Season 34

Season 34 (2018)

Episodes: 206

Star Cast: Danny Walters ,

Episodes List

Ep.1 01/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-01

It is the day of Aidan's job and the men involved anxiously wait to put the plan into action. Is the job as foolproof as Aidan promises? The Ahmeds make their move to the square.

Ep.2 02/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-02

The Ahmeds adjust to their new life in Walford. Linda fears for what lies ahead. The fallout from Aidan's job continues.

Ep.3 03/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-03

Questions begin to get asked of those involved in Aidan's job.

Ep.4 04/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-04

Pressure is at an all-time high for those involved in Aidan's job.

Ep.5 08/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-08

Whitney ponders her future in the Square. Masood proudly tells Ian about his new successful life. Karen considers her options as her family struggles to make ends meet.

Ep.6 09/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-09

Tiffany's back and immediately causes mischief. Masood's day goes from bad to worse. Karen tries to secure her future for the sake of her family.

Ep.7 11/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-11

Mel Owen makes her return to Walford, but why is she back? The Ahmed family is thrown into turmoil, leaving Masood feeling guilty.

Ep.8 12/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-12

Whitney tries to get to the bottom of what's going on with Tiffany. Ian takes the opportunity to continue to wind up Masood. Karen fights for the sake of her family.

Ep.9 15/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-15

Max desperately searches for a way to keep his family together. Masood looks for a new venture. Whitney grows even more suspicious of Tiffany's behaviour.

Ep.10 16/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-16

Max resorts to desperate measures. Masood digs himself a hole with Mariam and Arshad. Dot is faced with a blast from the past.

Ep.11 18/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-18

With Max's world in turmoil, can anyone get through to him? Whitney looks for answers. Mel finds herself in a tricky position.

Ep.12 19/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-19

One family is faced with the unthinkable changing them forever. Tiffany finds herself in a precarious situation.

Ep.13 22/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-22

The men involved in Aidan's job are determined to find their money. Martin is left stunned when Stacey returns out of the blue, and Tiffany plays matchmaker for Whitney.

Ep.14 23/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-23

With emotions high, the situation between Martin and Stacey escalates. Phil and Mel find themselves working together. Keegan struggles to hold it together and lands himself in hot water.

Ep.15 24/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-24

Mick and Linda are left to face a harsh reality, while Kush does his best to help Stacey and Martin.

Ep.16 25/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-25

It is deadline day for the Carters and Mick does all he can to find the money he needs to save his beloved Queen Vic. Meanwhile, Stacey fights back - but will it be enough?

Ep.17 29/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-29

Mel sets out on a mission for answers. Kim fears the worst about Vincent. Masood does his best to impress in his new role.

Ep.18 30/01/2018

Air Date: 2018-01-30

Vincent finds himself at the end of Aidan's wrath. Robbie has a new business proposition for Masood.

Ep.19 01/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-01

Aidan reaches the end of his tether. Kim prepares an unusual surprise for Denise's birthday. Masood finds himself lying to his family once more.

Ep.20 02/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-02

Mel tries to take advantage of Louise but is stopped by Sharon. Masood attempts to make things up to Mariam but gets more than he bargained for. Billy gets some worrying news.

Ep.21 05/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-05

Mel gets closer than ever to being reunited with her son. Billy receives a surprise visitor, but what news do they bring?

Ep.22 06/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-06

Things start to look up for Mel, but for how long? Karen's new business venture takes a turn for the worse. Billy struggles to accept what has happened.

Ep.23 08/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-08

Mel is faced with a difficult situation which threatens to tear her family apart. Things go from bad to worse for Billy. Martin and Stacey attempt to stay civil.

Ep.24 09/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-09

Tension mounts between Stacey and Martin as they struggle to put their differences aside. Mariam and Arshad ponder their future.

Ep.25 12/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-12

Max makes an upsetting discovery. Vincent struggles with Aidan's demands, and Masood finds himself in hot water.

Ep.26 13/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-13

Max is left in pieces following Lauren's latest revelation. Kim attempts to solve her family's dire financial situation, and Donna puts her Valentine's Day scam into action.

Ep.27 15/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-15

Max is given a stern warning, leaving him feeling hopeless. Kim gives Vincent an ultimatum and Whitney is left confused by her feelings.

