Season 25

Season 25 (2009)

Episodes List

Ep.1 2009-01-01 (1)

Air Date: 2009-01-01

Sean contacts Roxy and Stacey as the new year dawns, but what is he planning? Meanwhile Ricky tries to bring new year cheer to Bianca's brood, and Danielle betrays Stacey.

Ep.2 2009-01-01 (2)

Air Date: 2009-01-01

Sean returns to say goodbye to Roxy and Amy, Whitney struggles to fit in, and Shirley starts Heather's year with a bang.

Ep.3 2009-01-02

Air Date: 2009-01-02

Tanya is forced to make a decision that will affect her family's future, Janine attempts to help Whitney, and Stacey tries to keep the truth about Sean from Jean.

Ep.5 January 6, 2009

Air Date: 2009-01-06

Ep.6 2009-01-09

Air Date: 2009-01-09

Ep.7 2009-01-12

Air Date: 2009-01-12

Ep.8 2009-01-13

Air Date: 2009-01-13

Ep.9 2009-01-15

Air Date: 2009-01-15

Ep.10 2009-01-16

Air Date: 2009-01-16

Ep.11 2009-01-19

Air Date: 2009-01-19

Ep.12 2009-01-20

Air Date: 2009-01-20

Ep.13 2009-01-22

Air Date: 2009-01-22

Ep.15 2009-01-23

Air Date: 2009-01-23

Ep.16 2009-01-26

Air Date: 2009-01-26

Ep.17 2009-01-27

Air Date: 2009-01-27

Ep.18 2009-01-29

Air Date: 2009-01-29

Ep.19 2009-01-30

Air Date: 2009-01-30

Ep.20 2009-02-02

Air Date: 2009-02-02

Ep.21 2009-02-03

Air Date: 2009-02-03

Ep.22 2009-02-05

Air Date: 2009-02-05

Ep.23 2009-02-06

Air Date: 2009-02-06

Ep.24 2009-02-09

Air Date: 2009-02-09

Ep.25 2009-02-10

Air Date: 2009-02-10

Ep.26 2009-02-12

Air Date: 2009-02-12

Ep.27 2009-02-13

Air Date: 2009-02-13

Ep.28 2009-02-16

Air Date: 2009-02-16

Ep.29 2009-02-17

Air Date: 2009-02-17

Ep.30 2009-02-19

Air Date: 2009-02-19

Ep.31 2009-02-20

Air Date: 2009-02-20

Ep.32 2009-02-23

Air Date: 2009-02-23

Ep.33 2009-02-24

Air Date: 2009-02-24

Ep.34 2009-02-26

Air Date: 2009-02-26

Ep.35 2009-02-27

Air Date: 2009-02-27

Ep.36 2009-03-02

Air Date: 2009-03-02

Ep.37 2009-03-03

Air Date: 2009-03-03

Ep.38 2009-03-05

Air Date: 2009-03-05

Ep.39 2009-03-06

Air Date: 2009-03-06

Ep.40 2009-03-09

Air Date: 2009-03-09

Ep.41 2009-03-10

Air Date: 2009-03-10

Ep.42 2009-03-12

Air Date: 2009-03-12

Ep.43 2009-03-16

Air Date: 2009-03-16

Ep.44 2009-03-17

Air Date: 2009-03-17

Ep.45 2009-03-19

Air Date: 2009-03-19

Ep.46 2009-03-20

Air Date: 2009-03-20

Ep.47 2009-03-23

Air Date: 2009-03-23

Ep.48 2009-03-24

Air Date: 2009-03-24

Ep.49 2009-03-26

Air Date: 2009-03-26

Ep.50 2009-03-27

Air Date: 2009-03-27

Ep.51 2009-03-30

Air Date: 2009-03-30

Ep.52 2009-03-31

Air Date: 2009-03-31

Ep.53 2009-04-02

Air Date: 2009-04-02

Ep.54 2009-04-03

Air Date: 2009-04-03

Ep.55 2009-04-06

Air Date: 2009-04-06

Ep.56 2009-04-07

Air Date: 2009-04-07

Ep.57 2009-04-09

Air Date: 2009-04-09

Ep.58 2009-04-10

Air Date: 2009-04-10

Ep.59 2009-04-13

Air Date: 2009-04-13

Ep.60 2009-04-14

Air Date: 2009-04-14

Ep.61 2009-04-16

Air Date: 2009-04-16

Ep.62 2009-04-17

Air Date: 2009-04-17

Ep.63 2009-04-20

Air Date: 2009-04-20

Ep.64 2009-04-21

Air Date: 2009-04-21

Ep.65 2009-04-23

Air Date: 2009-04-23

Ep.66 2009-04-24

Air Date: 2009-04-24

Ep.67 2009-04-27

Air Date: 2009-04-27

Ep.68 2009-04-28

Air Date: 2009-04-28

Ep.69 2009-04-30

Air Date: 2009-04-30

Ep.70 2009-05-01

Air Date: 2009-05-01

Max reels from recent revelations as he struggles to keep his family together, and Tanya asks him to make the biggest choice of his life. Whitney tracks down her birth mother, but will she get the response she is hoping for? Stacey breaks bad news to Jean, and Pat takes Janine to task.

