Specials (2005)

The specials of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who include the yearly Christmas specials as well as anniversary episodes, preview episodes, webisodes, and all other non-season episodes. Also included is the series Doctor Who Extra.

Episodes: 149

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Episodes List

Ep.1 Children in Need: Born Again

Air Date: 2005-11-18

The newly-regenerated Doctor explains to a disbelieving Rose that he has regenerated.

Ep.2 The Christmas Invasion

Air Date: 2005-12-25

Location: London, England, Earth Date: December 2006 Enemy: The Sycorax Rose and the newly-regenerated Doctor continue their adventures together in this Christmas Special episode. Christmas becomes a time of terror for Planet Earth, as the whole of mankind falls under the shadow of the alien Sycorax. Rose needs the Doctor's help, but can she trust a man with a new face?

Ep.3 The Attack of the Graske

Air Date: 2005-12-25

A special interactive adventure that BBC viewers were able to access by pressing their red button on the remote control.

Ep.4 The Runaway Bride

Air Date: 2006-12-25

Location: Earth Date: Christmas 2006 Enemy: Empress of the Racnoss, Roboforms Bride-to-be Donna vanishes as she walks down the aisle to marry boyfriend Lance. To her complete astonishment - and the Doctor's - she reappears in the Tardis. As the Time Lord, still reeling from Rose's departure, investigates how Donna came to be there, the duo uncover a terrifying enemy. How far will the Doctor go to save Earth from the latest alien threat?

Ep.5 The Infinite Quest

Air Date: 2007-06-30

Location: The Infinite, Boukon, Volag-Noc, Myarr, Pheros Date: 40th Century Enemies: Baltazar The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones set off on an adventure through space to find the datachips to unlock The Infinite, a huge spaceship that can grant people their heart's desire. However, the evil Baltazar is also searching for the ship.

Ep.6 Children in Need: Time Crash

Air Date: 2007-11-16

Location: TARDIS Date: none Enemies: None After Martha says goodbye to the Doctor and leaves, he is surprised to find a problem with the TARDIS. Suddenly, a man materializes - the Fifth Doctor. But why's he here, and what's happened to the TARDIS?

Ep.7 Voyage of the Damned

Air Date: 2007-12-25

Location: The Titanic Cruise Liner, Earth Date: Christmas 2008 Enemies: The Hosts, Max Capricorn At the end of Last of the Time Lords, a ship crashes through the side of the TARDIS, mid flight, and a life ring bearing the name 'Titanic' is thrown towards the Doctor - what on Earth is going on?

Ep.8 Proms Special: Music of the Spheres

Air Date: 2008-07-27

The TARDIS is breeched by a Graske, who has come to “warn” the Doctor of a space portal opening up in the TARDIS. When the Doctor goes to look, he finds himself the entertainment of the real life BBC Proms, but the troublesome Graske has ideas of his own...

Ep.9 The Next Doctor

Air Date: 2008-12-25

Location: London, England Date: Christmas Eve, 1851 Enemies: Cybermen The Doctor arrives in Victorian London, it's Christmas, but the snow isn't the only thing descending on the tranquil and jubilant civilization...familiar silver giants of an alternate reality are amassing in numbers, The Cybermen are on the move again, and the only beings who can stop them are The Doctor...and another Doctor?

Ep.10 Christmas Moments

Air Date: 2008-12-26

A look back at the best moments from the Doctor's festive adventures.

Ep.11 Doctor Who at the Proms

Air Date: 2009-01-01

A family concert featuring music from the BBC's Doctor Who series, and including a specially filmed scene, written by Russell T Davies and starring David Tennant. There's also a selection of classical favourites with a strong flavour of time and space. Join Freema Agyeman (aka Martha Jones), and others from the Doctor Who cast, for an intergalactic musical adventure - with a little help from Daleks, Cybermen and other aliens from the series!

Ep.13 Planet of the Dead

Air Date: 2009-04-11

Location: London, Earth San Helios Date: Easter 2009 Enemies: Stingrays The Doctor, along with the lady Christina de Souza and other passengers, finds himself transported to a barren desert planet on a double-decker bus. As the Doctor and Christina struggle to uncover the mysteries beneath the sand, the Swarm draws closer.

Ep.14 The Waters of Mars

Air Date: 2009-11-15

Location: Bowie Base One, Mars Date: 21st November 2059 Enemies: The Flood The Doctor joins forces with his oldest companion on record when a military base comes under attack from sentient, dangerous waters. It may be another stand against immeasurable odds, but waiting in the wings for the Time Lord is a sign all songs must end....

Ep.15 Dreamland

Air Date: 2009-12-05

Location: Roswell, New Mexico & Area 51 Date: 1947 & 1958 Enemies: Viperox, US Military,Alliance of Shades Skorpius Flies During a visit to a local diner the doctor stumbles upon a mysterious alien artefact that leads him on a mission to rescue Rivesh Mantilax from the threat of the Viperox and the clutches of the American military in New Mexico.

Ep.16 The End of Time - Part One

Air Date: 2009-12-25

Location: London, Earth Date: December 2009 Enemies: The Master, The Time Lords, Joshua Naismith Facing his mortality, the Doctor returns to Earth find the planet's population haunted by horrific nightmares all their own. Reuniting with Wilf, The Doctor investigates a lingering mystery that threatens to unravel the planet as an old enemy prepares to be reborn.

