Season 6

Season 6 (2018)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Pre-Washed Lettuce and a Mime

Air Date: 2018-09-27

Christy has second thoughts about law school after a tough first day, and Bonnie is plagued by an upsetting dream.

Ep.2 Go-Go Boots and a Butt Cushion

Air Date: 2018-10-04

When Christy decides she doesn’t need Gambler’s Anonymous anymore, Bonnie vehemently disagrees.

Ep.3 Ambulance Chasers and a Babbling Brook

Air Date: 2018-10-11

Christy’s demanding law professor leans on her a little too hard for support, and Bonnie’s plan to trick Adam into choosing a wedding venue backfires.

Ep.4 Big Sauce and Coconut Water

Air Date: 2018-10-18

Christy is certain that Bonnie is in over her head when she invites a freshly paroled Tammy to stay with them.

Ep.5 Flying Monkeys and a Tank of Nitrous

Air Date: 2018-10-25

When Marjorie's husband passes away, the ladies accompany her on a trip to memorialize him.

Ep.6 Cottage Cheese and a Weird Buzz

Air Date: 2018-11-01

Christy and Jill clash over a gambling debt; Bonnie's new hobby troubles Adam.

Ep.7 Puzzle Club and a Closet Party

Air Date: 2018-11-08

Christy and Wendy help Jill clean out her closet, which turns out to be a bigger job than expected; Bonnie, Marjorie and Tammy take up a new hobby.

Ep.8 Jell-O Shots and the Truth About Santa

Air Date: 2018-11-15

Bonnie pushes Christy to mend her relationship with Violet; Adam prepares for the grand opening of his bar.

Ep.9 Pork Loin and a Beat-up Monte Carlo

Air Date: 2018-11-22

Christy competes with her classmates for a prestigious internship, and Bonnie babysits Tammy following her oral surgery.

Ep.10 Flamingos and a Dance-Based Exercise Class

Air Date: 2018-12-06

Bonnie and the ladies help Tammy prepare for her first date since getting out of prison. Also, in order to take the edge off, Christy revisits one of her old vices.

Ep.11 Foot Powder and the Barrelworks Pirates

Air Date: 2018-12-13

Christy's search for the perfect Secret Santa gift leads her to discover Adam has been hiding something from Bonnie. Also, Tammy looks for a job in order to avoid being sent back to prison.

Ep.12 Hacky Sack and a Beautiful Experience

Air Date: 2019-01-10

Christy's smoking causes problems when the ladies take a road trip. Also, Bonnie offers Adam unsolicited business advice.

Ep.13 Big Floor Pillows and a Ball of Fire

Air Date: 2019-01-17

Christy and Bonnie are suspicious when Adam's best friend returns, insisting he's a changed man.

Ep.14 Kalamazoo And a Bad Wedge of Brie

Air Date: 2019-01-31

Christy's plan to win her sponsor's approval backfires, and the ladies rush in to help after Jill's house is broken into.

Ep.15 Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

Air Date: 2019-02-14

Christy is the only one without plans on Valentine's Day, so Bonnie takes her on a mother-daughter date. Also, Marjorie's attempt to have a quiet night in is ruined when everyone calls on her for help.

Ep.16 Skippy And The Knowledge Hole

Air Date: 2019-02-21

Christy finds it challenging to quit smoking, while Bonnie helps Tammy prepare for the GED test.

Ep.17 A Dark Closet and Therapy With Horses

Air Date: 2019-03-07

Bonnie reluctantly consults a therapist for help with her attention deficit disorder; Christy battles her urge to gamble on sports while helping out at the bar.

Ep.18 Soup Town and a Little Blonde Mongoose

Air Date: 2019-04-03

When Christy gets sick, Bonnie is consumed with an overwhelming urge to mother her.

Ep.19 Lumbar Support and Old Pork

Air Date: 2019-04-18

Bonnie has an unexpected reaction when she learns that Adam's bar is doing well. Also, Christy and Tammy go on a double date.

Ep.20 Triple Dip and an Overhand Grip

Air Date: 2019-04-25

Bonnie and Tammy revisit childhood memories on a trip to their old foster home. Also, Christy and Jill regret accepting a date with two guys from their AA meeting.

Ep.21 Fingers Guns and a Beef Bourguignon

Air Date: 2019-05-02

Christy discovers her new job at a law firm isn't quite what she expected; Bonnie's therapist pushes her to confront her problem with procrastination.

Ep.22 Crazy Hair and a Teeny Tiny Part of Canada

Air Date: 2019-05-09