Ep.71 2009-05-04

Air Date: 2009-05-04

Ep.72 2009-05-05

Air Date: 2009-05-05

Ep.73 2009-05-07

Air Date: 2009-05-07

Ep.74 2009-05-08

Air Date: 2009-05-08

Ep.75 2009-05-11

Air Date: 2009-05-11

Ep.76 2009-05-12

Air Date: 2009-05-12

Ep.77 2009-05-14

Air Date: 2009-05-14

Ep.78 2009-05-15

Air Date: 2009-05-15

Ep.79 2009-05-18

Air Date: 2009-05-18

Ep.80 2009-05-19

Air Date: 2009-05-19

Ep.81 2009-05-21

Air Date: 2009-05-21

Ep.82 2009-05-22

Air Date: 2009-05-22

Ep.83 2009-05-25

Air Date: 2009-05-25

Ep.84 2009-05-26

Air Date: 2009-05-26

Ep.85 2009-05-28

Air Date: 2009-05-28

Ep.86 2009-05-29

Air Date: 2009-05-29

Ep.87 2009-06-01

Air Date: 2009-06-01

Ep.88 2009-06-02

Air Date: 2009-06-02

Ep.89 2009-06-04

Air Date: 2009-06-04

Ep.90 2009-06-05

Air Date: 2009-06-05

Ep.91 2009-06-08

Air Date: 2009-06-08

Ep.92 2009-06-09

Air Date: 2009-06-09

Ep.93 2009-06-11

Air Date: 2009-06-11

Ep.94 2009-06-12

Air Date: 2009-06-12

Ep.95 2009-06-15

Air Date: 2009-06-15

Ep.96 2009-06-16

Air Date: 2009-06-16

Ep.97 2009-06-18

Air Date: 2009-06-18

Ep.98 2009-06-19

Air Date: 2009-06-19

Ep.99 2009-06-22

Air Date: 2009-06-22

Ep.100 2009-06-23

Air Date: 2009-06-23

Ep.101 2009-06-25

Air Date: 2009-06-25

Ep.102 2009-06-26

Air Date: 2009-06-26

Ep.103 2009-06-29

Air Date: 2009-06-29

Ep.104 2009-06-30

Air Date: 2009-06-30

Ep.105 2009-07-02

Air Date: 2009-07-02

Ep.106 2009-07-03

Air Date: 2009-07-03

Ep.107 2009-07-06

Air Date: 2009-07-06

Ep.108 2009-07-07

Air Date: 2009-07-07

Ep.109 2009-07-09

Air Date: 2009-07-09

Ep.110 2009-07-10

Air Date: 2009-07-10

Ep.111 2009-07-13

Air Date: 2009-07-13

Ep.112 2009-07-14

Air Date: 2009-07-14

Ep.113 2009-07-16

Air Date: 2009-07-16

Ep.114 2009-07-17

Air Date: 2009-07-17

Ep.115 2009-07-20

Air Date: 2009-07-20

Ep.116 2009-07-21

Air Date: 2009-07-21

Ep.117 2009-07-23

Air Date: 2009-07-23

Ep.118 2009-07-24

Air Date: 2009-07-24

Ep.119 2009-07-27

Air Date: 2009-07-27

Ep.120 2009-07-28

Air Date: 2009-07-28

Ep.121 2009-07-30

Air Date: 2009-07-30

Ep.122 2009-07-31

Air Date: 2009-07-31

Ep.123 2009-08-03

Air Date: 2009-08-03

Ep.124 2009-08-04

Air Date: 2009-08-04

Ep.125 2009-08-06

Air Date: 2009-08-06

Ep.126 2009-08-07

Air Date: 2009-08-07

Ep.127 2009-08-10

Air Date: 2009-08-10

Ep.128 2009-08-11

Air Date: 2009-08-11

Ep.129 2009-08-13

Air Date: 2009-08-13

Ep.130 2009-08-14

Air Date: 2009-08-14

Ep.131 2009-08-17

Air Date: 2009-08-17

Ep.132 2009-08-18

Air Date: 2009-08-18

Ep.133 2009-08-20

Air Date: 2009-08-20

Ep.134 2009-08-21

Air Date: 2009-08-21

Ep.135 2009-08-24

Air Date: 2009-08-24

Ep.136 2009-08-25

Air Date: 2009-08-25

Ep.137 2009-08-27

Air Date: 2009-08-27

Ep.138 2009-08-28

Air Date: 2009-08-28

Ep.139 2009-08-31

Air Date: 2009-08-31

Ep.140 2009-09-01

Air Date: 2009-09-01

Ep.141 2009-09-03

Air Date: 2009-09-03

Ep.142 2009-09-04

Air Date: 2009-09-04

Ep.143 2009-09-07

Air Date: 2009-09-07

Ep.144 2009-09-08

Air Date: 2009-09-08

Ep.145 2009-09-10

Air Date: 2009-09-10

Ep.146 2009-09-11

Air Date: 2009-09-11

Ep.147 2009-09-14

Air Date: 2009-09-14

Ep.148 2009-09-15

Air Date: 2009-09-15

Ep.149 2009-09-17

Air Date: 2009-09-17

Ep.150 2009-09-18

Air Date: 2009-09-18

Ep.151 2009-09-21

Air Date:

