, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-13

Ep.144 September 15, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-15

Ep.145 September 16, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-16

Ep.146 September 19, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-19

Ep.147 September 20, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-20

Ep.148 September 22, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-22

Ep.149 September 23, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-23

Ep.150 September 26, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-26

Ep.151 September 27, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-27

Ep.152 September 29, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-29

Ep.153 September 30, 2005

Air Date: 2005-09-30

Ep.154 October 3, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-03

Ep.155 October 4, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-04

Ep.156 October 6, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-06

Ep.157 October 7, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-07

Ep.158 October 10, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-10

Ep.159 October 11, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-11

Ep.160 October 13, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-13

Ep.161 October 14, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-14

Ep.162 October 17, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-17

Ep.163 October 18, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-18

Ep.164 October 20, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-20

Ep.165 October 21, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-21

Ep.166 October 24, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-24

Ep.167 October 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-25

Ep.168 October 27, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-27

Ep.169 October 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-28

Ep.170 October 31, 2005

Air Date: 2005-10-31

Ep.171 November 1, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-01

Ep.172 November 3, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-03

Ep.173 November 4, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-04

Ep.174 November 7, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-07

Ep.175 November 8, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-08

Ep.176 November 10, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-10

Ep.177 November 11, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-11

Ep.178 November 14, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-14

Ep.179 November 15, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-15

Ep.180 November 17, 2005 (episode 1)

Air Date: 2005-11-17

Ep.181 November 17, 2005 (episode 2)

Air Date: 2005-11-17

Ep.182 November 21, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-21

Ep.183 November 22, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-22

Ep.184 November 24, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-24

Ep.185 November 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-25

Ep.186 November 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-28

Ep.187 November 29, 2005

Air Date: 2005-11-29

Ep.188 December 1, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-01

Ep.189 December 2, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-02

Ep.190 December 5, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-05

Ep.191 December 6, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-06

Ep.192 December 8, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-08

Ep.193 December 9, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-09

Ep.194 December 12, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-12

Ep.195 December 13, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-13

Ep.196 December 15, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-15

Ep.197 December 16, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-16

Ep.198 December 19, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-19

Ep.199 December 20, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-20

Ep.200 December 22, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-22

Ep.201 December 23, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-23

Ep.202 December 25, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-25

Ep.203 December 26, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-26

Ep.204 December 27, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-27

Ep.205 December 28, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-28

Ep.206 December 29, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-29

Ep.207 December 30, 2005

Air Date: 2005-12-30