Episodes List

Ep.1 Pre-Washed Lettuce and a Mime

Air Date: 2018-09-27

Christy has second thoughts about law school after a tough first day, and Bonnie is plagued by an upsetting dream.

Ep.2 Go-Go Boots and a Butt Cushion

Air Date: 2018-10-04

When Christy decides she doesn’t need Gambler’s Anonymous anymore, Bonnie vehemently disagrees.

Ep.3 Ambulance Chasers and a Babbling Brook

Air Date: 2018-10-11

Christy’s demanding law professor leans on her a little too hard for support, and Bonnie’s plan to trick Adam into choosing a wedding venue backfires.

Ep.4 Big Sauce and Coconut Water

Air Date: 2018-10-18

Christy is certain that Bonnie is in over her head when she invites a freshly paroled Tammy to stay with them.