Ep.152 2009-09-22

Air Date: 2009-09-22

Ep.153 2009-09-24

Air Date: 2009-09-24

Ep.154 2009-09-25

Air Date:

Ep.155 2009-09-28

Air Date: 2009-09-28

Ep.156 2009-09-29

Air Date: 2009-09-29

Ep.157 2009-10-01

Air Date: 2009-10-01

Ep.158 2009-10-02

Air Date:

Ep.159 2009-10-05

Air Date: 2009-10-05

Ep.160 2009-10-06

Air Date: 2009-10-06

Ep.161 2009-10-08

Air Date: 2009-10-08

Ep.162 2009-10-09

Air Date: 2009-10-09

Ep.163 2009-10-12

Air Date: 2009-10-12

Ep.164 2009-10-13

Air Date: 2009-10-13

Ep.165 2009-10-15

Air Date: 2009-10-15

Ep.166 2009-10-16

Air Date: 2009-10-16

Ep.167 2009-10-19

Air Date: 2009-10-19

Ep.168 2009-10-20

Air Date: 2009-10-20

Ep.169 2009-10-22

Air Date: 2009-10-22

Ep.170 2009-10-23

Air Date: 2009-10-23

Ep.171 2009-10-26

Air Date: 2009-10-26

Ep.172 2009-10-27

Air Date: 2009-10-27

Ep.173 2009-10-29

Air Date: 2009-10-29

Ep.174 2009-10-30

Air Date: 2009-10-30

Ep.175 2009-11-02

Air Date: 2009-11-02

Archie invites Sam to lunch and tries to persuade her to move in, she’s tempted but Ricky thinks it’s a bad idea. Archie then asks Billy to move in. When Peggy refuses to give Billy a job, he decides to take up Archie’s offer. Janine arrives with a man from the council to sort out Archie’s wasps’ nest. She wonders what Archie’s plans are. When Archie mentions that in his day they used to smoke wasps out, Janine decides that’s exactly what they should do to the Mitchells’. Billy and Jay need somewhere to live, but they need a deposit first. Lucy taunts Jay about being homeless and later brags about how much her new phone cost. Lucy tells Ian she won the phone, but he confiscates it. Lucy persuades Jane to give the phone back. A hooded boy mugs Lucy. She falls to the floor injured, the mugger hesitates and pulls back his hood – it’s Jay. Syed waits nervously for the post. When he receives a text ‘Today £300 cash’, Syed complies, leaving the money in a phone box. Blackmailer Lucy uses the money to buy her new phone. Christian thinks Syed was stupid to pay the blackmailer, but ends up comforting him. The men jump apart when Amira walks in and claim they’re discussing the wedding. Lucas gives Denise an engagement ring and they set a wedding date. They celebrate in the Vic with Pat, Patrick and Liz and discuss the dance competition. Lucas is shocked when Owen walks in. Realising that Jane is avoiding book club because Heather and George will be there, Tanya invites her over for a drink. Jane tells Tanya how much she wants a baby. She borrows Oscar and leaves him with Ian, in an attempt to win Ian round.

Ep.176 2009-11-03

Air Date: 2009-11-03

Archie’s decided against torching the Vic, even though Janine tells him if it looks like an inside job, the insurance won’t pay up and the Mitchells will be forced to sell. Janine tells Peggy that Billy’s living with Archie. Peggy’s angry and confronts Billy; she’s surprised when he stands up to her. Archie realises the Vic is going to be empty that night as the Vic is ‘on tour’ at the firework party. As Billy and Jay toast Archie, he visits Janine and hands her some matches, telling her he’s had a change of heart. They’re going to do it - and pin it on Billy. Ian’s time with Oscar goes well, and he tells Jane he’ll consider adopting. Then Lucy arrives home. When Ian finds out Lucy’s mugger was after her phone, he’s angry with Jane for giving it back to her. They argue and Jane’s upset when Ian refers to Lucy as ‘my’ daughter. Ian tells Jane no one will give her a child while she’s in a state like this. When Masood falls asleep in the café, Christian retrieves a card from the blackmailer from a pile of post. Christian decides to tackle the problem head on, and when Syed accidentally leaves his phone, Christian uses it to call the blackmailer. The phone rings in a bin and Christian’s surprised to see Masood answer it. Christian follows Masood to the pub, the phone rings again, it’s Ian – Lucy’s been mugged. Denise isn’t happy that Owen has decided to stay in Walford. Liz makes Owen show Denise his bruises. Denise can’t believe that Lucas hit Owen and is furious when Lucas admits that he did. Jay helps Lucy home without admitting he was the one who attacked her. He dumps her phone in a bin.

