Season 2

Season 2 (2018)

Season 2 furthers the transformation of Danny​, a character with a fish out of water coming of age story making his way in a harsh new world, battling to work out who he is. This season, Dann​y​ has promised that with Matt Murdock gone, he will step up and protect his city. ​But a sinister plot twist threatens his very identity ​and he must conquer his villains to protect the town and people he holds close to his heart.

Episodes List

Ep.1 The Fury of Iron Fist

Air Date: 2018-09-07

While rival gangs battle for the soul of New York, Danny and Colleen cross paths with an old acquaintance. Joy embarks on a new adventure.

Ep.2 The City's Not for Burning

Air Date: 2018-09-07

Danny and Colleen strive to broker a badly needed peace. Ward crashes his sister's auction, and Joy plays matchmaker -- with a twist.

Ep.3 This Deadly Secret...

Air Date: 2018-09-07

In an effort to ease the tension between Ward and Joy, Danny and Colleen switch gears and host a dinner party. Mary delivers a warning.

Ep.4 Target: Iron Fist

Air Date: 2018-09-07

Joy's interrogation of Mary takes a turn. Misty gives Danny an earful. Ward extends an olive branch. Davos makes a crucial discovery.

Ep.5 Heart of the Dragon

Air Date: 2018-09-07

There's a new Iron Fist in town, and he's itching to make his presence felt. Meanwhile, Ward calls in a favor, and Joy considers her options.

Ep.6 The Dragon Dies at Dawn

Air Date: 2018-09-07

Misty and Colleen's trip to the tattoo parlor turns painful -- but not for them. As Davos crosses names off his list, Mary makes Danny an offer.

Ep.7 Morning of the Mindstorm

Air Date: 2018-09-07

As Danny steps up his training, Davos ramps up recruitment. Ward falls prey to old demons, and Misty butts heads with a captain.

Ep.8 Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance

Air Date: 2018-09-07

Joy offers Davos tips on appealing to the masses, Danny begins to understand his limits, and Mary seeks the truth about her past.

Ep.9 War Without End

Air Date: 2018-09-07

Facing a life-changing decision, Danny and Colleen debate their next move. Meanwhile, Davos's contempt for mercy grows stronger.

Ep.10 A Duel of Iron

Air Date: 2018-09-07

In the season finale, Iron Fists collide as the fate of New York City hangs in the balance.