Ep.17 The End of Time - Part Two

Air Date: 2010-01-01

Location: London, Earth Date: December 2009 Enemies: The Master, The Time Lords, Joshua Naismith Dark forces amass at The Gate. Only The Doctor stands between the age of order and the time of chaos... only one song remains to be sung...

Ep.19 Tardisode 01: New Earth

Air Date: 2006-04-08

Novice Hame, one of the feline nurses working at the hospital on New Earth, presents a promotional video for the infirmary, claiming the staff can cure any disease. She welcomes the audience to come to the hospital before pointing out one of the hospital’s current patients, who has a terminal illness known as Autras Disease. Moments later the patient is cured, sitting in bed holding a bunch of flowers. Hame claims the nurses never loose a patient, for they are here to help. Suddenly there is a cry of a woman screaming for help, followed by the screeching whine of a cat. All is not as it seems in the hospital…

Ep.20 Tardisode 02: Tooth And Claw

Air Date: 2006-04-15

An alien pod hurtles through space, heading for Earth. It crash-lands in a ball of flame somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, apparently unseen. Three hundred years later a man walks alone amongst the unchanged landscape, followed by the unsettling growl of a beast. He looks around for the source of the noise but sees nothing, and so continues on his way. A moment later the noise sounds again and he looks back over his shoulder a second time. On this occasion he sees the creature following him and runs for his life. However, he is unable to escape. The giant beast pounces and drags him to the ground…

Ep.21 Tardisode 03: School Reunion

Air Date: 2006-04-22

Mickey sits alone in a café, clicking frantically on his laptop computer. He flicks through dozens of pictures showing mysterious UFOs but these mean nothing to him, he needs something bigger. He finally arrives at a page where he cannot enter due to an access denial by an organization known as ‘Torchwood’. He realizes this is what he has been looking for and takes out his mobile phone. He calls Rose and tells her there are strange goings on back on Earth; there has been increased activity at a nearby school, including a lot of strange lights in the sky. He tells her that he needs her and the Doctor; there is something out there. Sure enough, miles away in the corridors of the school a giant bat-like creature stands and unfolds it’s wings, revealing itself and screeching out into the night…

Ep.22 Tardisode 04: The Girl In The Fireplace

Air Date: 2006-04-29

On a spaceship deep in space one of the observation crew is taken by surprise when an ion storm erupts nearby. She calls out a warning to the rest of the crew but it is too late; the impact rocks the ship and the computer panels begin to overload in a shower of sparks. She calls out a mayday signal but there is nobody left to hear it. Some time later the crew all lie dead. A loud ticking echoes around the command deck as a shadowed figure approaches the last survivor who sighs with relief at its presence. Suddenly she realizes it is not there to help her and she screams out to no avail, she is doomed… Elsewhere, on an ornate mantelpiece above a fireplace a clock is ticking away, until suddenly its face cracks and time stops…

Ep.23 Tardisode 05: Rise of the Cybermen

Air Date: 2006-05-06

On a computer screen; a message has been received by a group known as ‘The Preachers’ from another figure known as ‘Gemini’. It details that the subject of the report is John Lumic, founder of Cybus Industries (est. 1982). It reports the main information on Cybus Industries; such as the profit margin of $78 billion in 2001, and a report from South America that in 2004 259,996 people went missing from within its borders. Finally it reports the Lumic is working on his “ultimate upgrade” and then goes on to say that he must be stopped. Across the globe metal men are preparing to disembark as part of the upgrade and as the report concludes a figure resembling Mickey sits in a large blue van, watching the screen before him. He watches as the report calls for all Preachers to mobilize and as the message ends with an advertisement from Cybus Industries promoting the upcoming “ultimate upgrade”, he drives away…

Ep.24 Tardisode 06: The Age Of Steel

Air Date: 2006-05-13

A report issued from John Lumic to every continent on the planet orders all cyber factories across the Earth to begin production, the “ultimate upgrade” is about to reach maximum velocity. As the report continues it details the objectives of the upgrade; the removal of the human brain from its body and its replacement into a brand new metal body. Across the globe hoards of Cybermen are being manufactured and are starting to awaken. They line the streets in preparation to take over the world; their orders stand to delete all incompatible material…

Ep.25 Tardisode 07: The Idiot's Lantern

Air Date: 2006-05-20

In an ordinary 1950’s household a deliveryman uncovers a brand new state of the art television set to an excited old woman. That night she sits down in preparation to watch the set as tendrils of red electricity buzz around the device. She concludes that it is not working and gets out of her chair to hit the set in order to try and make it work. However as she does so the red tendrils of electricity flare up to and begin to break free of the television screen. They pursue her as she retreats back to her chair in terror and make a move towards her face. Some time later the old woman is gone; leaving only the television set to broadcast a report on the upcoming coverage of the following day’s coronation of Queen Elizabeth II…

Ep.26 Tardisode 08: The Impossible Planet

Air Date: 2006-05-27

In a shining white office an official-looking woman consults a man called Captain Walker, explaining a planet has been located holding a powerful power-source capable of preventing the world from being sucked into a black hole. If he has go and retrieve it he will have saved the empire. She shows him a series of artifacts that led them to find the planet, including an ancient book of strange symbols apparently detailing the planet’s myths. Walker asks to know more about them but the woman dismisses them, telling him he can overcome them as he is a big strong man with a top ship and a top crew. She bids him goodbye and good luck and as he goes he passes a slave creature holding a translation orb. It watches him go before claiming “the beast shall rise from the pit…”