Ep.177 2009-11-05

Air Date: 2009-11-05

The fire in the barrel store starts to take hold, but when Archie hears Peggy shout, he quickly extinguishes the flames. Peggy’s suspicious but Archie insists the fire must have been started by kids, claiming he saw them run away. Janine tells Archie no one can prove he’s anything but a hero, but Archie’s haunted by the thought he could have killed Peggy. Peggy finds Billy’s wallet and summons Archie back to the Vic. Sure Archie started the fire, Peggy plies him with drink and shows him Billy’s wallet. Archie admits nothing. They kiss. Masood makes light of the kiss, but tells Jane it’s probably best if Ian and Zainab never find out. Lucy’s worried that Jane’s going to leave, but Ian reassures her. Jane and Ian talk, he tells her he’s willing to give the adoption a go. Jane’s excited, but soon realises Ian’s only doing it for her. Jane decides she needs to go away to think things through. Ian gives her an ultimatum, if she leaves now, she never comes back. He doesn’t understand why she would choose a child that might not exist yet, over him and three children who love her. In floods of tears Jane gets into a taxi and Ian watches as she’s driven away. Denise visits Owen to apologise; once again he tries to warn her about Lucas. Unaware that Lucas saw her leaving the Brannings’, Denise doesn’t tell Lucas she visited Owen. Knife in his pocket, Lucas visits Owen, who tells Lucas exactly what he said to Denise. Lucas puts his hand in his pocket and squeezes the blade of his knife. Owen tries to goad Lucas into hitting him. Lucas tells Owen he’s got one week to leave, he shakes Owen’s hand and leaves. Owen looks at his hand; it’s covered in Lucas’ blood.

Ep.178 2009-11-06

Air Date: 2009-11-06

The fire in the barrel store starts to take hold, but when Archie hears Peggy shout, he quickly extinguishes the flames. Peggy’s suspicious but Archie insists the fire must have been started by kids, claiming he saw them run away. Janine tells Archie no one can prove he’s anything but a hero, but Archie’s haunted by the thought he could have killed Peggy. Peggy finds Billy’s wallet and summons Archie back to the Vic. Sure Archie started the fire, Peggy plies him with drink and shows him Billy’s wallet. Archie admits nothing. They kiss. Masood makes light of the kiss, but tells Jane it’s probably best if Ian and Zainab never find out. Lucy’s worried that Jane’s going to leave, but Ian reassures her. Jane and Ian talk, he tells her he’s willing to give the adoption a go. Jane’s excited, but soon realises Ian’s only doing it for her. Jane decides she needs to go away to think things through. Ian gives her an ultimatum, if she leaves now, she never comes back. He doesn’t understand why she would choose a child that might not exist yet, over him and three children who love her. In floods of tears Jane gets into a taxi and Ian watches as she’s driven away. Denise visits Owen to apologise; once again he tries to warn her about Lucas. Unaware that Lucas saw her leaving the Brannings’, Denise doesn’t tell Lucas she visited Owen. Knife in his pocket, Lucas visits Owen, who tells Lucas exactly what he said to Denise. Lucas puts his hand in his pocket and squeezes the blade of his knife. Owen tries to goad Lucas into hitting him. Lucas tells Owen he’s got one week to leave, he shakes Owen’s hand and leaves. Owen looks at his hand; it’s covered in Lucas’ blood.

Ep.179 2009-11-09

Air Date: 2009-11-09

Happy Hour is a success at the Vic. Lucas asks Jordan to be his best man, Peggy and Archie take their relationship a step further and Ronnie and Owen have a heart-to-heart.

Ep.180 2009-11-10

Air Date: 2009-11-10

Owen and Ronnie agree to keep the previous night a secret but Roxy smells a rat. When Owen comes round to see Ronnie, Roxy works out what has happened. Denise overhears Roxy and Ronnie talking about it and takes Ronnie aside to warn Ronnie off him. Owen over hears Ronnie suggesting that Denise is still in love with Owen and when she doesn’t deny it, Owen can’t believe his ears. Lucas tells Owen that he wants him gone by the end of the week. Denise tries to seduce Lucas who tells her he wants to wait until the wedding. Lucy is still house bound and after being threatened by Syed she starts to believe he is her attacker. Jay suggests she regain her confidence by having boxing lessons with Owen. It works and with her newly found confidence she confronts Syed. Pat gets suspicious when Peggy cancels their lunch date. Later, when Peggy calls her to rearrange, her curiosity gets the better of her and she hits redial. When Archie answers she realises Peggy is seeing Archie again. In an effort to distract Whitney from the trial, Ryan asks her to design t-shirts for the stall. He has even designed a website and Whitney is delighted when she receives an order for 500 t-shirts. Ricky later admits to Bianca that he ordered them; he only meant to order 5. Ian has a terrible hangover and in an effort to cheer himself up he puts one of his properties up for sale. Max helps Abi and Jordan raise money for Trina’s tree making £100. Tanya suggests that they will make a hefty contribution, Max is concerned. Later he tells Peggy that a loss adjustor will be sent round to check the claim is legitimate.