Ep.28 16/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-16

It's the day of Abi's funeral, but with emotions running high will everything go to plan? Whitney sees an opportunity and Tina encourages her to take a chance.

Ep.29 20/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-20

Martin offers an olive branch to Stacey. Things fall apart for Vincent. Tina is left embarrassed by her actions.

Ep.30 21/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-21

Vincent takes drastic action. Martin is forced to come clean to Stacey about recent actions. Tina tries to fix the past but only makes matters worse.

Ep.31 22/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-22

Donna is shocked when she realises what Vincent has done. Shirley makes a worrying discovery. Bernadette is forced to come clean to her family. Mick returns to the Vic, and he is not happy when he realises what has been going on. Karen grows concerned about Bernadette and asks Keegan to reach out to her.

Ep.32 26/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-26

Mick is left torn as his livelihood is put under threat. Stacey is taken back by her latest discovery. Jack offers a helping hand to Mel.

Ep.33 27/02/2018

Air Date: 2018-02-27

Linda is alarmed to hear what's going on and attempts to take back control. Billy starts a new venture. Martin defies Stacey's instructions - what will be the consequences?

Ep.34 01/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-01

Hunter steps up for his mum but soon crosses the line. Linda makes a decision with dangerous consequences. Aidan gives Keanu another job.

Ep.35 02/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-02

The Carters fear the repercussions of their actions. Kim prepares to learn the truth about her and Denise. Tiffany plays matchmaker.

Ep.36 05/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-05

The Carters wait to feel the wrath of Aidan. Phil returns to the square but is less than impressed by what he learns. Billy is intrigued when he learns something new about Mel.

Ep.37 06/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-06

The Carters reach breaking point and consider extreme action. Aidan makes his authority known. Honey offers an olive branch to Billy.

Ep.38 08/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-08

Linda's nerves get the better of her. Shirley makes an attempt at trying to solve her family's dangerous situation.

Ep.39 09/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-09

The war between Mick and Aidan intensifies.

Ep.40 12/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-12

Mitch arrives on the square, and he is hunting down the Taylors. Ian returns with a fresh mindset.

Ep.41 13/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-13

The Taylors are tense after Mitch's sudden arrival. Ian tries to blag a date with Mel. Patrick's fortunes take a turn for the better.

Ep.42 15/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-15

Mitch continues to try and worm his way in with the Taylors. Denise attempts to get to the bottom of Patrick's mysterious behaviour. Kathy is left bewildered by Ian's behaviour.

Ep.43 16/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-16

Keegan is stunned when he hears a shocking truth about the past. Patrick tries to get Ted to open up.

Ep.44 19/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-19

Stacey seeks answers as she struggles to come to terms with what has happened. Arshad is caught off guard by Mariam's suggestion.

Ep.45 20/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-20

Martin steps up and attempts to put the past behind him. Stacey questions Mo's odd behaviour.

Ep.46 22/03/2018 Part 1

Air Date: 2018-03-22

Stacey is taken back by Jean's arrival and starts to question what's going on.

Ep.47 22/03/2018 Part 2

Air Date: 2018-03-22

Mo finds herself in an uncomfortable situation.

Ep.48 26/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-26

The pressure builds for the Slaters as everyone wants answers. Keegan meets up with Mitch in secret.

Ep.49 27/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-27

Mitch has charmed his way back into Karen's life. Jack is the envy of the square with a brand new sports car.

Ep.50 29/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-29

It is a big day for Bernie. The Albert Square residents are still angry at the Slaters.

Ep.51 30/03/2018

Air Date: 2018-03-30

Hunter tries to stop Jack pursuing his mum. It is judgement day for the Slaters.

Ep.52 02/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-02

Bernie is concerned about Ted. Kat has a new plan for the Slaters to make some money. Sharon's family lunch does not go to plan.

Ep.53 03/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-03

Kat puts her plan into action. Hunter starts plotting.

Ep.54 05/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-05

It's clear that all is not forgiven with the Slaters. Louise confides in Bex.

Ep.55 06/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-06

It's the grand opening of E20. Jack persuades Honey to go to the opening, with surprising results.

Ep.56 09/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-09

Phil is on the warpath following his discovery - can Mel get through to him? Billy receives another knockback. Bernadette tries her hardest to help Ted.