Ep.27 Tardisode 09: The Satan Pit

Air Date: 2006-06-03

One of the Ood passes a member of the sanctuary base a box of possessions belonging to the late Captain Walker. He takes them and seals the box but reopens it when the lights dim and the computers begin to claim that “he shall awake”. He takes out a book containing a series of ancient symbols and as he looks the computers around him go mad, spouting that “the beast is awake and he shall rise from the pit”. Doors begin to lock themselves and the book bursts into flames, reducing itself into dust. The young man tries to open a nearby door but it is locked tight, and all it can do is tell him the “he is coming…” Some time later the young man sits in a swivel chair in the returned-to-normal room. A young woman enters and tries to talk to him but gets no reply. She turns his chair around to find him lifeless; a series of the ancient symbols etched to his skin…

Ep.28 Tardisode 10: Love And Monsters

Air Date: 2006-06-17

A heavy-breathing man holding a cane sits in a high-backed chair staring at a laptop before him. As he drums his fingers on the smooth surface of the device he stares at the website it displays; an appeal from an organization called L.I.N.D.A asking for information on a man called the Doctor. He clicks on a link regarding becoming a member of L.I.N.D.A but it proves fruitless, L.I.N.D.A is a secret organization. He instead takes out an alien looking device and aims it at the screen which changes, instead tracking down the location the website is run from. He is given an address but before he can continue there is a knock at the door. A cheerful tea lady walks in and prepares to give him a cup of tea, but as she turns to see the figure sitting before her she screams in terror…

Ep.29 Tardisode 11: Fear Her

Air Date: 2006-06-17

In an ‘ordinary’ London street a reporter for a television called “Crime Crackers” tells his viewers that things are amiss in suburbia. Two children have gone missing from their own homes and the police do not know where they have gone or why they were taken. He calls upon the ‘crime crackers’ of the nation to help find the missing youths and gives a phone number to contact the programme with if they should have any information on the matter. As the reporter signs off he is unaware that somewhere in the street there stands a wardrobe, its doors shaking. They fly open to reveal a pair of blood-red glowing eyes, calling out for Chloe…

Ep.30 Tardisode 12: Army Of Ghosts

Air Date: 2006-06-24

In a newspaper office a young male reporter tells his editor he can get her the biggest story of the century, the story of Torchwood. She tells him to find it for her and soon he is on the streets communicating with secret contacts who provide him with evidence to back up his suspicions of an organisation stretching back to the time of Queen Victoria. He begins to see what all of this has in common with the ghosts that have been appearing across the globe and no sooner has he finished he is handing in his story. He tells his editor to publish it quickly or he will be found out…but t is too late. His editor has double crossed him and handed him over to Torchwood, who provide hew with a new nondescript front page and take the young reported away, who screams out that he knows the truth about the ghosts…

Ep.31 Tardisode 13: Doomsday

Air Date: 2006-07-01

A newsreader sitting at her desk in a TV studio delivers an emergency broadcast. The country is under attack and the government have declared it a state of emergency. As she talks clips of the Cybermen attacking army strongholds are shown on screen, the metal giants wiping out anyone and anything that stands in their way. The reporter hears from her earpiece that there is no new word from the government; the country is on its own. She unnervingly explains that the Cybermen are everywhere, before urging people to run if they see the metal monsters. Suddenly the building is under attack and as the desperate newsreader falls to the floor explosions rock the room, destroying the set. The reporter then tearfully calls out to her mum and dad before attempting to sign off, but it is too late.

Ep.32 Doctor Who at the Proms (2010)

Air Date: 2010-09-06

Doctor Who returns to the Proms with a new show hosted by stars Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, featuring Murray Gold's music, behind-the-scenes access and a host of monsters.

Ep.33 Children in Need: A TARDIS Tea Party

Air Date: 2010-11-19

Matt and Karen introduce us to 2 boys who have benefited from money raised by Children In Need and have tea in the Tardis with them. This also includes a preview of the Doctor Who Christmas episode "A Christmas Carol".

Ep.34 A Christmas Carol

Air Date: 2010-12-25

Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way The Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser. But is Kazran Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown, beyond redemption? And what is lurking in the fogs of Christmas Eve?

Ep.35 Space (1)

Air Date: 2011-03-18

A special two-part mini episode with the Doctor, Amy and Rory in danger aboard the TARDIS.

Ep.36 Time (2)

Air Date: 2011-03-18

A special two-part mini episode with the Doctor, Amy and Rory in danger aboard the TARDIS.

Ep.37 Best of the Doctor

Air Date: 2011-08-13

Matt Smith reviews his best moments; Celebrity fans share their favorite moments.

Ep.38 Death is the Only Answer

Air Date: 2011-10-01

Dr Who mini episode written by Oakley Junior School students.

Ep.39 Best of the Monsters

Air Date: 2011-08-27

An in depth look at Iconic monsters from the series, As reflected on by guest stars from the last 2 seasons

Ep.40 Best of the Companions

Air Date: 2011-09-03

Highlighted moments featuring Amy, Rory and River Song.

Ep.41 Doctor Who: A Celebration Concert

Air Date: 2007-05-28

A musical odyssey through time and space with highlights and background footage from the Doctor Who - A Celebration concert at the Wales Millennium Centre in November 2006. Hosted by David Tennant, artists include the BBC National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales under the baton of Ben Foster, Oods, Daleks and Cybermen. The programme has insights into the musical soundtrack from composer Murray Gold, Doctor Who head writer Russell T Davies and executive producer Julie Gardner.