Ep.181 2009-11-12

Air Date: 2009-11-12

Owen tells Ronnie that he heard everything - it's clear she thinks that Denise still has feelings for him. Liz encourages Owen to pursue a relationship with Ronnie, but he is after Denise. Lucas is annoyed when Denise avoids a meeting with the Pastor. Later she admits to Patrick that she still has feelings for Owen. Owen asks Denise if she wants to with him not Lucas Pat tells Peggy that she knows about her and Archie and persuades her to end it. When Peggy rejects Archie, he tells her his cancer has returned. Max’s fake loss adjustor visits The Vic; Max is paying him to say Peggy’s Insurance claim is unauthentic. Ian asks Tanya for a makeover and offers Ian her support. She is disgusted when later, thinking Ian has invited her round to help her get approval from the council for Trina’s tree, he propositions her. Bianca and Ricky encourage Whitney’s doubts about whether she can really cope with the size of the t-shirt order. Ricky is too embarrassed to tell Sam that he accidently ordered them as she brightly suggests she can get Whitney an investor. Sam goes to Jack, who agrees to fund Whitney is exchange for a cut of the profits. Sam wants Jack to take her out but he has already agreed to help stressed Roxy with Amy’s first birthday. She thinks Roxy is taking advantage of him and sees him as a cash cow. Lucy tells Christian that she is going to the police as she believes Syed mugged her. Jay who has grown close to Lucy still can’t bring himself to tell her that he was responsible. Later Syed and Christian visit Lucy to prove Syed’s innocence, Syed has copies of emails he sent at the time of the mugging.

Ep.182 2009-11-13

Air Date: 2009-11-13

Sam ends it with Jack but someone sees their final kiss. Meanwhile Roxy battles alone to give Amy the best birthday party ever, Lucy goes to see Jane, and the long arm of the law finally reaches out for Owen.

Ep.183 2009-11-16

Air Date: 2009-11-16

Archie causes trouble between Sam & Ricky, when she refuses to leave the square. Libby visits Owen, Roxy calls a truce with Jack. Phil threatens to report Max's fraud to the police, making it harder to hide it from Tanya.

Ep.184 2009-11-17

Air Date: 2009-11-17

Sam is forced to face Bianca & Roxy's wrath over her affair with Jack. Max sets his sights on the cash Shirley gave to Heather. Denise is determined to go ahead with the wedding, even after Owen tries to turn her against Lucas.

Ep.185 2009-11-19

Air Date: 2009-11-19

Archie tempts Sam with a wad of cash and she agonises over whether to take the money and run. Owen asks Liz to help him prove Lucas is hiding something, while Chelsea hopes Dr Jenkins will be her date for Denise's wedding. Bianca and Ricky share a romantic moment during the Children in Need dance contest.

Ep.186 2009-11-23

Air Date: 2009-11-23

Phil’s angry because Peggy’s asked Grant for money and claims he’s sorting things. Word spreads that Phil’s planning to sell the Arches. Phil tells Grant they don’t need his money. Pat makes Phil an offer for the Arches, which he eventually accepts. Peggy’s furious and decides to visit Grant in Portugal. Max assures Phil he’ll get the money he owes him. Phil tells Max they’re going to take it from Ian. Ian buys a hot tub, but has no one to share it with. Masood confronts Ian – surely he can afford to pay back Masala Queen? Ian refuses. Denise triumphantly drags her exercise bike outside complete with ‘for sale’ sign. Jordan and Abi try to get to the bottom of the Trina’s tree planting mystery. Libby and Chelsea persuade Denise and Lucas to stay for a buffet tea. Lucas spots a workman preparing to dig the tree up, and persuades him not to. At the buffet, Lucas is nervous when Denise suggests that she knows who planted the tree, but she just thinks Lucas has done a kind thing for Jordan. Denise and Lucas set off on honeymoon. Denise tells Kim that Dexter came on to Chelsea. Chelsea and Denise are dismayed to see Kim and Dexter still together at the buffet. Kim admits she can’t live without him. Shamefaced, Liz stumbles out of the Slaters’ and realises she’s lost an earring. When Charlie tries to return the earring, Patrick sees it and mistakenly jumps to the conclusion that the pair slept together. Liz tells Charlie that she’s not looking for a relationship. Libby’s thrilled when Darren suggests a trip to Barcelona for New Year. Darren feels guilty when he sees Heather struggling to pay for some shopping and gives her some money. Max refuses to return Heather’s insurance money.

Ep.187 2009-11-24

Air Date: 2009-11-24

Denise's hen party is gatecrashed by Owen, who claims to know the truth about Trina's death - and a revelation regarding the bracelet later confirms his suspicions. Phil confesses the extent of his money problems to Peggy, and Chelsea tries to flirt with Dr Jenkins in his office - but Roxy's unexpected arrival leads to an embarrassing scene.

Ep.188 2009-11-26

Air Date: 2009-11-26

Hour-long edition. Owen prepares to make his move and expose Lucas as Denise gets ready for the wedding, but knowing he is running out of options, the groom refuses to jeopardise his big day and takes drastic action to stop the truth from coming out. Meanwhile, as the loan shark puts more pressure on Phil, Lucy sees a chance to take advantage of his financial position, and Manda tells Darren she knows his secret

Ep.189 2009-11-27

Air Date: 2009-11-27

Lucas tries to cover his tracks and fears the worst when Denise reveals she knows what he has done. Peggy is furious to learn Pat is the new owner of the Arches, Max spots another money-making opportunity when Ian shows off his new hot tub, and a disappointed Patrick uncovers Liz and Charlie's relationship.