Ep.57 10/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-10

Mel does all she can to protect her son. Whitney is stunned when Woody makes a surprise return to the square. Stacey is unhappy to see Hayley is back.

Ep.58 12/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-12

Kat gives Hayley a harsh talking-to but gets more than she bargained for. Vincent is left ashamed by his actions. Linda struggles to stay out of Whitney's business.

Ep.59 13/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-13

Woody has his eyes set on a new venture. Vincent grows sick of Phil's behaviour and considers taking action. Ted is taken back by Karen's touching gesture.

Ep.60 16/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-16

The pressure mounts for Vincent. Michelle begins home-tutoring Hunter. Woody and Billy compete for authority.

Ep.61 17/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-17

Tensions run high between Michelle and Mel. An angel investor comes to Walford. Vincent becomes increasingly desperate.

Ep.62 19/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-19

Ian tries to thwart Masood's interview slot with the investor. Stacey is concerned for Kat. Mel invites Linda to the club for a drink.

Ep.63 20/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-20

Ian's interview with the investor doesn't go to plan. Vincent makes a big decision.

Ep.64 23/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-23

Arshad offers his help to a stranger but all is not as it seems. Whitney ponders Tiffany's future in Walford. Ian continues to try to get one up on Masood.

Ep.65 24/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-24

Everyone is less than pleased to see Max - but why has he returned? Arshad's suspicions are confirmed. Tiffany tries to make things up to Whitney.

Ep.66 26/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-26

Arshad and Masood's worst fears come true. Tiffany is forced to contemplate her recent actions after being given a harsh reality check. Sharon offers Max some advice.

Ep.67 27/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-27

The Slaters are forced to dig themselves out of another hole. Max does all he can to get his life back together.

Ep.68 30/04/2018

Air Date: 2018-04-30

Whitney is thrilled when Halfway makes a surprise return. Phil is furious when he learns what Max is up to. Sharon tries to prove a point.

Ep.69 01/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-01

Phil attempts to take control of the situation with Max. Whitney pushes Halfway to explain what is really going on. Kim puts on a brave face.

Ep.70 03/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-03

The feud between Phil and Max builds. Mel meddles with Billy and Honey's relationship. Kush is back with some surprising news.

Ep.71 04/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-04

Mel tries to brush of the events of the previous night. Mick has a surprise for Halfway. Kim struggles to hold things together.

Ep.72 07/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-07

Martin and Jack get more than they bargained for at E20's bank holiday night. Halfway is up to something, leaving the Carters confused.

Ep.73 08/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-08

A suspicious car is casing the square, leaving some residents feeling anxious. Billy gives Honey an ultimatum about their relationship. Sonia enjoys looking after Martin.

Ep.74 10/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-10

Phil gives Kim some home truths. Ian and Masood plan a surprise party for Kathy.

Ep.75 11/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-11

The tension between Sonia and Stacey boils over at Kathy's party. Phil digs up some dirt on Max.

Ep.76 14/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-14

Mo continues with her latest money-making scheme. Hayley's return does not go down well with the locals. Phil puts the pressure on Robbie.

Ep.77 15/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-15

Hayley stirs up trouble. Halfway makes a confession. Sonia has a proposition for Martin.

Ep.78 17/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-17

Martin takes a chance only to be knocked back. Carmel and Karen come to blows.

Ep.79 18/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-18

Martin is left with a big decision. Stacey struggles with recent events. Carmel seeks revenge on Ian.

Ep.80 21/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-21

Keegan finds himself in a worrying situation, leading to dangerous consequences. Hayley and Kat come to blows.

Ep.81 22/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-22

Mick makes a horrifying discovery. Hayley tries to make the most of her situation. Arshad and Mariam leave Masood stunned.

Ep.82 24/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-24

The events of last night leave everyone shaken. Kat attempts to get revenge on Hayley.

Ep.83 25/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-25

The Kazemi family are torn apart. Kat contemplates her situation.

Ep.84 28/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-28

Everyone struggles to come to terms with the recent tragedy. Mick is wracked with guilt.

Ep.85 29/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-29

Jean comes up with a plan to help Kat see her kids. Karen is suspicious when Keegan goes to meet a friend.

Ep.86 31/05/2018

Air Date: 2018-05-31

Linda organises a touching tribute for Shakil. Hayley quizzes Kat about what happened in Spain.