Ep.42 The Impossible Astronaut Prequel

Air Date: 2011-03-25

The new series of Doctor Who begins at Easter with The Impossible Astronaut. But before that we have a short scene written by Steven Moffat that reveals a little of what we can expect from the adventure … and what the Doctor will be facing!

Ep.43 The Curse of the Black Spot Prequel

Air Date: 2011-04-30

The next episode of Doctor Who is a scary, action-packed adventure called The Curse of the Black Spot. It's on BBC ONE on Saturday, 7 May at 6.15pm but you can watch the spine-chilling Prequel to the story right now...

Ep.44 A Good Man Goes to War Prequel

Air Date: 2011-05-28

As the Doctor prepares to face his darkest hour, key players conspire and a grim warning is given… Please note, we strongly recommend watching The Almost People before enjoying the Prequel.

Ep.45 Let's Kill Hitler Prequel

Air Date: 2011-08-15

The adventure continues in this brilliant Prequel written by Steven Moffat… The battle of Demon's Run has been fought. Now return to the TARDIS to discover a little of what happened next!

Ep.46 The Wedding of River Song Prequel

Air Date: 2011-09-26

Before the Doctor returns to Lake Silencio, we return to Area 52…

Ep.47 The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

Air Date: 2012-11-18

The story is set during World War II and is about a family of Blitz refugees, Madge Arwell and her two children, Lily and Cyril, who have to relocate to Dorset, where they meet the Doctor.

Ep.48 Children in Need: The Doctor's Clothes

Air Date: 2011-11-18

Bid for the Doctor's clothes at http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey

Ep.49 Best of the Christmas Specials

Air Date: 2011-12-24

Hilights from the Christmas Specials. Reflections on the first 5 Christmas specials by celebrities, guest stars and fans.

Ep.50 The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe Prequel

Air Date: 2011-12-06

Watch an exclusive jaw-dropper prequel to the 2011 Christmas Special, written by Steven Moffat and starring Matt Smith.

Ep.51 Night and the Doctor: Bad Night

Air Date: 2011-11-22

Amy wakes to answer the TARDIS phone, only to discover the Doctor desperate to deal with British royalty, a goldfish and a housefly.

Ep.52 Night and the Doctor: Good Night

Air Date: 2011-11-22

Amy finally gets to ask the Doctor the question that has been plaguing her since DW: Space: how can she remember two distinct histories of her life since the universe was rebooted in DW: The Big Bang? The Doctor in part answers her question by giving her a chance to do a good deed for herself when she was a child.

Ep.53 Night and the Doctor: First Night

Air Date: 2011-11-22

The Doctor arrives at Stormcage to pick up River Song on the evening of her imprisonment on twelve-thousand consecutive life sentences. It's their "first date", but his plans are complicated when a future version of River turns up.

Ep.54 Night and the Doctor: Last Night

Air Date: 2011-11-22

With no fewer than three River Songs from different times roaming the TARDIS, the Doctor has to avoid contaminating the timeline.

Ep.55 Night and the Doctor: Up All Night

Air Date: 2011-11-22

Craig, Sophie and Alfie have a brief scene in which Craig discusses his fears of dealing with his son.

Ep.56 Good as Gold

Air Date: 2012-05-24

An Olympic-themed mini-episode written by British schoolchildren.

Ep.57 The Science of Doctor Who

Air Date: 2012-08-04

Like all great science fiction shows, there are kernels of truth and nuggets of science fact scattered throughout the incredible “Doctor Who” universe. In this special, we are going to explore these dynamic “Doctor Who” moments where science fiction and science fact converge and mingle.

Ep.58 The Women of Doctor Who

Air Date: 2012-08-11

A special celebrating the women of the Doctor Who universe.

Ep.59 The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who

Air Date: 2012-08-18

A special exploring the mind-bending time-travels of the Doctor.

Ep.60 The Destinations of Doctor Who

Air Date: 2012-08-25

A special visiting all the fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) locales of Doctor Who.

Ep.61 Pond Life (1)

Air Date: 2012-08-27

Whilst the Ponds enjoy life at home, the Doctor has been having some unplanned adventures.

Ep.62 Pond Life (2)

Air Date: 2012-08-28

The Doctor picks the wrong time to turn up unannounced.

Ep.63 Pond Life (3)

Air Date: 2012-08-29

Rory stumbles upon an unexpected guest in his bathroom.

Ep.64 Pond Life (4)

Air Date: 2012-08-30

Domestic life with the Ponds is never dull!

Ep.65 Pond Life (5)

Air Date: 2012-08-31

The Doctor finally arrives at the Ponds House. But where are they?

Ep.66 The Snowmen

Air Date: 2012-12-25

Christmas Eve, 1892, and the falling snow is the stuff of fairy tales. When the fairytale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help. But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe. As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind, or will he fight to save the world and Christmas from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace?

Ep.67 Meanwhile in the TARDIS (1)

Air Date: 2010-11-09

On her first trip in the TARDIS, Amy questions the Eleventh Doctor on how the time machine works, why it takes the shape of a police box, and whether he is an alien. The Doctor answers most of her questions, and then opens the TARDIS doors to reveal that thy are in deep space. When Amy doesn't believe what she is seeing, the Doctor pushes her though the doors.