Ep.190 2009-11-30

Air Date: 2009-11-30

Ronnie returns to the Square with good news for her family as Roxy prepares to tell her about Sam's disappearance. Phil recruits Max in a plan to con Ian out of thousands, but their scheme soon goes awry, while Whitney is told about Tony's attempted suicide ahead of his trial.

Ep.191 2009-12-01

Air Date: 2009-12-01

With time running out for Phil, he and Max put the finishing touches to their scam, unaware that Ian and Masood have rumbled them. Roxy realises that Owen is the father of Ronnie's unborn child as Liz wonders about her son's whereabouts, while Whitney secretly writes Tony a letter.

Ep.192 2009-12-03

Air Date: 2009-12-03

An exhausted Masood heads for disaster when he gets behind the wheel of his taxi, while Phil swallows his pride to ensure his family's safety and goes to Ian for a loan. Max tries to con Bradley's mother as he faces more unpaid bills, and Whitney's advice lands Tiffany in trouble.

Ep.193 2009-12-04

Air Date: 2009-12-04

Masood's car accident makes Syed re-evaluate his relationship with Christian as Bradley's mother Rachel remains critical in hospital. Archie tries to persuade Ian to sell Phil's debt to him, knowing it will get him closer to the Vic, while Ryan's betrayal forces Whitney to confront her feelings for Tony.

Ep.194 2009-12-07

Air Date: 2009-12-07

Whitney's world is shattered by a home truth. Meanwhile, Jean finally comes face to face with Stacey, Janine plots away, and Bradley returns to Walford.

Ep.195 December 8, 2009

Air Date: 2009-12-08

Ep.196 2009-12-10

Air Date: 2009-12-10

Tony's trial descends into chaos. Bradley makes a huge admission to Stacey, and Max's world begins to crumble.

Ep.197 2009-12-11

Air Date: 2009-12-11

What will Tanya do when confronted with more of Max's deceit? Whitney is finally forced to face what Tony did to her, and Bradley has to make a tough decision.

Ep.198 2009-12-14

Air Date: 2009-12-14

As Janine gets closer to Archie, Billy discovers their wicked plan. Meanwhile Ian's day goes from bad to worse, Masood frets as Zainab and Amira make extravagant wedding plans, and Bianca gives evidence at Tony's trial.

Ep.199 2009-12-15

Air Date: 2009-12-15

Ian's happiness is short-lived, and Billy is given a Christmas dilemma. Meanwhile Masood finally comes clean, the Mitchells find ways to raise money, and Ricky realises that Todd could help Whitney move on.

Ep.200 2009-12-17

Air Date: 2009-12-17

The Mitchells are back on top, but not for long. Meanwhile Amira comes face to face with her father, Billy is chuffed to spend time with his kids, and Charlie has a terrible shock for Mo.

Ep.201 2009-12-18

Air Date: 2009-12-18

The Masoods' financial troubles are over, but are other troubles afoot? Meanwhile Whitney takes in Tony's sentence, Archie has a surprise for the Mitchells, and Mo goes rogue with the kids' nativity play.

Ep.202 2009-12-21

Air Date: 2009-12-21

In the Square gardens, Janine begins the countdown to the Christmas tree lights switch-on. Watching the event, Jane worries to Christian about Ian selling the loan of the Vic to Archie. Christian is distracted by Syed and walks away from Jane. Upstairs in the Vic, Peggy says they should never have trusted Ian. Jumping to Archie’s defence, Roxy blames Peggy for signing the divorce papers, thus, giving away her marital rights. Ronnie requests that the Mitchells do everything above board as advised by their lawyer. She points out that Archie is powerless without an ‘order of possession’. Afterwards, Ronnie and Roxy bicker about how to deal with Archie. Roxy suggests trying mediation but Ronnie is adamant that they do not bargain with him, reminding them of why they cannot trust Archie. Later, Archie arrives at the Vic. Roxy tries her method of mediation and declares the family should be together at Christmas. Archie, Ronnie and Roxy sit around a table at the Vic, trying to reach a compromise. They all agree to at least aim for a peaceful Christmas until Janine arrives, flaunting her relationship with Archie. Ronnie immediately rejects Janine as part of any family Christmas. Archie is incensed and insulted by Ronnie’s words. He tells them that he is thoroughly disappointed in his girls before storming out. To add insult to injury, Janine reveals to the Mitchell sisters that Billy knew about their plan to take over the Vic and comments on her relationship with Archie. Furious, Ronnie flies at Janine before chucking her out. Roxy finally agrees with Ronnie that it’s ‘war’. Meanwhile, Ian claims he is ill and explains to Ben that selling the loan was not personal but business. Ben asks his dad to buy the loan back from Archie and Jane agrees he should. Jane is distraught over Ian’s behaviour confiding in Christian that she is unable to understand Ian’s selfish ways. Christian empathises and unknowingly discloses that he has found someone and eventually he relents to Jane’s pressure to tell her about his relationship. Later, Jane spots Christian in the Square staring up at Syed’s window and she realises that it is Syed who Christian is in love with. Mo is having trouble controlling the children in the nativity rehearsals with Dotty appearing to cause Mo the most mischief. Mo threatens the children, stating that she knows Father Christmas and he will cancel Christmas if the children do not cooperate There is a power cut at the community centre and Father Christmas (or is it Charlie Slater?) appears at the door. Mo asks him to come back on Christmas Eve when the show is over and the children have behaved. Dotty and the others snap to attention and concentrate making the nativity a success. Pat receives a phone call and she’s heard telling the caller on the phone that although she will be needed in Albert Square over Christmas she will arrange a flight. Bradley and Stacey have arrived home and are back in love. They discuss their future and their holiday. Later, Jean tells Stacey how much she missed her. Stacey collapses…