Ep.87 01/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-01

Mel learns some worrying news about the club. Hayley gives Kat an ultimatum.

Ep.88 04/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-04

Robbie plays matchmaker for Stacey. Kush tries his best to support Carmel. Mel finds herself in hot water with Phil and Sharon.

Ep.89 05/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-05

Jack assists Mel with her problems at the club. Sonia gets a shock. Carmel sets her mind on a new scheme.

Ep.90 07/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-07

Kim desperately tries to reach out to Vincent. Ian offers to help Carmel with her campaign.

Ep.91 08/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-08

Denise encourages Kim to report Vincent missing. Martin and Stacey find themselves in an embarrassing situation. Jack gets more than he bargains for when trying to impress Mel.

Ep.92 11/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-11

Linda calls Stuart to help cheer up Mick. Kim learns new information about Vincent. Mel is convinced Jack is lying about Hunter.

Ep.93 12/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-12

Mel tries to blackmail Phil. Kim is convinced Phil is hiding something.

Ep.94 14/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-14

Masood prepares for an important date. Jack tries his best to change Mel's mind.

Ep.95 15/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-15

Denise accidentally reveals someone else's secret. Masood gets more than he bargained for.

Ep.96 18/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-18

The Slaters receive a mystery package and Hayley hatches a plan. Stuart has a suggestion for Mick, who then makes a big decision. Max and Rainie feel the pressure, while Ted is furious with the Taylors.

Ep.97 21/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-21

Karen tries to explain the truth, while Halfway reveals all to Linda.

Ep.98 22/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-22

Mick and Halfway get more than they bargained for. The Slaters reach a decision together, while Max and Rainie get an unexpected surprise.

Ep.99 25/06/2018

Air Date: 2018-06-25

Stacey and Martin make a decision. Carmel has an idea to remember Shakil. Kat is back and looking for answers. Tiff reaches out to Bernie.

Ep.100 29/06/2018 Part 1

Air Date: 2018-06-29

Ian and Masood prepare for the launch. Kat makes a shocking discovery. Tiff's plan backfires.

Ep.101 29/06/2018 Part 2

Air Date: 2018-06-29

Jean gets a big surprise. Ian is on a mission.

Ep.102 02/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-02

Kush breaks some difficult news to Carmel. Hayley begins her new money-making scheme. Rainie and Max struggle to keep up appearances.

Ep.103 05/07/2018 Part 1

Air Date: 2018-07-05

Max gives Rainie a reality check. Carmel continues to distract herself. Jean thwarts Hayley's new plan.

Ep.104 05/07/2018 Part 2

Air Date: 2018-07-05

Keegan and Carmel come to blows over everything that has happened. Robbie does his best to help Donna with her situation.

Ep.105 06/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-06

It is the day of Shakil's funeral, and everyone prepares themselves for the emotional day ahead.

Ep.106 09/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-09

Rainie is left feeling hopeless and resorts to desperate measures. Halfway learns an upsetting truth about his brother, and Martin struggles with the chaos at home.

Ep.107 10/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-10

Max and Rainie get a surprise visitor. Martin puts Stacey in a difficult position, while Mick is furious to hear about Stuart's latest act.

Ep.108 12/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-12

Rainie is torn over her options, while Stacey dreads the task ahead. Elsewhere, Masood grows tired of Ian's behaviour and sets him straight.

Ep.109 13/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-13

Tina opens up about the past to Sonia. Ian remains besotted with Mel and comes up with a plan to win her over, while Martin's week goes from bad to worse.

Ep.110 16/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-16

Tina struggles to deal with the past. Hayley and Mo strike a deal. Kandice returns needing her family's help.

Ep.111 17/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-17

Sonia offers Tina some support. Karen tries her best to help her sister. Hayley confides in a stranger.

Ep.112 19/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-19

Mick and Linda grow concerned about Tina. Kandice's plan starts to fall apart. Hayley gets a shock and is forced to think about her actions.

Ep.113 20/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-20

Mick tries to get to the bottom of what is going on. Hayley sets her mind to a new venture.

Ep.114 23/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-23

Mick is left conflicted about Stuart. Kat comes up with a plan but needs Keanu's help. Jean receives a mystery delivery.

Ep.115 24/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-24

Tina finds herself in danger. Jean has an idea to bring everyone together.