Ep.68 Meanwhile in the TARDIS (2)

Air Date: 2010-11-09

As Amy continues her attempts to seduce him, the Doctor explains to her true reason why he travels with a companion. She tricks him into asking the TARDIS to display visual records of previous inhabitants, before he decides to go find Rory at his bachelor party.

Ep.69 Asylum of the Daleks Prequel

Air Date: 2012-09-02

The Doctor receives a message from a mysterious hooded stranger – a woman called Darla Von Karlsen wants to meet him...

Ep.70 The Making of the Gunslinger (A Town Called Mercy Prequel)

Air Date: 2012-09-09

Civil war has ravaged the Kahler race, but a team of scientists has found an advantage. The Gunslinger is born.

Ep.71 The Last Day of the Ponds

Air Date: 2012-09-29

Matt, Karen, Arthur and the team reflect on the Ponds’ era and their emotional farewell.

Ep.72 Doctor Who in America / Doctor Who in the U.S.

Air Date: 2011-04-30

Behind the scenes with Doctor Who shooting in the U.S. Featuring interviews with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan plus Executive Producer and Lead Writer Steven Moffat.

Ep.74 The Great Detective (Children in Need)

Air Date: 2012-11-16

Matt and Jenna introduce the Doctor Who Christmas Prequel, The Great Detective, in which Vastra, Jenny and Strax try to persuade the grumpy Doctor to engage again.

Ep.75 Doctor Who: P.S.

Air Date: 2012-10-12

Find out what happened to Rory's dad and the Ponds in this unshot scene by Chris Chibnall.

Ep.76 Doctor Who: Rewind - Trust your Doctor

Air Date: 2011-04-23

Doctor Who: Rewind was a documentary co-produced by BBC America, BBC Worldwide and BBC Wales. It was essentially a recap of the story arc of series 5, with emphasis on the narrative points likely to recur in series 6. It debuted on BBCA immediately before their premiere of The Impossible Astronaut. It was a sequel of sorts to Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, a similar documentary made by many of the same BBCA crew.

Ep.77 Vastra Investigates: A Christmas Prequel

Air Date: 2012-12-17

Madame Vastra, accompanied by her loyal companions Jenny Flint and Strax, is called upon to investigate a Victorian murder mystery. But where is the Doctor?

Ep.78 An Adventure in Space and Time

Air Date: 2013-11-21

This special one-off drama travels back in time to 1963 to see how Doctor Who was first brought to the screen. Actor William Hartnell felt trapped by a succession of hard-man roles. Wannabe producer Verity Lambert was frustrated by the TV industry's glass ceiling. Both of them were to find unlikely hope and unexpected challenges in the form of a Saturday tea-time drama. Allied with a team of unusual but brilliant people, they went on to create the longest running science fiction series ever made.

Ep.79 The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel

Air Date: 2013-03-23

The Doctor takes a break on Earth, despondent that he can't find Clara.

Ep.80 The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later

Air Date: 2013-03-25

In the aftermath of the Battle of Demons Run, a battled-scarred Strax lies dead on the floor — or has he just fainted...

Ep.81 National Television Awards Sketch 2011

Air Date: 2011-01-26

Dermot O'Leary wakes up late for the National Television Awards. The Eleventh Doctor tries to take him there, but keeps ending up in the wrong place, meeting many famous people in places such as Walford, Weatherfield and the BBC Television Centre in 2111.

Ep.82 The Night of the Doctor

Air Date: 2013-11-14

On the eve of his most terrible battle, the Time Lord is faced with a choice that will change the course of his life. The darkest of days are about to begin.

Ep.83 The Day of the Doctor

Air Date: 2013-11-23

The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure in this 50th anniversary special. In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London's National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor's own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

Ep.84 The Time of the Doctor

Air Date: 2013-12-25

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe's deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars. And amongst them, the Doctor. Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

Ep.85 She Said, He Said (The Name of the Doctor Prequel)

Air Date: 2013-05-11

The Doctor and Clara reflect on how little they know about each other.

Ep.86 Clarence and the Whispermen (The Name of the Doctor Prequel)

Air Date: 2013-05-27

The Whispermen approach Clarence DeMarco in jail providing him with the coordinates to Trenzalore.

Ep.87 Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor

Air Date: 2013-08-04

The half-hour show, presented by Zoe Ball, will feature an interview with the new lead, as well as 11th Doctor Matt Smith and executive producer Steven Moffat. According to the official announcement, Ball "will unveil the 12th Doctor in the first ever interview in front of a live studio audience set against the backdrop of a swirling vortex, amongst Daleks and the Tardis".

Ep.88 Doctor Who at the Proms 2013

Air Date: 2013-08-26

The concert features the very best of Murray Gold’s scores for recent adventures as well as music from the eras of the early Doctors. Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman make special appearances and it’s great to see Madam Vastra and Strax back, hosting the Prom… In fact, any concert without a Sontaran and a Silurian will now seem relatively pedestrian! And watch out for some very special surprise guests who help make this an unforgettable celebration of the music of Doctor Who.

Ep.89 The Companions

Air Date: 2013-03-31

As the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald, steps into the TARDIS, take a look back at previous companions that have won over the Doctor’s heart in Doctor Who: The Companions. Along the way, companions old and new talk about how the show has changed their lives, and how they've never quite managed to leave the TARDIS behind. Matt Smith and David Tennant are joined by fellow contributors including John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Arthur Darvill (Rory) and Noel Clarke (Mickey).