Ep.203 2009-12-22

Air Date: 2009-12-22

Bradley is desperately looking for a job but is not having much luck. Stacey and Roxy catch up in the café and they reminisce about Sean and how different things were a year ago. With the Mitchells on the verge of losing everything to Archie, a livid Phil knocks at Ian’s front door shouting at Ian for selling out the Mitchells and Ian’s own brother Ben. Guilty and harassed, Ian goes to Archie - he makes an offer to buy back the Vic loan. Archie tells Ian to come back later once he has thought about it. Later, Ian enters the cafe and asks Archie if he has reached a decision but Janine bluntly informs Ian that the loan is not for sale. Speaking to Peggy, Phil and Roxy, Ronnie demands the Vic is open at 5pm saying it is the busiest time of the year. Phil, however, spots a problem; there is no beer to sell but Ronnie soon finds a solution. Ronnie, now feeling positive about the future of the Vic, suggests to Peggy that rather than hiding away from the punters, facing them would be a wiser decision. Peggy visits Pat and tells her how she thinks people are laughing at her. Pat questions Peggy’s fighting spirit and inspires her to challenge Archie. Whilst handing out raffle tickets, they bump into Archie and Janine. Peggy handles the situation by announcing that everyone is welcome in the Vic for the Christmas Eve party. Ronnie returns from shopping to find Peggy has dressed up for the grand re-opening. Following an initially slow start, the Vic soon fills up and Manda takes to the piano and leads a sing-song. Ricky tells Peggy that something is happening outside that she needs to see. The Mitchells head outside to find Peggy’s name removed from above the door which has been replaced with Archie’s name. As the family re-enter the Vic they find Archie and Janine at the bar. Archie now has the paperwork to declare that the Mitchells are trespassing on his land. Ronnie states the family will not give up the Vic without a fight and orders them both out of the pub. As Ronnie moves towards Archie, he pushes her against the bar. In the commotion, Roxy blurts out that Ronnie is pregnant. Shortly after Ronnie tells Peggy she is going to bed for an early night. As she heads upstairs, she suddenly doubles over in agony – will Ronnie’s baby survive? Pat makes several attempts to convey her earlier news again but both Ricky and Bianca are in too much of a rush to listen. Whitney and Bianca later invite Ryan to experience a Jackson Christmas dinner. Bianca returns home to find Pat has packed her bags and is about to leave. She is travelling to New Zealand for a couple of weeks which Bianca gets upset about, claiming Christmas may as well be cancelled. Meanwhile Christian gives Jane details about his affair with Syed and Jane, in return, lists the possible consequences of his actions. Later, at Christian’s flat, Christian says to Jane that Syed finished the affair a couple of weeks ago. Jane is pleased but is horrified to find Christian has bought tickets to Barcelona for himself and Syed so she maintains she cannot support him.

Ep.204 2009-12-04

Air Date: 2009-12-24

Peggy and Roxy are waiting at the hospital outside Ronnie’s room before going to Ronnie’s bedside. Archie is pacing in his lounge, expecting visitors. He informs Janine that when the Mitchells read the loan agreement, they will realise they must leave the Vic. Soon after, Peggy visits Archie and slaps him twice around the face. Janine overhears the conversation through the wall. Peggy is livid...

Ep.205 2009-12-25

Air Date: 2009-12-25

The Mitchells have all taken shelter in different houses around the Square. Peggy leaves Dot’s house and arrives at Shirley’s flat and sees a drunk Phil and Shirley kissing. Enraged, she tells Phil how ashamed of him she is, he should have dealt with Archie when she asked him to. Phil tries to sober up announcing to Shirley that he is going to kill Archie. Roxy and Amy have spent the night at...

Ep.206 2009-12-26

Air Date: 2009-12-26

Worried about Ronnie, Roxy runs across the square to the Vic. Inside she finds her sister cradling her father on the floor. Archie has an injury to the head. ‘I’m sorry’, he stutters, before dying in Ronnie’s arms. A horrified Roxy backs away. She leaves the Vic and hysterically tells the carol singers that she thinks her dad is dead. Jack enters the Vic with Roxy to see Ronnie sat on a bar stool, numb with shock. Jack feels for a pulse on Archie but finds nothing. Ronnie says she found him but did not call an ambulance because he was trying to say something, Jack says he will call the police and paramedics. PC Adams and PC Young enter the Vic and Ronnie explains she found the body. PC Adams questions Ronnie more intensely and she begins to feel the pressure. Ronnie says that she did not kill Archie but returned to see him because she was upset. She becomes more and more agitated. In the Slaters’ lounge, the Jacksons are visiting and everyone wants to know what’s happened at the Vic with Archie and Jack confirms he is dead. Outside, the carol singers toast to Bianca and Ricky who revel in happiness. In the car lot office, Ryan finds Janine and tells her that Archie is dead. She seems stunned. Janine paces the car lot office and Ryan asks if she killed him which she denies. Janine declares that she had genuine feelings for Archie. Janine heads out. Peggy returns to the Brannings’ house and pulls out the divorce papers from under her coat. As the Vic is cordoned off, the two PCs burst out of the Vic with Ronnie handcuffed, and under arrest. The residents of Albert Square watch as she is driven away.