Ep.116 26/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-26

Tina seeks help from Mick and Linda. Hayley comes to Kat's rescue.

Ep.117 27/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-27

Halfway is determined to find out the truth. Kat has a surprising offer for Hayley.

Ep.118 30/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-30

Hayley makes a confession. Whitney is looking for answers. Hunter continues his scheming.

Ep.119 31/07/2018

Air Date: 2018-07-31

Jean fears for Kat and Hayley. Billy hatches a plan to help Jay.

Ep.120 02/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-02

Mick and Tina get a breakthrough. Jean takes matters into her own hands. Billy makes a shock discovery.

Ep.121 03/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-03

Hayley's guilt intensifies as she gets closer to the Slaters. Billy finds himself in a tricky situation.

Ep.122 06/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-06

The Carters are left unnerved. Kat is desperate for Hayley's help. Keanu finds himself in an impossible situation.

Ep.123 07/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-07

Halfway fears the worst. Keanu realises he is in over his head. Horrible memories surface for Keegan.

Ep.124 09/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-09

Concerned, Shirley hatches a plan. Things go from bad to worse for Keanu. Rainie looks to the future.

Ep.125 10/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-10

The Carters remain on edge. Keegan makes his brother see sense. Tensions run high between Max and Rainie.

Ep.126 13/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-13

Keanu confronts Karen about his past. Rainie revels in winding up Max. Mel starts to have doubts.

Ep.127 14/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-14

Keanu is tortured by his recent actions. Rainie goes to desperate lengths to get her way. Jack gives Mel an ultimatum.

Ep.128 16/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-16

Phil lectures Dennis about his behaviour. Rainie makes an admission to Max, leaving him stunned. Hayley's attention turns to someone unexpected.

Ep.129 17/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-17

Sharon is horrified by her discovery. Patrick and Bernadette do all they can to help Ted. Hayley takes a chance.

Ep.130 20/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-20

Ted receives a shock. Ian struggles to cope in the build-up to the launch. Billy shows no signs of giving up with his quest to win back Honey.

Ep.131 21/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-21

Ian and Masood feel the pressure at launch night. Bernadette's concerns grow for Ted. Billy puts his plan in action to win back Honey.

Ep.132 23/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-23

Ted's behaviour confuses the Taylors. Ian is set on revenge. Tiffany has her sights set on someone new.

Ep.133 24/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-24

Kathy makes an important decision about her future. The Taylors fear for Ted's safety.

Ep.134 27/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-27

Keanu is on the receiving end of Phil's wrath. Jean ties herself in knots trying to keep Hayley's secret. Honey finds herself in an awkward situation.

Ep.135 28/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-28

Sharon is conflicted about what to do. Stacey is left stunned by her discovery and assumes the worst. Billy puts on a brave face.

Ep.136 30/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-30

Hayley is livid at Jean's actions. Sharon and Phil attempt to put recent events behind them. Billy faces reality.

Ep.137 31/08/2018

Air Date: 2018-08-31

The Carters are unnerved by a series of strange goings-on. Honey takes a chance, leaving Billy deflated.

Ep.138 03/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-03

The Carters receive an unwelcome surprise. Jack makes a big decision about his future. Sharon is playing with fire.

Ep.139 04/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-04

The police arrive at the Vic. Keanu makes a shocking discovery. Jack's plan backfires.

Ep.140 06/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-06

The police continue their investigation. Mel finds herself in an impossible situation.

Ep.141 07/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-07

Jack's day goes from bad to worse. Shocking news ripples around the square. Sharon delivers some stern advice.

Ep.142 10/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-10

Suspicions are rife as a life hangs in the balance. Keanu makes a confession. Carmel receives a surprise visitor.

Ep.143 11/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-11

Following last week's incident, tensions at the Vic reach breaking point. Hunter is torn over an unsettling discovery. Carmel finds herself in a dilemma.

Ep.144 13/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-13

Max admits a truth to his brother about his situation. Carmel's decision leaves Kush furious.

Ep.145 14/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-14

Rainie makes a big decision. Carmel decides to face the past. Sharon hatches a plan.

Ep.146 17/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-17

The Carters anxiously wait for an update on Stuart. Shirley takes matters into her own hands. Kush is enraged by Sophie's presence.