Ep.90 The Science of Doctor Who

Air Date: 2013-11-14

For one night only, Professor Brian Cox takes an audience of celebrity guests, including Charles Dance and Rufus Hound, and members of the public on a journey into the wonderful universe of the Doctor, from the lecture hall of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Drawing on the latest theories as well as 200 years of scientific discoveries and the genius of Einstein, Brian tries to answer the classic questions raised by the Doctor - can you really travel in time? Does extra-terrestrial life exist in our galaxy? And how do you build something as fantastical as the TARDIS?

Ep.91 The Ultimate Guide

Air Date: 2013-11-18

Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman celebrate the 50th anniversary of the space-travelling Time Lord and take an in-depth look at of one of the most intriguing fictional characters of all time. With the 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, about to hit our screens there's a look at all 11 incarnations of the Doctor and their most famous scenes and storylines, an exploration of the many sides to the Doctor and asking what is he really like. Plus, a look at The Doctor's many travelling companions and adversaries over the years and how they all contribute to creating the longest running sci-fi show of all time.

Ep.92 The Afterparty

Air Date: 2013-11-23

Zoe Ball and Rick Edwards are live, getting the party started for the ultimate celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who. With an impressive guest list of Doctors and companions both past and present, celebrity fans and some very special surprises, this is the afterparty not to be missed. As well as all the gossip on the new episode The Day of the Doctor, there are exclusive interviews, showstopping monster moments and plenty of fun. So make a date to celebrate with us and be a part of this time-travelling extravaganza as we say Happy Birthday Doctor Who.

Ep.93 The Last Day

Air Date: 2013-11-20

First day on the front line? Time to attach a Headcam for a soldier's point-of-view. What could possibly go wrong?

Ep.94 Doctor Who Explained

Air Date: 2013-11-22

Everything you really need to know about the Doctor - current, future or past.

Ep.95 The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

Air Date: 2013-11-23

A star studded special written and directed by Peter Davison. With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who about to film, the 'Classic' Doctors are keen to be involved. But do they manage it?

Ep.96 The Day of the Doctor: Behind the Lens

Air Date: 2013-11-23

As Doctor Who celebrates 50 years, we go behind the lens on the year's most anticipated television drama. Voiced by the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, we catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. It's a rollercoaster ride and a time to celebrate. Features Matt Smith, David Tennant and Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and John Hurt, as well as lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, discussing their 50th Anniversary experiences.

Ep.97 Tales from the TARDIS

Air Date: 2013-11-18

An all-new special, Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS, features the series’ actors and producers sharing their experiences and memories of the world’s longest-running sci-fi show. The special features exclusive interviews with principal cast members from the show’s 50-year history, including actors who have played the Doctor: Matt Smith, David Tennant, Tom Baker, and Peter Davison, actors who have played companions: Jenna Coleman, Karen Gillan, Freema Agyeman, and William Russell, as well as the current lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. The discussion includes how the actors got cast, how the roles changed their lives, how a ‘regeneration’ is recorded, and how filming the show in the 60′s compares to today.

Ep.98 Clara and the TARDIS

Air Date: 2013-09-24

Clara Oswald gets into an argument with the TARDIS after the TARDIS plays a practical joke on her in the shower and then makes her bedroom disappear. After revealing to Clara that she is far from being the first girl the Doctor has "brought home", the TARDIS plays another trick on Clara that has her seeing double, and triple, and quadruple...

Ep.99 Rain Gods

Air Date: 2013-09-24

The Doctor and River Song find themselves at the mercy of the natives of the planet of the Rain Gods, who mean to sacrifice them to their deities, until the Doctor calls upon the gods themselves to help them out of the fix

Ep.100 The Inforarium

Air Date: 2013-09-24

The Inforarium — the greatest source of illicit information in recorded history — is compromised. The Doctor appears in a hologram — "Who the hell are you?". He tells a guard that he will be erasing all traces of himself from their database, making everyone forget what they've heard through means he'd adapted from the Silence. At the end of the message, the guard completely forgets the whole ordeal. Then it replays... "Who the hell are you?"

Ep.101 Farewell to Matt Smith

Air Date: 2013-12-25

Bid the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, a fond farewell in this hour long retrospective documentary special about Doctor Who series five, six and seven – “the Matt Smith Years.” This compelling documentary, narrated by Alex Kingston (Doctor Who’s River Song), features highlights from Smith’s run with interview footage from the man himself, his cast-mates, writers, producers, guest stars and celebrity Whovians.

Ep.102 Tonight's the Night

Air Date: 2009-05-23

Jack Harkness enters the Doctor's TARDIS and discovers a blue-headed alien who claims to be a regenerated Doctor. The alien gives the game away when Jack notices that he's armed, something the real Doctor would never be. The alien identifies himself as Sao Til, a literal arms dealer who trades in limbs. Jack draws his gun and the two enter into a standoff before...

Ep.103 The Time of the Doctor: Behind the Lens

Air Date: 2013-12-26

Behind the scenes look at the making of the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Ep.104 The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor

Air Date: 2013-01-27

The Revisited team looks back at the adventures in time and space of the original Doctor Who, played by William Hartnell, with a first look at the TARDIS and the first appearance of the Daleks. Contributors include current show runner and lead writer, Stephen Moffat, tenth Doctor David Tennant, companion John Barrowman and executive producer Caroline Skinner.