Ep.207 2009-12-28

Air Date: 2009-12-28

Ronnie has her profile pictures and fingerprints taken at the police station. She is made to wear a white forensic suit. In interview, she does not deny that she and Archie never saw eye to eye. At the Brannings’ house, Peggy and Roxy sit in shock with Peggy who is struck dumb with apparent grief. Dr Al arrives soon after and hugs Roxy before she leads him through to Peggy. Peggy refuses any medication and puts her behaviour down to grieving for her dead husband. Phil watches on unsympathetically. Later, when the doorbell rings, Phil answers it to the police who are carrying out door to door questioning. Roxy testifies in the living room to PC Watson that Ronnie loved her father. A drunken Phil jokes about with the officer and mentions Janine’s name as a suspect. Roxy indicates to PC Watson that Janine is who they should be interviewing. Watson asks to see Peggy but Phil and Roxy become defensive, But then Peggy appears. After interviewing Peggy, PC Watson goes to leave telling Jack and Roxy that Ronnie has been released as they have another suspect. Billy knocks at the door and tells Peggy that Archie’s body is being removed from the Vic. Ronnie has been released and is back on the Square, Ronnie approaches Roxy and the two hug tightly. As Archie’s body is wheeled out of the Vic, Roxy and Ronnie both break down in tears. Later, Janine is petrified when the police knock at the door. Ryan tells her to tell the truth. Janine is questioned by the police and is clearly very upset. Ryan watches on, unsure whether Janine is a good actress or genuinely upset by Archie’s murder. Meanwhile, Ricky and Bianca discuss the events occurring over at the Vic. The conversation then turns to their relationship and Bianca leads Ricky upstairs. Todd and Whitney have an awkward conversation where he tries to persuade her to go out sometime, but Whitney cannot be convinced. Syed and Amira talk through some final wedding issues. Amira realises that Syed misses Christian but she says she misses him too. Lucy tells Syed she has heard from Christian, he is in Barcelona and is not coming back.

Ep.208 2009-12-29

Air Date: 2009-12-29

DCI Marsden addresses a group of journalists outside the Vic as she appeals for anyone with any information about the murder to come forward. Zainab is flustered about the Mehndi (a pre-wedding ceremony) taking place that evening so Syed helps her arrange things. At the Masala unit, Syed explains the situation between himself and Christian to Lucy and she expresses her anger at Syed’s behaviour. Jane enters and tells Lucy that although the situation is not ideal they need to keep it quiet in order to maintain a healthy working relationship with the Masood family. Syed bumps into an upset Amira, who, when probed, confides that her father cannot be prosecuted for his crimes as his solicitor found a loophole in the legal system. He is therefore to be set free. Syed is pleased, realising Qadim can be present at the wedding. Amira confesses he did not give the wedding his blessing and explains her worries about her father asking for his money back. Later, the Masood house is full of guests dressed in colourful attire. Bushra enters with her girls plus cousin Afia and the two families joyfully catch up. Soon after, with everyone in high spirits, a procession forms to follow the drummers to the club house. Once there residents of the square join the procession. Masood greets guests before Amira arrives, looking beautiful. As Tamwar takes her arm and walks her past the guests, Amira beams. Afterwards, Jane approaches the stage to feed Amira and Syed metai. Amira asks after Christian but Jane says that he’s in Barcelona. Tamwar chats to Zulekha but she is not keen to stick around. Cousin Afia laughs at him. Masood introduces the dancers and the crowd roar in appreciation. Syed joins the dancers, does some astonishing moves, and Amira cheers, proud of her husband. As the dance ends, Syed encourages a dance competition between the men and the women. Tamwar dances in front of Zulekha to impress her but she laughs in his face… before writing her mobile number on his hand. Syed and Amira are impressing guests with their moves when the music cuts out and Amira’s father, Qadim appears. At Patrick’s house, Libby says she would be lost without Darren and is delighted when Darren agrees for them to plan a holiday together. However, will Libby’s world come crashing down around her when she discovers what Darren has been up to this year? Meanwhile, Ricky answers the phone to Todd and much to Whitney’s horror he invites Todd to the engagement party.

Ep.209 2009-12-31

Air Date: 2009-12-31

Syed's heroism keeps the wedding on track, but his passion for Christian cannot be quelled, and Christian is prompted to make a dramatic revelation. Phil promises Shirley that he had nothing to do with Archie's murder, but can she believe him? And is Darren and Heather's secret about to be exposed?