Ep.147 18/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-18

Halfway reveals some alarming news. Stacey comes face to face with a blast from her past. Hayley is shocked when she receives an unwelcome visitor.

Ep.148 20/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-20

Things get even worse for the Carters. Martin is taken aback by Kush's behaviour.

Ep.149 21/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-21

Hayley fears the worst. It is a race against the clock for the Carters. Carmel is on a mission to make a change.

Ep.150 24/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-24

Mick is given a harsh wake-up call. Jack and Ray struggle to keep the peace. Keanu becomes determined to prove himself.

Ep.151 25/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-25

Mick fears for his life. Hunter is knocked back by Ray. Sonia meddles in Bex's future.

Ep.152 27/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-27

Mick gets a threat he cannot ignore. Bex continues to struggle following Shakil's death. Keanu is conflicted over an offer from Sharon.

Ep.153 28/09/2018

Air Date: 2018-09-28

Hunter grows suspicious of Ray and makes a shocking discovery. A worrying deadline hangs over Mick. Linda tries to take control.

Ep.154 01/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-01

Hunter wants to tell his mum the truth. The Carters receive more bad news. Tiffany hatches a plan to get what she wants.

Ep.155 02/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-02

Linda makes a shock announcement. Bernadette meddles in Tiffany's business. Sharon makes a big decision.

Ep.156 04/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-04

Jack gets more suspicions of Ray. Sharon is thrown into a panic. Tiffany finally gets what she wants.

Ep.157 05/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-05

Tiffany makes a shocking discovery. Shirley is determined to help Mick. Mel confronts Ray about her suspicions.

Ep.158 08/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-08

Stacey calls on Ruby to join her for a night out with Martin at the E20. Whitney gives Tiffany a strict order. Mel struggles to trust Ray.

Ep.159 09/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-09

Ruby confides in Stacey.

Ep.160 11/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-11

Ruby struggles to come to terms with what has happened. Mel's suspicions about Ray increase, leading to a shocking discovery. Bernadette finds herself in a tricky situation.

Ep.161 12/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-12

Martin struggles with what to do. Mel makes a surprising proposition. Billy continues to meddle with Honey's love life.

Ep.162 15/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-15

Hayley struggles to deal with her situation. Sharon receives some unsettling news. Kush has some surprising news for Martin.

Ep.163 16/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-16

Stacey and Ruby have a heart-to-heart chat. Jean makes a shocking discovery. Sharon fears that someone knows her and Keanu's secret.

Ep.164 18/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-18

Jean and Kat are concerned for Hayley. Ruby makes a big decision. Dot visits an old friend.

Ep.165 19/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-19

Kat and Jean try their best to help Hayley. Louise attempts to cheer up Sharon. Martin is left in a difficult situation.

Ep.166 22/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-22

Hayley gets a shock from an unexpected visitor. Linda tells Sharon some worrying news. Carmel is given a harsh reality check.

Ep.167 23/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-23

Karen confronts Keanu about her discovery. Doctor Legg makes a difficult decision. Hayley is forced to think about her future.

Ep.168 25/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-25

Keanu's suspicions are confirmed. Kat has her doubts about Hayley. Max gives Dot food for thought.

Ep.169 26/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-26

Karen tries to distract Keanu from his troubles. Hayley makes a rash decision. Carmel reaches out to Bex.

Ep.170 29/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-29

Hayley goes to desperate lengths to keep her secret. Carmel makes a decision about her future. Keegan takes matters into his own hands.

Ep.171 30/10/2018

Air Date: 2018-10-30

Hayley finds herself in a worrying situation. Martin's plan backfires at the E20. Bernadette questions Keegan's odd behaviour.

Ep.172 01/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-01

The Slaters realise Hayley is in trouble. Keegan pushes on with his plan. Martin's night out comes to a sudden end.

Ep.173 02/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-02

The Slaters desperately wait for news on Hayley. Carmel takes matters into her own hands.

Ep.174 05/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-05

Keegan is forced to face reality. Carmel makes a touching gesture. The Slaters worry about Hayley.

Ep.175 06/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-06

Max is suspicious when he sees Cora. Mel revels in her plan. Stuart reels Linda in.

Ep.176 08/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-08

Cora has a close call. Tina is alarmed by what she discovers. Mariam and Arshad find themselves in a difficult situation.