Ep.105 The Doctors Revisited: The Second Doctor

Air Date: 2013-02-24

In 1966, the Doctor Who production team decided to recast the show lead. The Revisited team looks back at the era of the new Doctor Who, played by Patrick Troughton, considering the impact of a new take on the character and the first appearance of the Cybermen. The regular contributors are joined by former companions Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury.

Ep.106 The Doctors Revisited: The Third Doctor

Air Date: 2013-03-31

A new decade, a new Doctor. And now in color! The Revisited team takes a nostalgic look back at the adventures of the third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, his role as scientific adviser to U.N.I.T., and the first appearance of the Master. Hugh Bonneville joins the regular contributors.

Ep.107 The Doctors Revisited: The Fourth Doctor

Air Date: 2013-04-28

The Revisited team looks back to the era of the fourth, and longest serving, Doctor, played by Tom Baker, who brought a new and eccentric take on the Time Lord. Highlights include the first visit to the Doctor's homeworld, Gallifrey, and the introduction of Davros, the creator of the Daleks. Show star Tom Baker and companion Louise Jameson join the regular contributors.

Ep.108 The Doctors Revisited: The Fifth Doctor

Air Date: 2013-05-26

Take an in-depth look at the fifth incarnation of the timeless Time Lord, played by the youngest actor in the part until current Matt Smith.

Ep.109 The Doctors Revisited: The Sixth Doctor

Air Date: 2013-06-29

Take a look back at the sixth and most eccentric incarnation of the Doctor yet!

Ep.110 The Doctors Revisited: The Seventh Doctor

Air Date: 2013-07-27

Discover the many layers of Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor.

Ep.111 The Doctors Revisited: The Eighth Doctor

Air Date: 2013-08-31

Take a look back at how Paul McGann's portrayal of the Eighth Doctor breathed new life into 'Doctor Who' after it had been off the air for years.

Ep.112 The Doctors Revisited: The Ninth Doctor

Air Date: 2013-09-29

Ep.113 The Doctors Revisited: The Tenth Doctor

Air Date: 2013-10-27

BBC AMERICA celebrates the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, in a new special of Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited. Tennant played the part from 2005 to 2010. The special begins with David Tennant, Freema Agyeman (companion Martha Jones), lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, among others, discussing how and why the Tenth Doctor has become one of the most popular Doctors of all time.

Ep.114 The Doctors Revisited: The Eleventh Doctor

Air Date: 2013-11-24

The Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, arrived on screen lively, funny but wise. Join the Doctors Revisited as we examine the human side of this Doctor and take a look at how his 950 years have affected him. Featuring interviews with Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, we take a look at the Doctor's new companion Clara Oswald and catch a glimpse of the Doctor's very frightening foe The Silence.

Ep.115 Greatest Monsters and Villains (1) - The Judoon

Air Date: 2013-11-15

This episode features the Judoon from the episode Smith & Jones featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha Jones as the companion.

Ep.116 Greatest Monsters and Villains (2) - The Silurians

Air Date: 2013-11-15

This episode features the Silurians from the episode A Good Man Goes to War featuring the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond/Rory Williams as the companions.

Ep.117 Greatest Monsters and Villains (3) - The Ood

Air Date: 2013-11-15

This episode features the Ood from the episode Planet of the Ood featuring the 10th Doctor and Donna Noble as the companion.

Ep.118 Greatest Monsters and Villains (4) - The Clockwork Men

Air Date: 2013-11-15

This episode features the Clockwork Men from the episode The Girl in the Fireplace featuring the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler/Mickey Smith as the companions.

Ep.119 Greatest Monsters and Villains (5) - The Ice Warriors

Air Date: 2013-11-16

This episode features the Ice Warriors from the episode Cold War featuring the 11th Doctor and Clara Oswald as the companion.

Ep.120 Greatest Monsters and Villains (6) - The Cybermen

Air Date: 2013-11-16

This episode features the Cybermen from the episode The Next Doctor featuring the 10th Doctor and Jackson Lake as the companion.

Ep.121 Greatest Monsters and Villains (7) - The Silence

Air Date: 2013-11-16

This episode features the Silence from the episodes The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon featuring the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond/Rory Williams as the companions.

Ep.122 Greatest Monsters and Villains (8) - The Master

Air Date: 2013-11-17

This episode features the Master from the episode Utopia featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha Jones/Captian Jack Harkness as the companions.

Ep.123 Greatest Monsters and Villains (9) - The Weeping Angels

Air Date: 2013-11-17

This episode features the The Weeping Angels from the episode Blink featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha Jones as the companion.

Ep.124 Greatest Monsters and Villains (10) - The Daleks

Air Date: 2013-11-17

This episode features the Daleks from the episode Dalek featuring the 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler as the companion.

Ep.125 The Ultimate Companion

Air Date: 2014-08-17

Peter Davison recounts what it takes to be the ultimate companion. Meeting with cast and crew past and present, Peter travels the UK and the USA in search of the answers.

Ep.126 The Ultimate Time Lord

Air Date: 2014-08-19

Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor, meets the talented people and stars who have helped create the show both past, present and future, and asks 'Who is the Doctor? What makes him tick? What will make the Twelfth Doctor unique?