Ep.177 09/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-09

Kat makes a desperate plea. Louise and Hunter's birthday party goes awry. Ray tries to cover his tracks.

Ep.178 12/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-12

Cora drops a bombshell for Max and Rainie. Bev manipulates Hayley into making a big decision. Karen helps Keegan face everything that has happened.

Ep.179 13/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-13

The tension between Rainie and Cora boils over. Kat discovers Bev's plan. Dot receives an important letter from Doctor Legg.

Ep.180 15/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-15

Max and Rainie receive some good news from Ian. Jean assures Hayley that she can trust her. Kat receives a surprise call. Rainie's actions surprise Max.

Ep.181 19/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-19

Tina desperately tries to get through to Linda. Kat learns an upsetting truth. Ruby tries to move forward.

Ep.182 20/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-20

Shirley returns to the square and is horrified by what she learns. Stacey discovers the truth about Martin's betrayal. Louise offers an olive branch to Keanu.

Ep.183 22/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-22

Keanu is confused by Sharon's confession. Shirley sees red when Linda tries to take control. Kim gets revenge on Ian.

Ep.184 23/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-23

Following his return, Phil is on the warpath. Stuart charms Dot into giving him information.

Ep.185 26/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-26

Kat's world is turned upside down. Ruby receives some positive news. Mel puts her plan into action.

Ep.186 27/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-27

Kat struggles to cope. Martin is left conflicted. Mel gets the information she wants.

Ep.187 29/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-29

Tensions rise in The Vic amongst the residents as truths come to light.

Ep.188 30/11/2018

Air Date: 2018-11-30

Jean is determined to make Hayley's birthday special. Kat gets a shock.

Ep.189 03/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-03

Kat is floored by Alfie's return. Ian tries his best to get one up on Ray. Tiffany finds herself in an uncomfortable situation.

Ep.190 04/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-04

Hayley is caught off-guard at her birthday party. Mel plays a risky game. Max and Rainie argue about baby Abi.

Ep.191 06/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-06

Jean is determined to protect Hayley. Mel drops a bombshell. Bernadette is shocked at Tiffany's actions.

Ep.192 07/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-07

Jean gives Alfie an ultimatum. Stacey is taken aback by Jean's behaviour. Mel fears her plan is about to fall apart.

Ep.193 10/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-10

Alfie gets a reality check. Linda feels the pressure. Tiffany digs herself deeper into a hole.

Ep.194 11/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-11

Stuart is touched by Linda's support. Tiffany is forced to question her actions. Hayley makes a decision, leaving Alfie touched.

Ep.195 13/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-13

Recent events catch up with Linda as everything comes to a head.

Ep.196 14/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-14

Hayley worries that her secret will be exposed, and Tiffany fears the worst.

Ep.197 17/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-17

The Slaters grow concerned about Hayley, leaving Alfie on-edge. Ian steps up to the plate. Stacey makes a worrying discovery.

Ep.198 18/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-18

Alfie is stunned when Kat opens up about what's been troubling her. Stacey finds a unique way to help Ruby. Linda can't believe her luck.

Ep.199 20/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-20

An unwanted visitor arrives at the Slaters. Jean has some awkward news to announce.

Ep.200 21/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-21

Jean gets the wrong idea. Kim and Karen prepare to outdo each other. Linda attempts to put everything that has happened behind her.

Ep.201 24/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-24

Jean struggles with the burden of Alfie and Hayley's secret. Kim and Phil find themselves in an unexpected situation, while Linda fears the worst about Mick.

Ep.202 25/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-25

Kat is determined to have the perfect family Christmas, unaware that her world is about to be turned upside down when the truth about Alfie and Hayley surfaces - bringing with it consequences that nobody could predict.

Ep.203 26/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-26

With everyone stunned by recent events, chaos ensues at the Slater house.

Ep.204 27/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-27

Karen's plans for the perfect family Christmas end in typical Taylor fashion. Things start to look up for Louise, but she is quickly knocked back.

Ep.205 28/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-28

Mel makes the final preparations for her wedding day. Phil is furious when he finds himself on the back foot, while Bernadette is left heartbroken.

Ep.206 31/12/2018

Air Date: 2018-12-31

Mel fears her plan is falling apart, while Louise causes a scene.