Ep.127 Earth Conquest

Air Date: 2014-08-22

Doctor Who: Earth Conquest is a one-hour special following the stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who: The World Tour. It sees them visiting seven cities across five continents in 12 days to publicize the upcoming season. The tour launched in Cardiff, Wales on August 7 and went through London (UK), Seoul (South Korea), Sydney (Australia), New York (U.S.), Mexico City (Mexico) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Ep.128 Live Preshow

Air Date: 2014-08-23

Comedian and Doctor Who super fan Chris Hardwick hosts this preshow to celebrate the premiere of Doctor Who Season 8. Featuring Mark Gatiss and an array of studio guests with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Ep.129 After Who Live

Air Date: 2014-08-23

Comedian and Doctor Who superfan Chris Hardwick hosts this live aftershow to celebrate the premiere of Doctor Who Season 8. Featuring Mark Gatiss and an array of studio guests with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Ep.130 Doctor Who Extra: Deep Breath

Air Date: 2014-08-23

A new series, a new costume and a new Doctor! Take a Deep Breath and go behind the scenes on the first episode starring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

Ep.131 Doctor Who Extra: Into the Dalek

Air Date: 2014-08-30

Ep.132 Doctor Who Extra: Robot of Sherwood

Air Date: 2014-09-06

Ep.133 Doctor Who Extra: Listen

Air Date: 2014-09-13

Ep.134 Doctor Who Extra: Time Heist

Air Date: 2014-09-20

Ep.135 Doctor Who Extra: The Caretaker

Air Date: 2014-09-27

Ep.136 Doctor Who Extra: Kill the Moon

Air Date: 2014-10-04

Ep.137 Doctor Who Extra: Mummy on the Orient Express

Air Date: 2014-10-11

Ep.138 Doctor Who Extra: Flatline

Air Date: 2014-10-18

Ep.139 Doctor Who Extra: The Forest of the Night

Air Date: 2014-10-25

If you go down to the woods today... You're sure to find Doctor Who Extra with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and the team, along with a unique tour through the trees with Samuel Anderson!

Ep.140 Doctor Who Extra: Dark Water

Air Date: 2014-11-01

Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, Samuel Anderson and the Doctor Who team talk Cybermen, Missy and what it took to create one of the series' most ambitious episodes.

Ep.141 Doctor Who Extra: Death in Heaven

Air Date: 2014-11-08

The return of iconic old enemies, a terrifying invasion and some incredible stunts are all covered in this bumper episode! Includes exclusive interviews with Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, Steven Moffat and many more.

Ep.142 Last Christmas

Air Date: 2014-12-25

The Doctor and Clara face their Last Christmas. Trapped on an Arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus!

Ep.143 Doctor Who Extra: Last Christmas

Air Date: 2014-12-25

The cast and crew of Doctor Who bring you the inside story of the 2014 Christmas special "Last Christmas".

Ep.144 Doctor Who: Earth Conquest - The World Tour

Air Date: 2014-12-25

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman embark on a global tour to key cities across the world, taking in Cardiff, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City and Rio. They get to know the fans who have made the show what it is, understand why they love the Doctor, and just why the show has such global appeal.

Ep.145 Deep Breath Prequel

Air Date: 2014-08-23

With fleeting appearances by Madame Vastra and Jenny, this prequel has Strax giving another overview of all the Doctors, this time updated to include the new Twelfth Doctor. Strax just had to address the exact number of Doctors thanks to The War Doctor and the Tenth Doctor staying exactly the same after his regeneration in Journey’s End.

Ep.146 Season 9 Prologue

Air Date: 2015-09-11

The Doctor visits the planet Karn, to discuss an old enemy...or is it an old friend? 'and embarks on a course that could lead to his destruction....

Ep.147 The Doctor's Meditation

Air Date: 2015-09-18

The Doctor must meditate to prepare to see his 'old friend' and atone for a past mistake..but he can't mediate without proper drinking water..

Ep.148 The Husbands of River Song

Air Date: 2015-12-25

It’s Christmas Day on a remote human colony and the Doctor is hiding from Christmas Carols and Comedy Antlers. But when a crashed spaceship calls upon the Doctor for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song’s squad and hurled into a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy.

Ep.149 The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Air Date: 2016-12-25

The Doctor and Nardole try to save Manhattan from brain-swapping aliens.

Ep.150 Doctor Who Live Q&A

Air Date: 2017-06-24

Following a special screening of 'World Enough and Time', episode 11 of the current tenth series of the show, featuring the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (who perform the score for the finished series) playing Murray Gold's music in front of an audience of fans at the Wales Millennium centre on Saturday 24th June to coincide with the TV broadcast, a Q&A with series star Pearl Mackie and head writer Steven Moffat which fans could submit questions for via Doctor Who’s official website and social media feeds. The event will be hosted by BBC presenter Jason Mohammed with Alastair King on conducting duties, as well as “monsters and surprises” throughout the night.

Ep.151 Twice Upon a Time

Air Date: 2017-12-25

Two Doctors stranded in a forbidding snowscape, refusing to face regeneration. A British army captain, seemingly destined to die in the First World War but taken from the trenches to play his part in the Doctor's story. In the final chapter of the Twelfth Doctor's epic adventure, he must face his past to decide his future. Along the way he realises the resilience of humanity, discovering hope in his darkest frozen moment. It is the end of an era, but the Doctor's journey is only just beginning.

Ep.152 Resolution

Air Date: 2019-01-01

As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil is stirring from across the centuries of Earth’s history. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz return home, will they be able to overcome the threat to planet Earth?